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Rachel And Roxanne, Ch1

A shy girl decides to try out a new, outgoing, personality

Day 1, Sunday, April 21. Dear diary, Alice is a bitch. She's a cunt, a dick, a heel, and a shitty friend. And I'm talking Judas Iscariot level bad friend. Here's what happened: Since we live in different parts of the country, we agreed to meet on board. After all the hassle of travel and the security screening, I made my way down to our cabin. It's small, with twin beds and a...Read On


Helping Out A Classmate - Chapter 17

Another naughty day in Puerto Rico

You wake up lying on the carpet next to Danielle. Although you fucked her last night, your cock is hard. It can’t be blamed though: your cock is resting between Danielle’s ass cheeks. The thought of fucking your girlfriend makes your cock twitch. Danielle obviously feels this. “Morning,” she says. “Thinking about fucking me again?” “Always,” you say before kissing her neck and caressing...Read On


Helping Out a Classmate - Chapter 16

Your life just keeps getting better and better

Yesterday you and Danielle arrived at the hotel in Puerto Rico. Your holiday has started in the best possible way. First Danielle rode you in an airplane, then she sat on your face as you licked her and after that you fell asleep. You didn’t sleep for very long though, because Danielle was too horny to wait. While you slept she pulled your pants down and engulfed your cock in her lovely pussy. ...Read On


A Night To Remember- Part 1

Chelsea sat alone at a booth in the far corner of the bar, her bellini sitting neglected before her. A bellini was usually her drink of choice but tonight she didn’t feel like drinking. An hour ago Chelsea had arrived home to find her fiancé Andy in bed with their next-door neighbor. She felt hurt and rejected and could not for the life of her think of what she had done to send him running in...Read On


Serendipity I

A chance meeting after so long, but they remembered...

Perhaps it was serendipity, two people in the right place at the right time for everything to fall into place. On this warm summer day, John had a lot of time on his hands to kill, and nothing really essential to do with it. So he went into his local town without a plan. On a whim, he decided to buy some new jeans. Not that he actually needed them but fancied a change, and this would fill...Read On



After three years apart, two ex's rekindle their old lust

It had been six months since he had last seen her, and almost three years since he had broken her heart, but he still craved her. It wasn’t that he broke her heart by cheating or mistreating her, he hadn’t even fallen out of love with her. They had broken up because he was having a slew of mental health issues and felt he needed to deal with them without the distractions of a...Read On

Editor's Pick

The Devil’s Harem: She Played The Rusty Trombone

Purgatory is a helluva nasty place, especially when one steals the boss’s number one bitch.

Under the street lamps and neon signs, the streets and sidewalks glistened from the recent rain. It always seemed to have just rained around here, leaving puddles and steam coming off the hot concrete. Day or night, it was always humid. But did anyone see this place in the daylight? I don’t know. Like everyone else on this side of the bridge, I seemed to only come out at night. There may...Read On


Yet More Sweet Kisses

Mark is in lust with Carmel

It had been two days since the exquisite time on the table tennis table. Mark thought the world was a better place. The sun seemed to shine more brightly, the flowers seemed to be growing everywhere and the birds sang more sweetly. He even noticed the smiling faces of people at bus stops as he wound his way around the city streets - and people at bus stops never smiled! Mark was sure...Read On


The Birthday Present

Chloe was able to feel her pussy dampen as her lust for the man behind her began to take hold

When Sarah first decided to go away for university she had no intention of maintaining her relationship with her boyfriend. Coming from a family of over protective parents, she wanted a chance to spread her wings and try being independent. This included being single. However, when the time came to break up with her boyfriend, Carl, she couldn't do it. They had been together for a year and a...Read On


The Mysterious Pharmacist

A date with the female pharmacist turns out even better than I had hoped.

It was atypical day on the golf course, struggling with my slice, although it was the only thing I could count on being consistent for all eighteen holes. On the last fairway, even though I compensated for the slice, it flew beautifully, but landed in the rough just off the fairway. I made an effort to find it and when I did I retrieved it, pushing past some brush. Later I discovered the...Read On


Dicked By The Detective

You need to flash the cash if you want access to this gash.

