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One Night Stand!

A man and mystery woman spend a night in a hotel room.

John stepped down the corridor and stopped outside Room #211. With a slight nervousness, he knocked gently upon the door. As it opened to the view of the woman staying in the room, John's jaw dropped. Just a while ago the two were sharing drinks, now she had invited him to her room. Here she stood, in a figure hugging black dress that showed the entire shape upon her curvaceous body, also...Read On


My Summer Love

Tyler's helper becomes a lover.

I’m a high school shop teacher and had decided that a nice summer project would be to build a wraparound porch for my house. It would add aesthetically and functionally to my home. It would be nice to sit out front on summer evenings with a beer. Or I could sit in the back when I wanted privacy. I had started the project in early spring and spent a lot of time outdoors planning, measuring,...Read On

My Wife's New Bicycle

Dean adds some spice to a bike ride.

I came up with an idea to add some spice to our marriage. Don’t get me wrong, Cindy and I have a great marriage along with a great sex life. We are both in our early sixties and stay in fairly good shape. Today, I happened to be tinkering in my workshop out back when an idea struck me. I went to the garage and got our bikes and took them to the workshop, then went back to the garage and got...Read On


Night Tremors 2

Meghann's unknown lover returns for another night of passionate and rough pussy pounding.

After a long day of much-needed rest and much-desired anticipation, the sun started to go down. Meghann had stayed in bed all day, only getting up to use the bathroom or to get something to eat. She spent the entire day massaging her cum filled pussy. Every time she got out of bed she left a trail of cum drops. By sunset, she was empty and massaging herself without mercy. She could still...Read On


The Men's Room

Just at the wrong time the door to the men's room swooshes open.

Just at the wrong time the door to the men's room swooshes open. Not now! I'm right there... Right there! I grit my teeth and freeze, keeping very still. The stall door two cubicles down squawks on its hinges and the metallic jangle of a belt buckle sounds loud in the silence. I can feel you tense beneath me, your manhood hugely swollen in my steaming sheath. As silently as I can, I pull my...Read On


Risky Business

A young man attends a very special party

John stared at the huge mansion from across the street. The place was lit up like a Christmas tree and he could see dozen of cars parked in the driveway. This far away he could see only that huge curtains had been drawn across the tall windows, the bright welcoming lights contrasting with the dark windows. John knew why and it was that knowledge that was making his guts tie themselves...Read On


Ann Meets James

Ann meets a guy that turns her world upside down.

It had been a long time coming. He looked as though he belonged anywhere, but with her. Then again, he wasn’t exactly hers either. He was tall - boy was he tall. It didn’t take much as she was just over five foot. She had never seen this man in jeans, always dressed for success, or to kill. That’s a matter of opinion. Ann’s? Well she couldn’t think straight around him. He had a lopsided...Read On


Old Ties

Aaron comes home after a night shift to find an old flame in his bedroom.

The fact that it was going to be a long drive home after a particularly quiet night shift was almost inevitable and was confirmed as his car entered the choking tunnel. The general speed of most vehicles slowed from a respectable sixty to an agonising twenty before transforming into the dreaded stop-start that is the joy of inner city driving on a weekday. Sleep deprived and unable to wind...Read On


Our First Home Part 2

Wife sets the scenario to play with the crew

She was so turned on by how the scenario had worked out for the front yard installation that, while we were fucking on the living room floor that night, she asked me if we could do something similar with the back yard install. If that didn't work out, she'd get the first outfit to come back. The second estimate was the next day and she asked me for a few changes in her program. Her costume...Read On


More Sweet Kisses

Mark's lust was consuming him.

Mark relaxed in his bath and thought of Carmel. It was only a few seconds until his erection surfaced from the water. His throbbing cock made gentle ripples on the surface. He was so hard lately. It must be the combination of pure lust, mixed with the hope of true love, or, you're just a horny fucker, he thought. He had arranged to see her later that day, so he did not think it was proper...Read On


Sunday Morning

My pussy juices drips over my bum and down my thighs.

