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What Are You Hiding Under There?

Courtney makes a new friend and finds he has some impressive equipment

This is my short story about my encounter with the largest penis I have ever seen in my life. I know there are hundreds of “Big Cock” stories out there and whenever I heard them from friends, drunk coworkers, or online forums, I never really bought it. It always seemed like one of those “I swear the fish was this big!” stories. I always thought these women were encountering something a...Read On


Winter Fire

Never underestimate a gentleman.

I rented a small, furnished, two story home in an English country village for the year. I wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of my American city and had always dreamed of living abroad. I had also ended a long relationship with my boyfriend of three years. I had an opportunity to change jobs and work from home so I took the plunge, researched different countries and affordable...Read On

There is No Spell for Love

Lea can have everything but David, or so she thought

The sun descended into the jagged horizon, casting dark, ominous shadows across Lea’s room. She gazed out the window, forehead resting upon the cool glass, watching the men below stack hay into the cart. Her heart pulsed at the sight of David in his dirty pants, ripped white shirt and bulging muscles as he heaved the barrels of hay. “What I would do to have him all to myself” Lea thought...Read On


Helping out a Classmate - Chapter 15

Danielle wakes you

“Hmmmm,” you hear Danielle moan. “Afternoon, honey.” You slowly wake up after what feels like a deep and long sleep. “How long have I been asleep?” you ask, still oblivious to your surroundings. “An hour,” Danielle giggles. “You woke up as soon as I put your cock in me.” Wait a minute. Your cock is inside her? Now you finally fully wake up. Danielle is naked and is slowly riding you....Read On


Delicious Release

It didn't matter that we were in public. I was his and he owned me.

His hands ran down my body, smoothing over my hips, curving behind me cupping my ass. He lifted me by my ass, pulling me close and our mouths met in a heated kiss, his lip ring a cool kiss of metal against my soft lips, our lips parting eagerly against each other. My tongue stroked along his mouth and he opened for me and I delved inside, and stroked my tongue along his, as his reciprocated....Read On


Wife's Confession

Wife's confession during sex

For a few years now my wife and I have enjoyed watching porn together, either through the internet on our laptop or by DVDs on our television. Although she doesn’t like to watch anything extreme, no violence or coercion for example, just pretty standard heterosexual stuff, she obviously gets turned on when we watch. She knows I sometimes indulge without her, like when she’s out shopping...Read On


Helping out a Classmate - Chapter 13

You and Danielle experience a lovely flight

“Hurry!” Danielle tells you. You have ten minutes to check in at the airport before you will be too late to do so. You know you should’ve left earlier, but when you saw Danielle naked this morning you simply had to have her. Now you’re running with your bags towards the main entrance. You manage to check in just in time. You and Danielle catch your breath as the two of you sit down,...Read On


Vacation Part 8 (Tina 2)

I wake before Sue. I lay there thinking about last night, not sure if I have fulfilled her fantasy of a very long orgasm. I know I did my best and just hope it was good enough. I am also wondering what kind of fantasy Tina might have. I am now starting to wonder which two to choose for my last night. Sue stirs and asks, “What are you thinking?” Sighing I respond, “I was wondering if you...Read On


Somebody's Got To Do It

The life of a mature bachelor. It's a tough job!

I wrote this for a friend. It involves straight sex. No condoms were harmed during the creation of this story but you should wear one because hey, you never know. End of PSA. Roll tape. Enjoy. "I feel weird. Talking to you about this is very uncomfortable for me. I've never discussed this, not so openly, not even with a shrink or a therapist." "What could be so heavy? What could be so...Read On


All This Time, You Thought It Was The Doughnuts?

On duty shenanigans

I had a young lady assigned to work with me on a case that required frequent, after dark surveillance. She was attractive, with exceptionally exotic blue eyes. She was built large enough that it was obvious weight would be a problem for her in the future, if she didn't control it now. She also thought that she had to talk about anything sexual like a man, and that was hilarious entertainment...Read On

Love Of A Lifetime

He had lost her a year ago, would the promise be kept?