It seemed like the breakthrough I’d been waiting for. In the six months I’d been dating Mick, he’d chosen not to introduce me to either his friends or family. “It’s part of being a detective,” he said. “Keeping you out of harm’s way and all that.” “Or having me as a bit on the side while he gets on with his real life,” I thought, wondering whether privacy really did go with the territory. ...Read On


A Good Friend

I was sitting on the couch watching a movie when my phone rang. I answered, and Melanie's voice was on the other end. She told me that she was in my neighborhood, leaving an after-work happy hour, and wondered if I would mind if she stopped by and talked. I told her that would be fine. Melanie and I had gone out on one date. It was a good time. We had ended up hooking up that...Read On


It's All In The Wrist - Chapter 2

A little ice to ignite a fire

I stretched luxuriously, my tummy flat on the cool, crisp Egyptian cotton sheets of the king-sized bed, thumbing through a picture book of Idaho that I had found on the desk. You had excused yourself to pick up a few last-minute items to sustain us during our week in the wilderness. It struck me again - I was in Idaho! I was actually going through with this! Was it wrong? Yes, I conceded....Read On



A voice actor receives a lesson from a co-star he won't forget

Hi, I'm Ryan Dunmor. You probably don't know me by name, and you probably wouldn't recognize me if you saw me, but if you've been watching porn on all those free-tube sites in the last five or six years, I'm willing to bet you've heard me. I'm a dubber - a voice actor who specializes in foreign films. I work for a company called Omnivox Entertainment. "Company" is probably flattering...Read On


The New Secretary

Ethan hires a secretary who has a secret nymph side.

The day hasn’t even begun and already I feel exhausted, drained of any energy I had to muster before I came into work. I’ve already made ten phone calls and replied to at least fifteen emails and it’s not even nine o’clock. I wish I could get out of here; start over somewhere new. Then, a year later, return. Because this city will always be my home, no matter what, and despite everything bad...Read On



It is the little things in life that matter

I turned the lock before pushing the handle down and walking inside. Like every other day for the last year the house was dark and empty. I flipped the switch for the table lamp, threw my keys on the entry table, kicked off my heels and walked purposefully toward the kitchen and something to drink. It’s what I did now. I drank, sometimes until I fell asleep or passed out. I never knew which...Read On


The Tilt-Table

An experiment has unexpected results.

"You're going to have to move your legs apart a bit. The strap won't go around them if they are that close," Ethan informed me as he tightened the straps on my arms. I gritted my teeth and carefully shuffled my feet apart a few centimeters, trying to keep my knees firmly closed. It wouldn't have been a problem if, when Ethan had called me needing a guinea pig, he had informed me I would...Read On


Alice's Surprise

Fourteen months is a long time to go with only masturbation.

Alice looked back at herself through the reflection of her bedroom mirror. Her glossy auburn hair framed her delicate jaw and ended just above her shoulders while contrasting against her bright blueberry coloured eyes. Her tanned skin, covered by her olive green summer dress was flushed with excitement. She could feel the anticipation and nervousness building in her chest; it was...Read On


It's All In The Wrist - Chapter 1

Erotic adventure in the wilderness

I splashed into the tumult feeling like a jackass and just managed to snag the tip of my rod as it was going under for the last time. It didn't help one bit that you were doubled over laughing a few yards down the bank. I bristled, but then grinned. The trout were no doubt laughing, too. Fishing conjures up visions of calm serenity; of early mornings on the lake with waters like a...Read On


One Night Stand!

A man and mystery woman spend a night in a hotel room.

John stepped down the corridor and stopped outside Room #211. With a slight nervousness, he knocked gently upon the door. As it opened to the view of the woman staying in the room, John's jaw dropped. Just a while ago the two were sharing drinks, now she had invited him to her room. Here she stood, in a figure hugging black dress that showed the entire shape upon her curvaceous body, also...Read On


My Summer Love

Tyler's helper becomes a lover.