It is the early hours of Sunday morning, midsummer. A crack of sunlight pours through the window and there is a freshly cut grass smell in the air. It's that blissful split-second when you wake up and nothing matters. I lie next to my lover. My favourite place. There is nothing I like better the lying on his chest, the smell of a man, the little bit of hair, the mix of bed sweat and...Read On

Hook, Line, and Sinker

A "catfished" guy learns that sometimes things do work out for the best!

She made the first contact, answering his personal ad after seeing it on an Internet bulletin board site. Her profile caught his interest as he reviewed the email she sent over and over. Should he contact her back? Could she be the one? Deciding to take a gamble, he wrote back, telling her more about himself and what he's looking for in a woman. He told her what he looked like, and what he...Read On


The Gardener of High Haxford

Gemma's plans for a day of the senses in her garden go further than she expected

Few people were ever admitted to Gemma’s garden. Indeed, most people walking along the lane down toward Haxford, never even suspected that a large garden lay behind the thick Beech hedge. Many a weary walker was glad to come across the pleasant rustic seat, rest and enjoy the view; while being oblivious of the summer house less than five yards away. Some wondered how a seat came to be...Read On


The Manicur-bator

A routine visit to the barber shop turns interesting.

The last time I needed a haircut I had been out of town for a regional meeting and went to a barbershop near the convention hall. But yesterday I returned to the local salon where I usually get a trim from the proprietress, Fran. She rents a shop in a nearby small strip mall at the end of the complex. I parked in the empty lot in front of the shop and noticed a girl, much younger than...Read On


Saturday Night Delight

Cyndy's teasing at the restaurant turns into an unexpected show in the car.

“What are you staring at?” I asked, as the waiter emptied the last of the Bordeaux from the bottle into my glass. “You, of course!” Jimmy responded with a grin. “I still can’t believe how lucky I am to be married to you.” Raising his glass, he proposed a toast. “To the best looking and probably the best fuck in the restaurant!” “Shush, you!” I countered, looking around to see if anyone...Read On


I Think We're Alone Now

The girl next door and I discover each other

I got a letter in the mail today. It was an invitation to my fiftieth high school reunion. It read: “You are cordially invited to the Washington Irving High School Class of ’66, Fiftieth Reunion.” Included was the usual contact info with a request to RSVP. Along with it was a personal note from the reunion committee chair, Susan Camarato Hammersmith. It read: “Looking forward to seeing you...Read On


Come Over

Wanna get naked?

"Hey, you working?" It was my usual text to Luke when I'm bored and in need of a nice hard cock to pound my welcoming wet cunt. "Wanna get naked?"chimes back. "You know it!" "I'm working the truck, will text you when I'm done." I smile. Tonight is going to be fun. Luke is a guy I went to high school with but we never even spoke back then. We just knew who the other was in passing,...Read On


A Tour Of The Isle of Lesbos - the Reward

Girard awoke to the sound of loud moaning nearby. He rose to a sitting position on his floor mat and looked toward the sounds. A man not far away was sitting on his bench and a woman was bent over in front of him, holding her knees with her back to him. She was bouncing up and down against the man’s lap as he leaned back with his hands on the bench. His moans were mournful, hers were...Read On


His and Hers

First one in a long time - feedback gratefully appreciated in private messages

Tumbling together through the front door the 6ft, muscular, dark haired Adonis catches her around her 24" waist and pulls her close. His arms snake around and down to her tight little arse, giving it a harsh squeeze. He grunts as her head reactively flips back and a moan escapes her puffy red lips. He kisses the smooth, soft skin of her exposed neck, working his way down to her full 32C...Read On


I Surrender

She makes him happily accept her superiority

I was working out at the health club when I saw her. I was on the treadmill, getting my aerobics, and she was pumping iron. Her arms were spectacular. I thought she looked about thirty, was slim and trim, and somewhat pretty. Her jet black hair was tied in a knot on the back her head. She was wearing baggy sweat pants, so it was impossible to tell what her legs and butt looked like. But it...Read On


Starting the new year off with a bang

happy new year

I awoke at ten on New Year’s morning. The sun was peeking through the windows but that didn't wake me. I woke because my man’s hard cock was pressed against my ass. I was still a mess from the New Years Eve sex we'd had which was awesome as always. I let him enter me and spoon snuggle fuck me till I felt him unload deep inside me. After he withdrew, I felt him kiss me on the neck and...Read On


What Are You Hiding Under There?

