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The Garden Centre

Lucy thinks she has taken revenge on her neighbour but is unaware of the consequences

The Garden Centre (extract from Chapter 10 of Amatore's Restaurant) It was the Wednesday before the meeting Lucy had come to her decision; damned if Rose and her pompous husband were going to continue to benefit from her influence on the board. While she had always known her neighbour was one to meddle in everyone's affairs – and was well aware she could be tactless in voicing her...Read On


A Party Girl

I go to a Tokyo sex party and make a new friend

I was one of the first to arrive that evening. My host had e-mailed me and particularly asked me not to be late. And, he said, there was no need to bring a date unless I especially wanted to: there would be plenty of girls. It sounded as if he thought there might even be too many! That is the sort of challenge I enjoy, so I made a special effort to be on time. In the room set aside for men...Read On


Just Trust Me

Will he let me be in charge this time?

I was making coffee in the kitchen when I heard you say, “Damn it.” I laughed and shook my head, “What’s wrong?” You came into the kitchen, snatching the cup of coffee I had made for you out of my hand. “We were supposed to go out today. The picnic I had planned? Well in case you didn’t know: it’s raining. So no picnic. Instead we’re stuck here.” I opened the fridge to put...Read On


Breaking The Man

“I can’t believe you. You are one sick piece of shit Will,” I muttered to my reflection. I squeezed my eyes shut, I couldn’t even look at myself anymore. I pushed away from the bathroom sink and walked the few steps to my bed before flopping face down onto it. I groaned as I breathed in, my bed sheets still fucking smelled like her. I scrambled up before the twitching in my cock had...Read On



My first erotic story! Just a fantasy of mine.

Kara answered the door and saw Allie eagerly waiting. "You look great Kara!" Allie beamed. "Are you sure? I don't want to show up to this party underdressed." "I promise. You look hott!" Allie was right. Kara's wavy strawberry blonde hair looked beautiful against a sheer blue blouse. Her legs looked slim and tanned under her white short shorts. But most of all, Kara had no idea how...Read On


All Dressed Up

Mia goes to a party against her will but ends up having a great time.

"Ugh"I mutter out loud as I look around the crowded party. How did I ever manage to get myself talked into this? It's not my scene at all. I would much rather be at home doing anything else. I've managed to find myself a somewhat quiet corner where, so far I haven't be forced into a conversation with anyone. I look down at what I'm wearing. Really? This isn't me either. I'm much more of a...Read On


Rush Hour Adventure

Sex with a complete stranger was the best sex of my life.

After a long day of classes all I wanted to do was get home. I ran down the steps to the crowded subway platform and waited for the next train to arrive. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a tall, dark and handsome man reading a financial magazine. He looked about 25 and looked incredible in his fitted suit. I turned away as the train pulled into the station. My hair was blowing in my face...Read On


Kissy Kat

A horny young lady got too possessive to soon and lost out.

Kissy Kat was the CB handle of a lovely young lady I dated back in the hay-day of CB radios. We dated frequently, maybe too frequently. She was twenty-years old, and as cute as they come. She was 5’2" tall and slightly plump. Her extra weight contributed to her wonderfully oversized tits, tits that I loved playing with. She had shoulder-length blonde hair that was silky to the touch and...Read On


Lust Crazed Fools

Couple shares a sexy, sultry night under the stars.

Nikki's phone lit up and she blushed as she read the message. "What time are you leaving? I am so horny." Trent was an amazing lover and she found herself wanting to be with him as often as humanly possible. He had to cancel their date earlier in the week so Nikki was anxious and desperate to have him devour her. Nikki replied, "Leaving about 9:30. Can I see you then?" "Hurry up!" ...Read On


An Unexpected Encounter

A nice ending to a bad day.

