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Autumn and Michael

Casual liaison between two young adults

"God, I want to fuck you!” Michael whispered. She glanced down at his nakedness and then felt her body respond. A gush of moisture at first, and then drips of her own juices began flowing out of her. He wasn’t shaved, but was trimmed and his cock was cut, long and thick. It throbbed up and down and then stood straight up nearly touching his navel. He had been completely naked under those...Read On


What I Enjoy

You ask me what I enjoy? Here is where I tell you

I enjoy the way that you look at me when I know you want me. Your eyes burn, staring deep into me. I love the way you lean in to kiss me, slowly at first, and becoming faster and deeper the longer we kiss. I enjoy it when you push against me, backing me into a wall so our bodies can get even closer to each other. I enjoy when your hands wander my body, running them along down my sides,...Read On


Hot 16, Part 2

She wasn't ready to do it yet, but she was having fun getting close to it.

Sandy had ripped the bottom off a t-shirt so it not only didn't cover her panties – the only other thing she was wearing, but even showed a few inches of her midriff. It was just her and Bob in the house. The parents were already gone for the day. Before venturing out of her room where Bob might see her dressed as she was, Sandy needed to make sure Mom didn't return unexpectedly. She sent...Read On


The Stranger in My Bed

I knew nothing about her. She knew nothing about me. We were strangers embracing our sexuality.

It had been a day full of the same bullshit – class, work, gym, home. I was really relishing the idea of unwinding in an empty house, as my roommate Chelsea had assured me she would be out of town for the weekend with her latest love interest. My phone buzzed as I slide my key into the lock. Speaking of love interests... Hey you, let me know when you're home and settled. I have a...Read On


Jeff and Brianne - Part Four

An argument leads to an evening of passion and electricity.

I was sat on the sofa at nine thirty on a Friday night, reading a book and having a few drinks. Usually, I would be drinking with friends and getting ready to go out, but not tonight. I had purposely told my friends that I didn’t feel up to going out tonight. I had pulled the ‘I’m not feeling too great’ card when in actual fact I just wanted some time to myself and to have a quiet night in. ...Read On


My Wedding Gift

Are the bride and groom the only ones who get gifts?

I hadn’t seen Linda since she and my daughter Shellie had graduated from high school over four years ago. They had been best friends but had gone to different colleges. They kept track of each other through social media, phone calls and the occasional chance meetings when they came home. I kept track of Linda for Shellie through chance meetings with her mother. Linda’s mother and I would...Read On


Making Movies

When Jessica can't find her inspiration, David comes to her assistance

"Cut!" Pinching the bridge of his nose the director closed his eyes. Trying to suppress his mounting frustration he rolled his neck and stood up. He turned to the assistant next to him. "What's wrong with her?" he asked, not really expecting an answer and not caring if the actors on the set heard. "She's a great actress but she screws like a shop mannequin. She's even making David look...Read On


Meeting His New Submissive, Final Chapter

The next morning, Jack and Olivia get ready for the second and last day of the expo. Olivia puts on her red latex dress again, dolling herself up just as she had the day before. Jack gets the displays and brochures loaded into the rental car and they head back to the expo. Tina and Candy are there at the expo as well, each at their respective displays and Olivia makes a point to walk over...Read On


First Glance

Our dark eyes met across the room, and a fire was lit from within.

His breath was sweet, like candy, puffing gently against my neck. The smell permeated the air as my fingers dug into his shoulders. The alleyway was dark, the brick wall pressing into my bared skin, biting it, leaving little scrapes and pinpricks of pain. His mouth parted and his teeth scraped as his hands claimed my skin, pushing my dress higher, gripping the curve of my ass, the roundness of...Read On


Hot 16, Part 1

Sandy was growing up fast - if only Mom wasn't around so much.

“You like the view?” Sandy asked without turning her head. Busted , Bob thought. Expecting a serious chewing, he attempted to smooth it over. “I was just thinking uh... you really do look good.” “Too bad I'm wearing a bra, huh?” Sandy's eyes remained focused on the television, like she really cared about the credits. The family had been watching a Netflix movie, which was now...Read On


Wren in Love

But what's love got to do with it?

