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Sisterhood of Sin -- 13 -- The Cousin Who Isn't

Our heroine unearths a treasure trove of sinful history.

My positive experience with caging my husband's cock in chastity and spanking his plugged ass has me on a sexual high for several days. I make love to him, and I mean really make love several times each day during those days. I had worried that I would think less of him, that he would no longer seem as manly to me, but I discover that I can't keep my hands off him and I aggressively...Read On


K2 - A Second Encounter

A Requested Sequel by Popular Demand.

Heading from the Coffee Shop the night I met K, I followed her to her apartment and parked near her and got out. She stayed in her car and was closing up her phone as I walked up to the driver's side. She lowered the window and I saw she was semi-clothed from our encounter at the old pumping station. She lowered her window and in the light of the security lamps, she undid my pants with...Read On


By the Roar of the Fire

Further adventures of Jenny and Mike

Jenny waited as Mike opened the door to his hotel room for her. The room was iridescent from the light of the wood fireplace in front of her. “Oh my god, Mike, you have a suite,” exclaimed Jenny.  She was taking it all in, the orange glow from the flickering fireplace embers, the smell of holiday candles in the air. She looked around the immense room. Straight ahead was a sofa facing...Read On


A Promise

Ellie has a habit of running away from her feelings, can her best friend Jason convince her to stay?

All my life, I have been known to run away from things. I still remember the first time I left home - technically, I didn't leave, but whenever I heard my parents argue, I used to run out of the house and into my Wendy house in the yard. For an hour or so, I used to dream that everything would be normal, amidst the candy-coloured plastic table and chairs and the white walls covered in mould. ...Read On


My History with Brandy, Chapter 2

Brandy picks me up, and out adventure starts off explosively.

I stepped out of the small airport terminal to see Brandy standing at the curb next to a very sporty silver Mercedes coupe. She looked incredible in black sharkskin pants that hugged her curved hips and sexy legs like a second skin, and white, high-wedge shoes. She wore a form-fitting turquoise blouse, unbuttoned enough to really showcase her ample cleavage, yet manage to maintain the classy...Read On


Carol - Part Nine

Carol discovers a new medium with which to display her body and skills

It was early summer and Carol and I had finally slipped into somewhat of a normal daily routine. That doesn’t mean that there was less sex. In fact, I was actually getting a bit concerned about how often we were fooling around. No complaints. But I had work that needed to get done, and a semi-deadline of early September when I was to have some detailed outlines of my dissertation topic...Read On


My History with Brandy

The introduction to the key players, Me, Brandy, and Faye

I guess you'd have to call it luck. At least, that's how I saw it. Brandy had called me two days ago with the news that her favorite uncle and his wife were leaving on vacation for two weeks, and had asked her to house sit while they were gone. "Do you have any time available?" she'd asked me. "I'm in-between closings for most of that time, and it would be fun to see you. It's been far...Read On


Tammy and Josh - Part 3

Tammy takes her neighbor's virginity

Today was Friday. Josh flew home from high school and quickly changed his clothes. He flopped down on his bed and began to watch television, but his mind was on Tammy. He pictured her as she was last night, in the bathroom with her shirt off. It was all he could do to not rub his cock just thinking about her. “Josh?” His mom stuck her head in his door. “Listen, dear. Your father and I are...Read On


Best journey home

Sex with strangers is always amazing.

Today I caught the bus as usual and as there was a crowd of people, I had to stand. Suddenly the bus skidded to a stop. I wobbled and nearly fell as I felt a pair of hands steady me. You had one hand on my hip and one hand on my ass. Blushing, I thank you in a small voice as you apologize for touching my ass. More and more people got on the bus and we had to squeeze closer. Being squeezed...Read On


Morning Sex with Lauren

The best way to wake up in the morning

I wake as your feet stir between mine. You draw them up and run your soles over the bottom of my calves, my ankles and my feet. Your feet are cool, and the feel of them running over mine makes me shiver with excitement. I respond by flicking my toes into yours and, like two vines wrapping around the trunks of two strong trees, our legs entwine. My arm is draped over you and I gather you...Read On