My name is Paul. I'm a thirty four year old civil engineer from Boston. My company mainly does engineering to improve infrastructure in cities, such as bridges and tunnels. Because of this, I travel quite extensively. I am on the road approximately two hundred fifty days a year. I am not married, nor do I have any children. In my travels I meet a lot of women, usually on airplanes, in cabs or...Read On


Happy Meeting

My fantasy comes true when I meet two girls in an Osaka hotel

It was after midnight when I left the hotel bar to return to my room. There were still a few other members of the convention there, including some friends and fellow-journalists attending from Tokyo, and the evening had become very convivial—enjoyable enough for me to forget my resolution to get an early night. The second day of the conference was to begin at nine sharp, and I had a...Read On


Learning Swinging From Another Couple

Us Air Force Female Lieutenant Further Adventures Swinging In England

Most have read my two other posts on swinging and I’ve promised to write more about my experiences. If you read the first story, you know that my biggest worry was what my husband would think afterward. As it turned out my fears never materialized, we decided to go for it again. This story is the next hurdle we had to cross: watching each other with another person. To remind everyone, my...Read On


Mr. Hightower and Cydney go all the way

Mr. Hightower makes Cydney his woman

"Thank you baby," Cydney said as she used more paper towels. "How did you let out that much cum? I'm not complaining but that was amazing to see." I had no real answer for her because I didn't know how it had happened either. "Your blowjob was so good, how could I not?" I helped Cydney stand up and put her dress back on. After Cydney went to the mirror to make sure she looked presentable...Read On


Stacey's Mom Part Four

The epilogue to the sexual encounter with my girlfriend's mom.

Be sure to read Chapters 1, 2 & 3. Here is the final chapter. "I'm hungry, let's stop and eat." Those were the first words either of us had spoken after Julie, my girlfriend's mom and I had fucked in the parking lot of a rest stop an hour ago. We were approaching a small town on a lonely stretch of highway, still three hours from home. It was pretty late a night, but I'm sure there had to...Read On

Recommended Read

The Dirty Wanderer

Virginia's lust for bad boy Frank is ignited when a sexy stranger shows up in town.

Chapter One The first time he saved Virginia it was by chance. The clicking of heels against the cobblestone punctuated the whir of automobiles and the screech of the cable car coming to a halt. She passed by windows draped with yards of lace and gentlemen’s suits, and skirted around the outreached arms of vendors hawking their wares. She saw none of this. Not the man who raised the...Read On


The Wait

A delicious wait...

One week. One week since I last saw his face. That's all the time that had passed, yet it dragged on like an eternity. Despite me watching the days, I was running late. I brushed my teeth as I blow-dried my hair. Quite a talent I know. *** It was 8:30 and I knew you were in your sleek black sports car on your way to the cafe already. I slipped on my new pair of cheeky black lace...Read On



Weeks of frustration finds its release after a relaxing massage…

She absentmindedly handled the new nine-inch vibrator between inquisitive fingers. Her face was free of any expression whatsoever. Not that she had ever been one to express feelings in any way. She has never been a feelings person. Damn, she was not even remotely romantic! Yet somehow, I know something was slowly snaking through her thoughts. “You know Babe, I am not so sure we are on...Read On


Just Visiting

An old friend comes to visit and ends up participating in a wild fuck-fest.

My homegirl, Alex is my closest friend; since we were babies. So whenever she needs me or I need her, we don’t hesitate to jump to each other’s aid. So when she calls me needing a place to crash for a while, it’s a natural reaction to let her stay as long as she needs. This time is a little different though. I’m still in bed, not sleeping, just relaxing and my phone starts to ring....Read On


More to Love

a soldier comes back from war to his bbw new wife

I was nervous. Almost eighteen months had passed since I’d seen my husband, and a lot had happened since then. As I stood at the airport, waiting for his flight to arrive, I remembered the last time I'd stood there, when I was waving him goodbye. “Damn it! I wish I could be here with you when the baby comes,” John said. ”So do I, baby,” I said. ”But we can't change the war, can we?” I...Read On


Beach Hut Slut

a woman spends her redundancy wisely

I can‘t stand cold, gloomy British winters so when I got made redundant last November, I decided – having no real ties or responsibilities for the first time in my adult life — to spend a chunk of my pay-off on a long trip to Thailand, living on the cheap to stretch it out for as long as possible. I rented a little hut on a beach – more like a camp-site with one lot of shared toilets...Read On


Say My Name

The sudden silence snapped me out of my trance. The movie had ended, the credits had rolled, and the Blu-ray disc player was displaying a big blue logo on the screen in complete silence. Where had I been for the last one hundred and thirty eight minutes? That’s the running time of the movie, including the credits. I didn’t remember watching the movie. I looked down at my right hand. The...Read On


Melody - Part 2

Smith wakes up next to Melody...