Wren Vane, newly twenty-six, mauve in temperament, removed her soaked cunt from the cock it sheathed and knee-walked up the bed a short pace to position it above the face of the boy who had just, for the second time in less than an hour, emptied himself inside her. He was young. She liked that. “Finish me with your mouth,” she said, toggling his lower lip with her index finger until...Read On


The Holiday

A young Parisian girl gives him a night to remember

He had taken a year off study to travel around the world; see the sights and smell the smells. And of course along the way there had been chicks a plenty. All really hot, exotic international chicks. They made the girls back home look like plain Janes. That's because they were just that; girls, while all over the world they were chicks! Not just any chicks, hot chicks. Crazy hot chicks. ...Read On


Meeting His New Submissive, Chapter 3

About three months later, Olivia comes to work to an unexpected and wonderful surprise. "Olivia dear, would you come in here for a moment?" Mr. Wellington says. "Yes, Sir?" Olivia says. "Sit down Olivia, I have something to discuss with you," he says. Olivia took a seat, curious to know what it was he was so secretive about. "Olivia, there is a craft beer exposition in Las Vegas in...Read On


Jeff and Brianne-Part Two

After a trying family visit, things heat up once more between Jeff and Brianne

A few weeks ago at the end of July/beginning of August I slept with my housemate Jeff. We hadn’t had sex since that day and I didn’t expect us to start anytime soon. We could barely even give each other eye contact let alone greetings or proper words. Claire, who was the nominated den mother of the house had broken up with her boyfriend Tommy, whom she used to spend nearly every...Read On


The Beautiful Dream

A dream I had about spending a wonderful, sensual, and fun night with someone from Lush.

After arranging to meet at a hotel, I stepped up to the door and rattled my knuckles upon it. I was nervous, more than I'd ever been. My mouth was dry, my insides shaking, my hands slightly clammy. The door opened, where I found you standing there. Dressed in a beautiful, ocean blue colored dress. It clung to your shapely figure, admiring every curve upon your body that men desired and...Read On


Helping out a Classmate - Chapter 18

After a stressful week you help Danielle relax

After a holiday at Puerto Rico you and Danielle have returned to your hometown. The holiday has passed quickly, mostly because you slept a lot. You had to sleep as much as you did, though, because you and Danielle fucked and fucked and fucked. Not a day had gone by without fucking. Now you’re back at Danielle’s place. You and Danielle are looking for another apartment. You want to...Read On


Rachel And Roxanne, Ch1

A shy girl decides to try out a new, outgoing, personality

Day 1, Sunday, April 21. Dear diary, Alice is a bitch. She's a cunt, a dick, a heel, and a shitty friend. And I'm talking Judas Iscariot level bad friend. Here's what happened: Since we live in different parts of the country, we agreed to meet on board. After all the hassle of travel and the security screening, I made my way down to our cabin. It's small, with twin beds and a...Read On


Jeff And Brianne - Part One

Sexual tension gets the better of two new housemates

To begin, I should tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Brianne Clarke, I’m twenty-two-years-old and the youngest of three children. I have a brother Kelvin and a sister Lisa. I’m relatively tall at 5’9, have long brown curly hair that comes down to my tailbone, fair skin and light green eyes. I’m a student at the University of New England, studying English history and...Read On


Helping Out A Classmate - Chapter 17

Another naughty day in Puerto Rico

You wake up lying on the carpet next to Danielle. Although you fucked her last night, your cock is hard. It can’t be blamed though: your cock is resting between Danielle’s ass cheeks. The thought of fucking your girlfriend makes your cock twitch. Danielle obviously feels this. “Morning,” she says. “Thinking about fucking me again?” “Always,” you say before kissing her neck and caressing...Read On


Helping Out a Classmate - Chapter 16

Your life just keeps getting better and better

Yesterday you and Danielle arrived at the hotel in Puerto Rico. Your holiday has started in the best possible way. First Danielle rode you in an airplane, then she sat on your face as you licked her and after that you fell asleep. You didn’t sleep for very long though, because Danielle was too horny to wait. While you slept she pulled your pants down and engulfed your cock in her lovely pussy. ...Read On


A Night To Remember- Part 1

Chelsea sat alone at a booth in the far corner of the bar, her bellini sitting neglected before her. A bellini was usually her drink of choice but tonight she didn’t feel like drinking. An hour ago Chelsea had arrived home to find her fiancé Andy in bed with their next-door neighbor. She felt hurt and rejected and could not for the life of her think of what she had done to send him running in...Read On


Serendipity I

A chance meeting after so long, but they remembered...

