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The Journal

I write in a sex Journal

My name is Kelly and I’m eighteen. I’m wild and love to have fun. When my friends and I go out, we’d always drink and act crazy. I've had a lot of boyfriends and even girlfriends. I’m an attractive girl. I’m about five feet six inches tall. I’m about a hundred and ten pounds. I have green eyes. I have a 34 C cup. Guys have always been interested in my breasts. I've been sexually active...Read On

Recommended Read

Lottie (Part One)

The tales of an upper-class nymphomaniac.

Charlotte Moore, to the prying eyes of outsiders, was a strange girl. Aged just about twenty years old, freshly dropped out of university and working on reception at an insurance company, she acted much older than how she looked. She never went out, much to the dismay of the long queue of boys and men that had taken one look at her pretty face and would have given anything for just one kiss...Read On


The Stranger

From bar to of the night unfold

While gazing at my reflection in the rustic mirror in the corner of my room, I smirk at myself, thinking I’m such a slut . I’m wearing a tight black dress that highlights my curves and because of its low cut, displays my cleavage, for all men to gawk at. My boobs have always been my pride and joy, cup size C (in my opinion just large enough), and I love the reactions I get when showing them...Read On


Dream Come True

Fuck At First Sight

The first time I saw her, I knew I wanted her. She was the kind of girl I've always wanted to fuck. I don't know why, but I've always fantasized about making love to a girl who was tall, skinny and had itty-bitty breasts. Yes, flat chests appeal to me. I don't know why. They just make my cock go rock hard. As soon as I saw her, my 9 inch cock stood to attention. It craved the warmth of...Read On


Kara's Spring Break (1)

Getting there is half the fun.

The man looked from his magazine to the floor of the aisle-way. He focused on a pair of sexy bare feet encased in strappy sandals. Scanning upward he saw that they were connected to a pair of shapely, toned and quite bare legs, the top two or three inches of which were hidden by a short, pleated, skater's skirt. Tucked into the green and black checked skirt was a white button-front blouse,...Read On


She Applied for Her Favourite Position

She always loved it doggy style for a hot first fuck

Em was shouting into the bed covering. She was naked except for her garter belt. She was lying face down across the bottom of the bed with her legs spread widely apart and her feet on the carpeted floor of her hotel room for extra purchase. A hot cock was punching her wetly fragrant vagina, rapidly bringing her to orgasm. It was her first of the night. It would certainly not be her last. ...Read On


Just the Tip

This is the opening of a story I'm working on now :)

“ Now slowly pull down his boxers,” Joi commanded from her leather office chair. The thin brunette reached down to the waistband of the man across from her and slid her fingers between the fabric and his flesh. “Stop, Ashley.” The girl freezes in position. “What is this game?” Ashley, scolded, withdraws her fingers. Her knees cross as she fidgets. Joi glances at the gap between the...Read On



A love story based on the Orpheus, Eurydice legend

While sweeping the hallway, or emptying the trash cans, or making sure the bathrooms had paper towels and toilet paper, Orrin thought about Emily. So what if I’m the janitor and she’s a lawyer’s personal assistant, I’m just as good as anyone who works at Ainsworth and Thelin...she'll see. Orin was determined to get up the nerve to ask her out. He believed that if she got to know him,...Read On


Brad and Ashley, Part 1

Step-brother and step-sister find they don't really hate each other.

Ashley Adams entered her bedroom and went to the closet. She picked out some sleep clothes in preparation for her nightly shower. Exiting the closet she took a couple of steps toward the bathroom, then froze. She looked with disbelief at the wall of glass separating her bedroom from the backyard. The drapes that usually provided her privacy were gone. "Daaa... deee!" she hollered loudly...Read On


The End

The end to Jon and Samantha

With a massive amount of trepidation in her heart, Samantha readied the house. She made her bed and cleaned her room. This effort was easy enough because her mom was kind of a hard ass, always making sure that her room stayed clear of debris. She found her recently acquired pair of see through panties. Well... not so much panties, because it was a thong, see through, and so inviting of sex...Read On