Inspired By a Real Woman

Light drifts in from somewhere in my vision and for a few moments I struggle to comprehend where it may come from. It slowly surfaces in my mind that its morning. Allowing my senses to gather facts, sounds, smells, I slowly drift upward out of my slumber, becoming more aware of where I was. I sense something sweet, an aroma that is there yet not there. There is a warm sensation all over my...Read On


Tammy and Josh - Part 2

Tammy and Josh take another step in sexual exploration

Every day for the next week it was the same. Josh would come to Tammy’s house and do his homework. Then they would find a place in the house away from windows, and she would let him feel her up for a bit. Sometimes Tammy would take her bra and top off. Sometimes she was in the middle of a project, so she would only allow him to grab at her boobs from behind while she worked. If she was...Read On


Contract Hit Man 6

Dale Bradford and gang steal mafia cars and makes contact with mafia wife and has sex with escort.

I returned to my storehouse to put on my full beard and the clothes I wore when with the gang. I had a plan to steal some or all of the mafia outfit’s cars. I knew from talking with Ayana the outfit was going to gather at Excalibur renting the entire third floor. I thought they would all park in the parking garage, I could open them and have gang members drive them to a chop shop. Those five...Read On


Tammy and Josh - Part 1

Tammy introduces Josh to her...

Josh knocked on Tammy’s door. Moments later, Tammy opened up the door and seeing Josh, let him into the house. Tammy was Josh’s next door neighbor and she had been a friend of his family for over ten years. Tammy was single, having divorced her husband soon after they married. She was 30 years old and very attractive. Josh’s parents had used her to baby-sit him as he grew up, and he loved...Read On


K - A Chance Encounter

A chance encounter at night turns into delightful dessert.

Sitting in a booth at a local coffee shop, I noticed a lone woman walk in. She had long blonde hair with a petite build. She sat at the booth across from me and I looked and noticed her eyes lock on mine. I kept glancing over at her and caught her looking away quickly once or twice. She got up to head to the bathroom and I watched her walk swinging her hips slightly. I played the usual guy...Read On


Patience means passion

Illicit lovers arrange a second meeting

It has been too long since we were last together, but that is the consequence of starting an affair. At last, after weeks of waiting, today is the day we have arranged to meet again, and I have not been able to concentrate at my desk in the office and during my client presentations, thinking about you and being with you. Memories of our first illicit meeting have been flooding my mind as if...Read On


The Imposter

Sarah's parents have decided. She is to be married to a man of wealth and distinction.

Sarah didn’t know that her mother was about to visit her in her chamber and had already surrendered herself to the throes of sexual ecstasy. The warm liquid tongue of one of her handmaids, Cherry, was extruded deep within the inner lips of Sarah’s vulva, while Sarah had thrust an exploratory finger up her servant’s anus. But Lady St. Cuthbert knew better than to interrupt her daughter until...Read On


His Fuck Doll. Part 2

I loved every minute of it

When Frank emerged from the bathroom, I was still recovering. Covered in sweat and still panting a little, I needed a break. Frank didn't see it that way. While I was still lying on the bed, he grabbed my ankles and pulled me across the bed. He was in full donation mode. He grabbed me by the hair and looked at me. "From now on you'll call me sir," he said. "Is that understood?" "Yes sir,"...Read On



Ciaran and Kelly frolic in the forest

She was standing in line in front of me at the service counter of the local supermarket. The line was longer today as the Powerball jackpot was approaching $500 million. As usual, the management had only one person working. The man at the front of the line was arguing with the clerk that there must be a Western Union for him. The woman was striking with pale skin and dark hair, and...Read On


The World Turned Upside Down

I went to a pub dressed in leather and seduced a musician.

Halloween was my favourite night of the year, all of a sudden. I’d hated it as a kid. I never went trick or treating, I'd almost drowned bobbing for apples, and my parents never bought sweets or costumes. Then, there I was in a pub listening to one the best, and one of the loudest, bands I’d ever heard. OK, so maybe I hadn’t come to this venue by accident. OK, so maybe I hadn’t gone for the...Read On


Sex, off the rails

A married couple gets hot after a rough night.

