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Afternoon Delight

A true story about a little afternoon delight.... (Names have been changed)

A few weeks ago, I was out and about and had about two hours of spare time. I knew my girlfriend Morticia would be off work early and would arrive home to an empty house. So, being the insatiable Lothario that I am, I met her there. Once we were inside and in her bedroom, I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. She squeezed my ass and played with my hair as I caressed her sides, slipping...Read On


One Erotic Day

A day of play ends in hot sex

She squealed, not like a mouse, but like a woman experiencing the erotic mix of pain and orgasm as her nipples were squeezed, pulled and twisted. It all started early this morning. I woke up and she was feeling that early morning horniness. I rolled over and opened one eye. She was lying on her stomach, lightly humping her hand, trying to be as quiet as she could. I called her a horny...Read On


Winter storm means chains

I knew I wasn't going to beat the storm!

Headed west to Seattle again hoping I could beat the storm. I had a heavy load so making time was just not happening. I kept telling myself I can chain this rig in forty-five minutes so I know I can at least get over the pass. I got the bypass signal at the scale in Cle Elum and I pumped my arm in glee. Not stopping in the line of trucks in the scale is something I always cherish. Thank...Read On


An Early Dourado Sketch

A Narrative in Two Parts: Part 1: A True Fool's Errand

Sitting here feeling both the heat and the humidity rising at the end of summer, I feel as though I might be able to nearly hear myself sweat from the heat. I'm looking at something that was left behind from what I guess you could call my roommate. Which is causing my mind to slip back to the mid-summer of ’07, and what took place. I got off work and caught a cab to the airport to take a...Read On


Black Rod

Making a woman out of a girl.

Part 1. Hi my name is, well, Rod. I am of afro-Caribbean origin. I am six foot seven inches tall, an ex-basketball player, now retired and living in London. My weight is around eighty six kilos. I am fifty four years old. Not married, but have had a few female ‘friends,’ no one regular and no one in particular at the moment. As I mentioned, I live in London, actually, in the suburbs...Read On


Chanel and Ethan 11

When you mess with the bull....hope my horns weren't too sharp.

I'm laying on my back, Ethan’s kneeling low in front of me with the heels of my feet on his shoulders. I'm fisting the blanket greedily while his fingertips dig into my hips. "Come on Chanel," he says through gritted teeth. The angle he's entering me is deep and harsh and I love every bit of it, but I haven't had enough, though I know he's trying to get me off. If I let him keep...Read On


The Baby-Sitter's Cumming of Age

A baby-sitter's mistake leads to a night of seduction and passion

Jackie and I married when we were in our early 20s. We had what I thought was a great sex life and, after about two years, came a beautiful daughter, Melinda, who was our only child. Because we both had busy working lives we hired a nanny to look after Melinda. That worked out okay, until about five years ago, when Jackie caught the nanny stealing. Fortunately, Jackie knew that one of...Read On


The Interrogation Game

You wouldn't mind if I touched myself, would you? I ask

I walk slowly, swaying my hips to the man tied up to the chair. My heels click with every step and echoes into the darkness. We were in his office with only a dim lamp on, casting shadows everywhere. I sit down and cross my legs, hiding my panty clad ass from his view. "You're very quiet," I say, hoping he would respond. Silence. "But I suppose that's why I'm here," I continue. ...Read On


Her Sexual Escapade - Part 1

I wanted someone experienced for my first time

I was eighteen. Life was good except I hadn’t had sex yet. Of course I had made out with a few guys in my class, but their clammy inexperienced hands led me nowhere. I wanted my first time to be special but that feeling was quickly overpowered by the overwhelming hormones. And then I saw him on a Friday night. He wasn’t the hottest guy I had ever seen but he was Mark. Speaking that name...Read On


Lust Crazed Fools ~~ Part 2

Nikki and Trent manage to escape away for a night all to themselves.

Nikki's car rushed down the interstate towards Trent. She knew he was waiting for her. They only had 24 hours stolen away together. A few short hours stolen from their everyday lives. For a day they belonged to each other. No question. No phone calls. No explanations. Solely to each other. Nikki and Trent had spent quite a bit of time together but not uninterrupted and not overnight. She...Read On


The Double Date That Didn't End, Ch 1

Dance with the one that brung' ya. Or don't.