I’m a high school shop teacher and had decided that a nice summer project would be to build a wraparound porch for my house. It would add aesthetically and functionally to my home. It would be nice to sit out front on summer evenings with a beer. Or I could sit in the back when I wanted privacy. I had started the project in early spring and spent a lot of time outdoors planning, measuring,...Read On

My Wife's New Bicycle

Dean adds some spice to a bike ride.

I came up with an idea to add some spice to our marriage. Don’t get me wrong, Cindy and I have a great marriage along with a great sex life. We are both in our early sixties and stay in fairly good shape. Today, I happened to be tinkering in my workshop out back when an idea struck me. I went to the garage and got our bikes and took them to the workshop, then went back to the garage and got...Read On


Night Tremors 2

Meghann's unknown lover returns for another night of passionate and rough pussy pounding.

After a long day of much-needed rest and much-desired anticipation, the sun started to go down. Meghann had stayed in bed all day, only getting up to use the bathroom or to get something to eat. She spent the entire day massaging her cum filled pussy. Every time she got out of bed she left a trail of cum drops. By sunset, she was empty and massaging herself without mercy. She could still...Read On


The Men's Room

Just at the wrong time the door to the men's room swooshes open.

Just at the wrong time the door to the men's room swooshes open. Not now! I'm right there... Right there! I grit my teeth and freeze, keeping very still. The stall door two cubicles down squawks on its hinges and the metallic jangle of a belt buckle sounds loud in the silence. I can feel you tense beneath me, your manhood hugely swollen in my steaming sheath. As silently as I can, I pull my...Read On


Risky Business

A young man attends a very special party

John stared at the huge mansion from across the street. The place was lit up like a Christmas tree and he could see dozen of cars parked in the driveway. This far away he could see only that huge curtains had been drawn across the tall windows, the bright welcoming lights contrasting with the dark windows. John knew why and it was that knowledge that was making his guts tie themselves...Read On


Ann Meets James

Ann meets a guy that turns her world upside down.

It had been a long time coming. He looked as though he belonged anywhere, but with her. Then again, he wasn’t exactly hers either. He was tall - boy was he tall. It didn’t take much as she was just over five foot. She had never seen this man in jeans, always dressed for success, or to kill. That’s a matter of opinion. Ann’s? Well she couldn’t think straight around him. He had a lopsided...Read On


Old Ties

Aaron comes home after a night shift to find an old flame in his bedroom.

The fact that it was going to be a long drive home after a particularly quiet night shift was almost inevitable and was confirmed as his car entered the choking tunnel. The general speed of most vehicles slowed from a respectable sixty to an agonising twenty before transforming into the dreaded stop-start that is the joy of inner city driving on a weekday. Sleep deprived and unable to wind...Read On


Our First Home Part 2

Wife sets the scenario to play with the crew

She was so turned on by how the scenario had worked out for the front yard installation that, while we were fucking on the living room floor that night, she asked me if we could do something similar with the back yard install. If that didn't work out, she'd get the first outfit to come back. The second estimate was the next day and she asked me for a few changes in her program. Her costume...Read On


More Sweet Kisses

Mark's lust was consuming him.

Mark relaxed in his bath and thought of Carmel. It was only a few seconds until his erection surfaced from the water. His throbbing cock made gentle ripples on the surface. He was so hard lately. It must be the combination of pure lust, mixed with the hope of true love, or, you're just a horny fucker, he thought. He had arranged to see her later that day, so he did not think it was proper...Read On


Sunday Morning

My pussy juices drips over my bum and down my thighs.

It is the early hours of Sunday morning, midsummer. A crack of sunlight pours through the window and there is a freshly cut grass smell in the air. It's that blissful split-second when you wake up and nothing matters. I lie next to my lover. My favourite place. There is nothing I like better the lying on his chest, the smell of a man, the little bit of hair, the mix of bed sweat and...Read On