Golden fingers of sunlight started reaching through the blinds to hit me in my sleepy eyes. I rubbed my eyes and let out a long, slow yawn. After a few quick blinks I looked over to see the musical auburn goddess, Melody, laying sweetly at my side. Her hair was tussled about a little from bed head and, if I'm honest, made her look even sexier than she was from the night before. "Good...Read On


The Morning After

Part 3 in the story of Ava and James

Ava awoke lying in James arms as the early morning sun filtered into the room through the blinds. Even though she had the day off, Ava’s body clock was so used to the early rises ready for work, that 8am felt like a lie in to her. Ava lay with her head resting against James bare chest, hooking one of her legs between his, her left hand gently caressing his chest as she listened to the...Read On



Our world is limitless; time is our plaything.

For my sweetest Cricket Time is a lie. There is no past, no future. There is only now, only this moment together. Only you, only I, only the moon hanging in the clouds like a tarnished ghost. We have just returned from a lifeless black tie gala at the art museum. We stand at arm’s reach from each other. A full moon shines through your open window, grey and cryptic, spilling moonlight...Read On


Unexpected Experiences

Caught pleasuring myself by a handsome stranger.

I had been house sitting for the last week while friends were away. A beautiful home that had a gorgeous pool and hot tub that I had been dying to use. Unfortunately terrible weather had prevented it until today.  Today was perfect for a lazy day lounging by the pool and I intended to make the most of it. I slipped into my bikini, grabbed all the essentials for the day and made my way to...Read On


Meeting Max

Lola meets a man in a bar and another in a taxi

When I was 18, I decided that my native England was too boring and went in search of European adventures. After traveling through France, Spain, Italy and Austria, I eventually settled in Belgium. I spent a year working as an au pair in Brussels and, a week before I was set to leave, I decided it was time for a night out. I had chosen to wear my favourite blue mini dress, curled my long...Read On



An abandoned wife finds love and thrills with another man.

My name is Joe. In my mid-twenties, I was introduced to a young lady named Debbie by a mutual friend. Debbie was an interesting encounter. The friend that introduced us worked with Debbie. I knew the friend from our activities on the CB radio. Our friend seemed to take delight in torturing us by delaying the actual meeting for weeks. When I finally did meet Debbie, I was...Read On


Pleasure Cruise - part two

Day two finds Ebony experiencing something new...

I awoke to the sounds of passengers readying themselves for another day of cruising fun. Instantly my mind was filled with memories of Nate and the incredibly hot encounter we had shared the previous night. As I lay there, I allowed myself to relive each touch, taste and sensation we had shared. Almost immediately I felt my body start to respond, the familiar throbbing between my legs...Read On



Welcome to the neighbourhood...

It was hot, unusually so for the temperate marine climate of Seattle, and so she was as naked as could be without being fully so--stripped down to her pink and black lace bra and matching tanga cut pink and black lace panties. Still, at ten o’clock at night, with the house a balmy 26c, that wasn’t enough. She needed to go outside, needed to feel the cooling night air against her skin, needed...Read On


Role Play

A couple uses each other to fuck their friends.

The customary click of the lamp, the sudden darkness of the room, and the slow adjusting of eyes to be able to see by the faint glow of the bathroom's nightlight changed the conversation from ‘light' to more dark and serious. "Can you believe that Ken went to see Brokeback Mountain?" Carl spoke softly as if not wanting to disturb the house, empty except for him and his wife. "Sure,"...Read On