Breaking our routine

Our sex lives revive

Over the last few years, we'd unconsciously fallen into a routine. We married young and were quite sexually inexperienced. My wife was my first sexual partner and I was her second. During our courtship and engagement we learnt, one might say, quite quickly. Many places and positions were thoroughly exploited! However, the speedy arrival of two children, the first of whom was born ten...Read On


Dinner for Two

My one nighter with my stepdad's colleague

I stretched my arms up high over my head as I turned, posing in front of the full length mirror. My new yellow waspie and thong looked so good against my golden tan. My dark, brownish-pink nipples and newly waxed pussy were both clearly visible through my underwear. I sighed in satisfaction, poor Chris wouldn't stand a chance when he got a look at this little vision of pure sexuality. I...Read On


Good Luck Charm- Part 2

Carter promised he would make it up to her. And he did.

Very rarely do those crazy legendary moments actually happen in a baseball game. You know, like this: Carter Daniels stepped up to the plate, bat in hand and ready. The crowd was screaming his name, all his teammates were on their feet in the dugout despite being insanely sore- because this was the defining moment. Get this home run and we win the game. Get this home run and we remain...Read On


Lusty Saturday Morning

I wake up horny but my best friend doesn't want to play. What's a girl to do?

I wake as the sun is rising, with a throbbing between my legs. I was having a sexy dream and my pussy is swollen and aching and wet. I roll over to look at my best friend sleeping beside me and smile. It's so nice having him here. We don't get to see each other as often as we used to, but this weekend I have him all to myself. He turns over in his sleep and his arm falls across my belly....Read On


Rebecca and the Gardener

A daughter jealous of her mother, ends up with more than she expected

I arrived home from work at around the usual time, six thirty. The gardener’s pick up truck is parked on the driveway, meaning I had to park my Peugeot in the street. The noise coming from upstairs made it obvious that Rick our Aussie gardener was doing a spot of indoor gardening, planting his trowel in my mothers seed box! I slammed the front door as I went in, sidestepped a pair of...Read On


The Drifter Chapter Nine

When a drifter unleashes the wildness of a shy woman, she runs away with him.

While driving north on Route One, we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic around LA. The so-called expressway was slow and crowded with cars, trucks, motorcycles and buses. Horns were honking and exhaust was rising from cars that moved a few feet and then would not budge for five or so minutes. I thought about the people who drove this expressway everyday to work and then back home...Read On


The Golf Gigolo - 2nd Round

The fun as a gigolo for female golfers continues

With the practice round and the first real-time round finished, I thought that the female golfers would be far too focused on strategy and their game to consider sex the night before the final round. But the coordinator at the tournament informed me differently when I reported for “duty” after dinner and met her at the bar. As she had done the previous night, she handed me a slip of paper...Read On


The Neighbors Repay a Kind Deed

A neighbor surprises me

The Neighbors Repay a Kind Deed Chapter 1 Debbie and Paul had lived next door to me for years. My daughter and their daughter were close in age and went to the same school together. We all got along well, and as a single parent I often needed help with transporting my daughter, and they helped. Debbie was an attractive blonde, well built, and while not a knockout by any means, I often let...Read On


Wet and Wild

Who's watching who?

Kara was looking forward to an afternoon swim with Tommy and his cousin Bill. She was pretty sure Bill would like her to be naked, but she was equally sure Tommy wasn't ready for that. She didn't think she was either - maybe topless, but not all the way. She would wear the yellow string thing she had bought to wear in France. Then if Tommy was okay with it, and she had the nerve for it, she...Read On


Scribe and Star

This is a snippet from my novel Outbreak but can be enjoyed on its own.

“Does she know?” Stargazer asked as they walked along the dirt trail. Scribe adjusted the pack on her shoulders. “Does who know what?” She bent down to pick up a couple of milkweed pods, carefully inspecting them before tossing them in the backpack. “Does Red know that you still dream about her mate? How you wish he’d chosen you? How you’re still in lo-” Scribe’s hand made contact with...Read On


Sex Slave - The Interview - Part One

Hello, My Name Is Charlie And I’m Addicted To Sex

If there is one thing I know about, it is sex. I've always been a very sexual creature. From the time I lost my virginity, right up to now. I’m a twenty something, single female, who just loves to fuck. I don’t mind the love making, the passionate stuff, the flowers and chocolate. But, honestly, I just want the crazed, hungry, animalistic, can’t think straight sex. I mean, who doesn't like...Read On


Massage Marcus Style Ch 2

“Oooh, this will be fun.” My clit and nipples hardened, as if to agree.