Courtney makes a new friend and finds he has some impressive equipment

This is my short story about my encounter with the largest penis I have ever seen in my life. I know there are hundreds of “Big Cock” stories out there and whenever I heard them from friends, drunk coworkers, or online forums, I never really bought it. It always seemed like one of those “I swear the fish was this big!” stories. I always thought these women were encountering something a...Read On


Winter Fire

Never underestimate a gentleman.

I rented a small, furnished, two story home in an English country village for the year. I wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of my American city and had always dreamed of living abroad. I had also ended a long relationship with my boyfriend of three years. I had an opportunity to change jobs and work from home so I took the plunge, researched different countries and affordable...Read On

There is No Spell for Love

Lea can have everything but David, or so she thought

The sun descended into the jagged horizon, casting dark, ominous shadows across Lea’s room. She gazed out the window, forehead resting upon the cool glass, watching the men below stack hay into the cart. Her heart pulsed at the sight of David in his dirty pants, ripped white shirt and bulging muscles as he heaved the barrels of hay. “What I would do to have him all to myself” Lea thought...Read On


Humility By Comparison

Helping my friend convince her boyfriend that his dick was not huge

My friend Marta is almost too nice. She is clean cut, skinny, stylish, small chested and has an adorable face. I had been friends with Marta throughout high school. She was an oboe player and we both played in the school orchestra. I had a girlfriend in high school and Marta remained a virgin until our freshman year of college. Marta and I both broke up with our significant others in April...Read On


Helping out a Classmate - Chapter 15

Danielle wakes you

“Hmmmm,” you hear Danielle moan. “Afternoon, honey.” You slowly wake up after what feels like a deep and long sleep. “How long have I been asleep?” you ask, still oblivious to your surroundings. “An hour,” Danielle giggles. “You woke up as soon as I put your cock in me.” Wait a minute. Your cock is inside her? Now you finally fully wake up. Danielle is naked and is slowly riding you....Read On


Delicious Release

It didn't matter that we were in public. I was his and he owned me.

His hands ran down my body, smoothing over my hips, curving behind me cupping my ass. He lifted me by my ass, pulling me close and our mouths met in a heated kiss, his lip ring a cool kiss of metal against my soft lips, our lips parting eagerly against each other. My tongue stroked along his mouth and he opened for me and I delved inside, and stroked my tongue along his, as his reciprocated....Read On


Wife's Confession

Wife's confession during sex

For a few years now my wife and I have enjoyed watching porn together, either through the internet on our laptop or by DVDs on our television. Although she doesn’t like to watch anything extreme, no violence or coercion for example, just pretty standard heterosexual stuff, she obviously gets turned on when we watch. She knows I sometimes indulge without her, like when she’s out shopping...Read On


Helping out a Classmate - Chapter 13

You and Danielle experience a lovely flight

“Hurry!” Danielle tells you. You have ten minutes to check in at the airport before you will be too late to do so. You know you should’ve left earlier, but when you saw Danielle naked this morning you simply had to have her. Now you’re running with your bags towards the main entrance. You manage to check in just in time. You and Danielle catch your breath as the two of you sit down,...Read On


Vacation Part 8 (Tina 2)

I wake before Sue. I lay there thinking about last night, not sure if I have fulfilled her fantasy of a very long orgasm. I know I did my best and just hope it was good enough. I am also wondering what kind of fantasy Tina might have. I am now starting to wonder which two to choose for my last night. Sue stirs and asks, “What are you thinking?” Sighing I respond, “I was wondering if you...Read On