The heaviness in his heart had pulled him low, so very low. Grief and loneliness had consumed his entire existence. Every day was dark. The sunshine could not penetrate his despair, nor shed light on the night-time of his soul. It was a year to the day since he had sadly lost her. "Get out more," they said. "Why not go for a walk once in a while?" they said. "Come and see us, won't...Read On


The Good Neighbour

Jo gets a visit from his neighbour who seems to be sexually frustrated.

Mary stood staring at the flat passenger side rear tyre of her car in horror. This would definitely have to be the proverbial straw on the camel’s back. She felt the beginnings of desperation start to settle in and fought hard against it. She was not going to give in. She was determined not to give in. Not today of all days. Stating that she had had her share of ups and downs would be...Read On


Local Affairs (3): Interlude

Andrea's friend Sarah returns Greg's briefcase, and they enjoy some quality time together.

Readers are advised to read “Local Affairs" parts 1 & 2 first.  Being awakened by a ringing phone before eight in the morning was not Greg’s idea of the leisurely Sunday lie-in he had hoped to have; but the melodious chuckle that greeted his rather surly “Hello” immediately dispelled his initial mood. It was Sarah. “Hi Greg – sorry to be ringing a bit early. I hope you’re not feeling...Read On


Following Nature's Way

Holly reveals her all consuming passion.

I just had to get this off my chest so someone will understand that loving sex does not make a girl a whore. Just because a person is a golf junkie or plays the lottery every day does not make them perverts of their passions. My passion from an early age was sex. Some call it an addiction, but I'm okay with that. When I first found out about sex, I loved it. I adored it. I love what sex...Read On

Recommended Read

Meeting Anna

A sailor meets a beautiful, lusty blonde in Copenhagen

I heard a joke once, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him you have a plan.” Well, I can vouch for that one. After three months at sea, working on a Norwegian freighter, I finally signed off in Alicante, Spain and made my way to Copenhagen, my original destination three months earlier. My plan was to go to Paris and the Left Bank where my favorite expatriate writers lived in the...Read On



I get more than I bargained for after following a dominant woman to her hotel room.

We left the party. I followed her up the stairs in the wake of her exotic perfume. She slipped her key card into the door lock, I followed her in and stood in the middle of the short hallway of her suite. The lights were mostly off and the remaining lamps gave her skin an almost shimmering glow. She had come across as stern, but passionate, so this didn’t worry me. She wore a tight black...Read On


A Renewal Of Love

It took a nightmare to make him realize what he was losing...

“No, no!” Brady yelled out, suddenly sitting bolt upright out of a deep sleep. Emotionally drained from crying in his sleep, he buried his face in his hands; his sheets wet from sweat. “It was just a dream, thank god...” he realized with great relief, as he wiped the tears from his eyes. As he sat there, he watched Laura; the moonlight illuminating her face while she slept. Deep in a...Read On


Wanna Get Out of Here? Part 1

Rebecca ends her night with a one night stand, one that she will not quickly forget.

Rebecca checked her phone as the bright LED light displayed clearly 11:26 PM. She sighed irritably. A few of her friends, though known to bail last minute, were supposed to meet her at Pulse, a new club that had just opened a few weeks ago, at 11 PM. But here she was, standing at the bar alone... She caught the attention of the bartender and ordered a gin tonic, letting the smooth drink coat...Read On


The Shower

Shower sex, is there any better?

I stop outside the bathroom door, feeling myself getting wet as I think about what’s about to happen. I smile and open the door. The sound of the water in the shower gets louder as I step into the room and softly close the door. The shower curtain hides you from me…and vice versa. I quietly make my way up and peek around the edge of the curtain knowing what I’ll find. You sit on the bottom...Read On


New Year's Magic-Part 1

A wonderful way to start the New Year

11:50 pm, December 31, 2015 Damn you Megan! I curse my best friend as I sip my cocktail. I’ve been single for over a year and a half now, and quite happily I might add. But it’s New Year’s Eve, the worst time to be single, and I’m here alone while Meg is somewhere on the dance floor with her boyfriend. No one for me to kiss at midnight. No one to cuddle with later with a champagne buzz,...Read On