******** SHANE ******** Most of my coworkers spent the day grumbling about the fact that they all had to come into the office on Christmas Eve. Everyone was so distracted by thoughts of hearty family dinners, mysterious pretty boxes, and little pine trees wrapped up with blinking lights, that hardly any work got done all day. But working on Christmas had never really bothered me. My...Read On


Personal Best - Part 2

Yuriko is offered a dream job and her life changes for ever

We snuggled up together again on the couch. “Have you always liked girls’ juice so much?” I asked a little shyly. “Well, to be honest, I didn’t like it much at first,” he said. “I did it first just to try. But the girl I was sucking adored what I did to her and kept begging me to do it to her again.” “And you were a perfect gentleman,” I said giggling. “Japanese girls are so...Read On


The Massage

A movie date night turns into an erotic massage.

I am coming over to your place to watch a movie. You’ve met me online, and we’ve chatted a few times. You think I am a nice guy but you are not sure of what else there is. Your roommates are away for the weekend, so you are going to use this opportunity to see if sparks will fly. I arrive and you make the food and drinks. You return with a big bowl of popcorn, which I place on my lap as...Read On


Caroline's Devotion

What happened a few days after the night in the lovenest.

I had expected to recompose myself quickly in the days after that night with Caroline in a sexual Walhalla, but I overestimated myself, remaining completely submerged in strong feelings of wanton lust. I didn't go out very much and when at home I was naked most of the time, with a semi-, but more often fully erect love wand, leaking pre-cum. And it was delicious to give in to the ongoing...Read On


Out Of Darkness, Chapter 2

Her vacation gets even more interesting the next day

The next morning, Carol and Anna were at breakfast trying to decide what they wanted to do that day. "I'd like to do some shopping. I want to hit some of those cute little shops I've seen online and as we drove to the hotel," Anna said. "Well I think I'm just going to go downstairs and maybe sit by the pool and get some sun. Being inside as much as I am anymore, I'm sure I'm as pale as...Read On


What Are You Thinking?

How do you answer that question?

Friday night was a Technicolor blur, a hot and dirty frenzied fuck that spilled hungrily over into Saturday morning. She had met him at the motel door with a lopsided smile and a rodeo hug and a long sloppy wet kiss that lasted only until he had time to lift her and turn and throw her at his feet. He fell on top of her and closed the door with a clumsy kick. They fucked ravenously on the...Read On


Personal Best - Part 1

Yuriko wakes in a strange bed, wondering what happened last night

The morning sun was streaming through the window when I woke. We must have forgotten to draw the curtains last night, I thought. I was alone in the big bed, and as I stretched out my naked body I experienced that wonderful feeling of perfect well-being that comes to a girl who has slept well after being comprehensively fucked. I didn’t remember much about the previous evening, but it...Read On


To work or not to work?

For a friend

My favorite time of day is always the first few moments before one has to get out of bed in the morning. The bed always feels so soft and so warm and it’s especially nice when you have someone lying next to you. Over Christmas you asked me to come visit you in the spring. I could hear the blush in your voice when you insisted that you wanted me. You warned me you’d have to work a few of the...Read On


The Holiday - Part 3

Takako enjoys a holiday with Bob at a very special Pacific island resort

“Would you like me to go to dinner in costume tonight?” “What sort of costume?” “Well, I could dress as a schoolgirl … or as a Roman slave-girl …” I was thinking of the pretty waitresses and their daily change of costume. Last night they had been in a modified French maid uniform with naked breasts and miniskirts. What would they be wearing tonight? It was resort policy not to tell...Read On


Educating Caroline

What happened five years before the delicious night in the lovenest.

My twenty-first birthday was approaching when I went to visit my parents for a few days during the summer holiday period. Upon arrival, I discovered that I wasn't the only guest. Friends of my parents who were planning to move abroad, were in the process of finding a house over there and had asked them to look after their daughter for a week or so. I had met this girl, Caroline, on...Read On


Steaming shower

She sneaks into the shower with him...