I reached over to the bedside table, and turned the CD player on. My favorite, sensual romantic music began playing. We kissed long and hard, and before Marcus could reply, I spoke. “I know, I’ll give you a massage!” His eyes lit up and he asked, “Are you sure, you were hurting quite a bit earlier?” I batted my seductive green eyes, and purred, “That was earlier. I told you I’m ready for...Read On


The Drifter Chapter Eight

When a drifter unleashes the wildness of a shy woman, she runs away with him.

We didn't speak in the police car. When we arrived back at the trailer, the awkward, tense silence between us continued. I grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator and wished it was a beer, but gulped it down. I was lost in my thoughts and relieved that the charges had been dropped, but also uncertain what I was feeling about Carla. Hiding from the police had a certain excitement, but...Read On


The Drifter Chapter Seven

When a drifter unleashes the wildness of a shy woman, she runs away with him.

When we walked into what was once Dot's Cafe, I was surprised the restaurant did not smell moldy and guessed it was because of the dryness of the desert. I stood in the entrance and looked up at the huge spider webs covering the circular fan, light fixtures, and the ceiling in the corners of the room. The restaurant was filthy with thick layers of dust and debris. Old newspapers were piled in...Read On


Silken Smoke

She was wreathed in a halo of smoke...

She was sitting in one of the two deep, mahogany coloured leather chairs positioned by the fire in the Hunt Club, a long white cigarette dangling carelessly from her slim, manicured fingers, when I first saw her. When I first fell in lust with her, rather. Her red slingback stiletto heels dangled from her stockinged feet, and her red silk sheath dress had slipped up just enough to reveal a...Read On


Elevator Hook-Up

Aruri continues his sexcapdes in an elevator.

The cabbie pulls up to my hotel and lets me out. I pay him with a fifty that I found and tell him to keep the change. He hesitates to take the money at first seeing as how I’m only wearing a towel, he must have been wondering where I pulled the money from. I very casually close the cab door and walk into the hotel, greeting all those staring at me. I walk over to the front desk and ask if...Read On


Massage Marcus Style ch 1

What pain, Darling? I forgot where I was hurting.

I lay there next to you, my pain so bad, I was in tears. You kissed me gently, and whispered, "Oh, my sweet darling, I wish I could take your pain away." "Me too, I'm so tired of hurting," I sniffed. "I have an idea. Here, let me help you take your clothes off. That's it, now hang on, let me put the protective cover under you. I don't want the bed wet," he paused, “with oil." "Oh, Honey,...Read On


The Drifter Chapter Six

When a drifter unleashes the wildness of a shy woman, she runs away with him.

As I drove along Route Sixty-six past various stores, restaurants, and billboards, we were both quiet, lost in our thoughts. I knew Avalon was about forty miles from the Black Mountains and that we'd soon be there. I saw a sign that announced we were entering Death Valley. Carla held my map on her lap while we drove past the sparse vegetation, mostly Joshua Trees, sagebrush and odd...Read On


An Evening Out

A lady shows her man she knows how to take care of him

Doug comes home from a long hard day at work to find a note on the door. "Baby, your black suit is on the bed along with my favorite shirt and the paisley tie I love to wear in bed. Take a shower to wash off the construction site and meet me at Mario's at seven. I will be the sexy brunette in the red low cut dress bought especially for tonight. I am wearing your favorite bra to hold the girls...Read On


The Drifter Chapter Five

When a drifter unleashes the wildness of a shy woman, she runs away with him.

When I woke up, I wanted to make an early start, but was surprised that despite our tense situation, Carla had other ideas and was stroking my cock, letting me know she wanted a good wake-up fuck. “You really are insatiable aren't you?” “Yes, and I know you like that. You're already hard.” She crawled between my legs and started moving her tongue slowly up and down my hard...Read On