It was 9 p.m., Tuesday, the 22nd of June in Sacramento, California. Here, there's a married couple, with four delightful children. Albeit, they were not her kids, but the children of her husband's widow. The couple, their names being Bailey and Roman, were reasonably happy as a couple in their mid-thirties could be. Bailey, a thoroughly perfect wife in her physique, a statuesque blonde...Read On


No Rules, Part 2

Who did Ashley think she was kidding?

“So, did you really do it?” Jill asked as she sat down. “Did I really do what?” Ashley responded, looking up from her book. “Watch television with my brother and your brother and a bunch of other guys in nothing but a see-through blouse.” “Huh? I don't know what you're talking about! And what is this anyway, you show up after not seeing me since graduation and don't even say hello, kiss...Read On


Hooking Up with an Online Friend - Pt I

A date with an online friend leads to an incredible night

I had known Lisa from our online chats. We had met on a personals site, emailed, chatted, talked on the phone, and even met in person a few times. The relationship had been very platonic other than a goodbye kiss the first time we met in person. I finally got up the nerve to ask her out on a date, and she agreed to meet up after she finished work. We met at a local bar-restaurant for dinner...Read On


The Community Pool

The pool will never be the same

I really hated the community pool in our housing development. Well, not actually the pool itself, but the fact that the place seemed to always be overrun with screaming kids and surly teenagers. I really wanted to be able to swim laps and get some sun while reading (and quaffing the occasional adult beverage); but found these tasks to be hard to accomplish due to the aforesaid. I was...Read On


Chanel and Ethan 22

I love surprises. Especially when the surprise is sex.

The day following the incident at the movie theater, Ethan and I text each other nonstop. The only pauses in communication were obligations at work on both our ends. However, I got off before him, and would have to impatiently wait to hear from him between messages. He wanted to see me earlier, but responsibilities at work kept arising. It’s now nine thirty at night when my phone finally...Read On



Natalie gets even with her cheating husband

“He’s an ass! Ten years of marriage, and he goes and bangs some skank! What an ass! I might be able to understand if she was at least pretty, but she’s not. She’s an ugly slut! She’s been down on at least half of the guys, and probably women, in his office. I hope she gave him herpes or VD. Oh god! If I get VD cause he fucked that slut, I’ll kill him! Why? Why would he do this to me?”...Read On


A matter of perspective

It was a hot summer day as Jack accompanied his mother on the country outing her office had arranged. After a ride of forty-five minutes into the hills west of the city, they had reached a park built around an old ranch. Any number of activities could be done, all of them boring to a young man like Jack back from his first year of grad school, but his mother had insisted he come. Finding...Read On


His Fuck Doll, Part 1

After all of these years, this was my best.

A few weeks ago I had real sex for the first time in a while. It was your basic one night stand, and it was amazing. Even though I took over managing the massage parlor, I actually don't do a lot of massages. I want the girls working for me to make the money. Now I walk around always horny but because of my kids and job I need to masturbate a lot. I needed a good hard fuck. Boy did I get one....Read On


Something Steamy

He gets home, she's naked. He gets a little rough and she loves it.

I was horny and pissed. I had woke up and my man was gone. Gah, that asshole, he knew I hated waking up alone. Reminds me of bad times. Laying, tummy down, on our bed, I was reading something "steamy". I just had a towel covering my butt, even though I had had my shower hours ago. This writer was good. I was wiggling around slightly trying to get pressure on my clit without actually...Read On


Late Night Encounter

He was exactly the bedtime treat she craved.

Wendy was feeling lonely when she got home from the party. Her boyfriend was out of town on a business trip and she missed him. She missed his cock, that is. They weren't exactly getting along anymore, and she'd thought more than once about leaving him. But she didn’t want to be alone. Gary wasn’t the right man for her, but until that special someone came along he’d have to do. The house...Read On