As I walk into your house I can hear the shower running. I peek in and discover you under the water that's rolling over your gloriously toned body. I see you softly stoking you erect cock. I undress quietly and slip in behind you where I soap up my hands and lather your body in soft, soapy bubbles. You are somewhat shocked by my hands on your body and my hard nipples pushing into your back,...Read On


The Presence Of The Unexplained Part 2

A Mortal Meets A Familiar Face

I was on my way to work when I saw the face of a familiar man. He was getting into a cab. His features were all the same as the ghost from last night. My heart started to race, and I felt myself get wet. I cursed under my breath, knowing that I had to go to work and I was getting aroused. I couldn't show up to work with my panties soaking. So, I went back home and stripped out of my...Read On

Recommended Read

Power Play - Part 3

Becca continues to mesmerize Ted.

“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” ― Oscar Wilde Ted grimaced as a grey SUV followed its blinker into the lane ahead. “Son of a bitch!” he muttered as he glanced into his side-view mirror. He'd had at least a quarter mile of open pavement ahead of him and now he had to cut into the right lane to pass the slower vehicle. The engine's soft...Read On


Bosom Buddies, Ch 7

Making love in the rain, with a big-breasted goddess

I awoke to the soft patter of raindrops against the cabin roof. Snuggling up against me was Elizabeth, her breathing peaceful and her bare breasts warm against my side. Though the bed sheet covered our bodies, it had drifted down just far enough to expose a hint of Liz’s voluminous, silky smooth cleavage. The silver light of the morning diffused through our curtains and cast a soft glow...Read On


The Holiday - Part 1

Takako enjoys a holiday with Bob at a very special Pacific island resort

I stood naked in front of the big mirror fixed to the wall of the dressing-room. I was holding the little folded card which had been discreetly placed on the dressing-table, and was reading, once again, the words printed on it: GUESTS ARE RESPECTFULLY REMINDED THAT CLOTHING IS OPTIONAL IN ALL AREAS OF THE RESORT  I had read it several times already since Bob and I had checked into our...Read On


Chinese Whispers

Candy meets a new neighbour and ends up in a horny threesome

I’ve adjusted well to living alone and now I genuinely look forward to coming in from work and relaxing by myself. Although I have plenty of male and female playmates that I could call upon for human company I’ve decided to use this fresh start to meet different people and make new friends. I guess it was inevitable that sooner or later I’d have some kind of involvement with one or more of...Read On


Bosom Buddies, Ch 5

Life can throw some very curvaceous curveballs at you

“We’ve got fifteen minutes of sun left, people, let’s see some hustle!” Damn, that girl was loud. My ears had grown accustomed to the gale-force winds blowing in from the ocean, and her voice still made me flinch. There were five of us on that beach, all told. Nick was bitching about his werewolf costume, Dan was fumbling with the camera, Andy had given up trying to record usable sound...Read On


Bosom Buddies, Ch 4

Becoming more than friends with more of his friends

Come Monday, there was a spring in my step and a smile on my face. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t be smiling? I even waved good morning to the spider who lived above my locker and just wouldn’t die no matter what I did. As I grabbed a textbook for first period, I heard a voice calling to me: “Ian, are you okay?” I spun to see Corrine, looking sexy and radiant as ever in a sleeveless...Read On


Crazy Beautiful

A chance to get a quick, hot moment with a forbidden lover

Some people talk about "chemistry" with a partner. I feel sorry for them, sorry that they haven't experienced the kind of natural law defying magnetism that we deal with every time we are remotely close to each other. And here we are again, a group outing, family, friends, and longing wanton glaces across the way between us. We know it's wrong, so very wrong, but it's wrong in the very best...Read On


The adventures of Dean Roberts: part II

Dean is asked to come over and watch a movie

The most improvement in Dean’s senior year, seemed to be with the girls in the school. He wondered if it had anything to do with what had happened between him and Julia Wright and Mary Scott a couple of weeks before school started. Since Dean’s first time with a girl, much less two girls! He spent the first couple of weeks afterwards snatching up the phone at home every time it rang, praying...Read On