Passing the Finals

The oldest and best fantasy to this day ;)

My name is Alex Smith, and I'm in my second year of college. The only problem with this is that I don't do very well here. Up until college, I was what would be considered an outcast, not too unlike the girl from Stephen King's first novel "Carrie," but then a lot of things changed. I grew taller to about 5'6" or so, I remained slim as ever and my breasts decided it would be a great time to...Read On


Payback pt5

Chapter Seven: The revenge starts - every action has its consequences During that time my external server was starting to get full of recordings from my own house. At least I could watch them without crying now, but a cold rage was building up inside me. They had made fun of me, stolen money from me and I may have been naïve, maybe selfish to some extent but I didn’t think I deserved...Read On


Captain Dirk

A college professor enjoys a bachelor's life of sex aboard his boat and elsewhere

Okay, I'm not really a sailor. I have a boat on a very large inland lake in California, but it was bought for fishing. The thing is, I don't fish. Well, I don't fish for the scaly animals with gills. I fish for mermaids, the kind without fins. As a thirty-three year old bachelor, I have the pick of a very select group of women and girls. I'm an assistant professor of antiquities at...Read On

A Christmas Tale

It was Christmas Eve and I was alone. Like most people, I was drinking quite heavily and giving my liver a good kicking with glasses of whiskey. I wasn’t much of a whiskey fan but I needed something a bit harsher on the tongue than my regular favourite of vodka and coca cola or amaretto and cranberry juice. The radio blasted out every Christmas song you could imagine and in my drunken state I...Read On


A Surprise On The Seventh Hole

A fun day on the golf course.

After spending a full day golfing with my husband, I decided to write a letter to him, recapping the day's events. That was a great idea for us to go golfing today. I really had a great time. I also enjoyed the dirty talking that we did as we walked the course. It was a beautiful day. The sun was beaming on us, sweat starting to bead on our foreheads, between my boobs and in my pants. It...Read On


Nurse Masden works her magic at home

Nurse Masden gets home and finds she has one final patient to tend to

Opening the door Erica was hit by delicious smells coming from the kitchen. When Scott had told her he was going to cook dinner she had expected she would get home and be greeted with a selection of takeaway menus, needless to say she was thoroughly impressed! “Welcome home Nurse Masden.” Scott gave her a grin and handed her a glass of what she knew, without even tasting it, was her...Read On


Alone on the settee - Story Four

Alone on a large, soft settee, I'm propped up slightly while you lie with your head on my chest. Gently, I run my fingers deliberately through your hair, watching the strands drop away, taking in the scent. The warmth of your body against my own feels so natural and perfect. We've nowhere else to be, no one will disturb us; this time is all ours. I run my index finger along the line of...Read On


We Met On A Plane - Part 2

She needed me and wanted more.

Joan and I met during my weekly commuter flight from Newark to Milwaukee. During that flight, she favored me with the distinct privilege of fingering her pussy to orgasm. Afterward, we had dinner and then retired to my hotel room for a night of exhibitionist sex. Our viewers were a couple of coeds whose room had a window not twenty feet from my hotel window. At the end of the night, Joan and...Read On


A Private Tour In The Museum

The stranger in the museum takes her to the restricted section of pleasure...

Amethyst looked around and realised she had been too long in the toilets. Her high heels echoed with each step as she walked in the huge hall of the museum. She had lost her friends and she'd have to look for an officer for help. She frowned as she thought about the one who greeted them at the entrance - a tall and tanned man, in his late twenties, who had looked at her from head to toe like...Read On



Two strangers connecting over great conversation and mutual attraction.

Not far from my home is my favorite hideaway. It's situated in the most perfect little bookstore run by an eccentric old lady, who’s always telling tales of her wild, crazy days. She always puts a smile on my face and she makes the most delicious earthy black coffee, which almost curls the tongue. I'm sitting in an old high-backed armchair in a little nook in the rear of the store. I’ve...Read On