Perhaps it was serendipity, two people in the right place at the right time for everything to fall into place. On this warm summer day, John had a lot of time on his hands to kill, and nothing really essential to do with it. So he went into his local town without a plan. On a whim, he decided to buy some new jeans. Not that he actually needed them but fancied a change, and this would fill...Read On



After three years apart, two ex's rekindle their old lust

It had been six months since he had last seen her, and almost three years since he had broken her heart, but he still craved her. It wasn’t that he broke her heart by cheating or mistreating her, he hadn’t even fallen out of love with her. They had broken up because he was having a slew of mental health issues and felt he needed to deal with them without the distractions of a...Read On

Editor's Pick

The Devil’s Harem: She Played The Rusty Trombone

Purgatory is a helluva nasty place, especially when one steals the boss’s number one bitch.

Under the street lamps and neon signs, the streets and sidewalks glistened from the recent rain. It always seemed to have just rained around here, leaving puddles and steam coming off the hot concrete. Day or night, it was always humid. But did anyone see this place in the daylight? I don’t know. Like everyone else on this side of the bridge, I seemed to only come out at night. There may...Read On


Yet More Sweet Kisses

Mark is in lust with Carmel

It had been two days since the exquisite time on the table tennis table. Mark thought the world was a better place. The sun seemed to shine more brightly, the flowers seemed to be growing everywhere and the birds sang more sweetly. He even noticed the smiling faces of people at bus stops as he wound his way around the city streets - and people at bus stops never smiled! Mark was sure...Read On


The Birthday Present

Chloe was able to feel her pussy dampen as her lust for the man behind her began to take hold

When Sarah first decided to go away for university she had no intention of maintaining her relationship with her boyfriend. Coming from a family of over protective parents, she wanted a chance to spread her wings and try being independent. This included being single. However, when the time came to break up with her boyfriend, Carl, she couldn't do it. They had been together for a year and a...Read On


The Mysterious Pharmacist

A date with the female pharmacist turns out even better than I had hoped.

It was atypical day on the golf course, struggling with my slice, although it was the only thing I could count on being consistent for all eighteen holes. On the last fairway, even though I compensated for the slice, it flew beautifully, but landed in the rough just off the fairway. I made an effort to find it and when I did I retrieved it, pushing past some brush. Later I discovered the...Read On


Dicked By The Detective

You need to flash the cash if you want access to this gash.

It seemed like the breakthrough I’d been waiting for. In the six months I’d been dating Mick, he’d chosen not to introduce me to either his friends or family. “It’s part of being a detective,” he said. “Keeping you out of harm’s way and all that.” “Or having me as a bit on the side while he gets on with his real life,” I thought, wondering whether privacy really did go with the territory. ...Read On


A Good Friend

I was sitting on the couch watching a movie when my phone rang. I answered, and Melanie's voice was on the other end. She told me that she was in my neighborhood, leaving an after-work happy hour, and wondered if I would mind if she stopped by and talked. I told her that would be fine. Melanie and I had gone out on one date. It was a good time. We had ended up hooking up that...Read On


It's All In The Wrist - Chapter 2

A little ice to ignite a fire

I stretched luxuriously, my tummy flat on the cool, crisp Egyptian cotton sheets of the king-sized bed, thumbing through a picture book of Idaho that I had found on the desk. You had excused yourself to pick up a few last-minute items to sustain us during our week in the wilderness. It struck me again - I was in Idaho! I was actually going through with this! Was it wrong? Yes, I conceded....Read On