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Sisterhood of Sin -- 9 -- The Dangerous Game

Our heroine takes a giant step toward sexual honesty with her husband.

"Hello, Sir. My name is Cate, and I'm here to play a game called 'Earn an Orgasm' with you. Your role is to make me earn an orgasm. To do that, I must keep this chastity belt on for three hours while you try to get me to take it off. If I take it off early you get to punish me. Until the time expires or until I remove it, I will be at your mercy. For the punishment, how about we agree that...Read On


The Escort Revisits the Widower

An escort cannot help herself and returns to see her client, the widower

It was only three days since her visit to the widower when Amy got a call from the escort service. “He called today,” said Ellen, her 'Director of Services', “and he asked for you to call him.” She rattled off a phone number and Amy replied, “He’s really a very nice man, just lonely since his wife died. Since he paid double for very little time, I’d like to give him a freebie, Ellen.” “I...Read On


Detours (Part 1 of 3)

The devil is in the detours

It was Bonnie’s dad who had instilled in her the love of a good, long road-trip. Her appreciation of the finer things such as a car loaded with snack-food and CDs, rest stops, and the nuances of “roadkill bingo” were all because of him. He enjoyed planning his routes as much as he did just tossing the bags in the trunk on a whim and picking a direction and driving. And Bonnie always went...Read On


A Workday Fuck

A story about a chance encounter at work with an Indian colleague

I didn’t notice the crowds of people filing on and off thetrain. I couldn’t tell you who sat opposite to me, next to me, who bumped into me. The usual sounds and smells of the packed commuter journey were dimmed by the memory of soft moans, subtle perfume and the sweet smell of sex. I just stared out of the window, a look of blissful remembrance on my face. One of my hands cupped my chin,...Read On



Susan has it all: good looks, excellent connections and a life spent amongst the rich and famous.

It was with nothing but disgust that Susan regarded the musicians whose subtle and accomplished performance was so enrapturing most of the other guests. Susan was conscious that she was a fraud in so many ways and her presence at the recital a sham. It was the music she should be appreciating rather than the musicians. She should be somehow transported to the higher plane that Franz Schubert...Read On


Rain in the Park

“Where are you? I’m downtown,” she texted him. It was already almost midnight and Sophie had gone out with some friends to see a hockey game. They ended up going to the pub afterwards so Rich met her there. As the impending closing time approached she became increasingly flirtatious as they danced and kissed on the dance floor to the music the live band was pumping out. She was a hot...Read On


Dirty Talk

Dirty talk gets a lot dirtier if you do it with the actions.

This is a continuation of my previous story: Ingenious Toys .  The ‘Kombi’ of course was a VW Transporter, but not one of the 1960’s chartreuse microbuses you might be imagining. The only similarity that it bore to one of those countless hippie/surfer vans circling the country was an airbrush mural on the side; a surfer shooting through a pipeline and running his fingers through the wall...Read On


The Arrival Of Claudia

An unexpected present changed my life.

About seven years before I would officially be pensionable, I was granted the opportunity to take an early retirement, with a reasonably comfortable financial arrangement. Nowadays a rare phenomenon. After working weeks of fifty hours and more I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands. The famous black hole didn’t appear; I had enough pursuits. Soon I had made it an almost daily habit to go for...Read On


Memories of Times Past

My lover comes home to me

The door was unlocked – she knows she is always welcome and missed when not around. I hear the door open and lock behind her then the shout. “Hello.” My already pounding heart quickens again and I order her to come upstairs. She follows the instruction and stands in front of me in my room. Even after a long day at work her beauty shines through – a combination of classic porcelain...Read On


Carol - Part Seven

Still early in our relationship, Carol and I continue to explore our sexual interests

Prologue It had been an interesting 24 hours, beginning with a straightforward, but totally unexpected question from Carol: did I want to fuck her? Despite my surprise at the question, I did not hesitate with my response. There followed an interesting, but quick, four hand game of strip poker and a late dare proffered by Carol. I had already won three poker hands, each win resulting...Read On


You're all wet

Molly gets Luke wet and he returns the favor

Luke pulled into the driveway in a cloud of west Texas dust. He'd been out all morning checking cows and fixing fences. He was hot dirty and ready for a cold beer and lunch. As he walked around the front of the truck he caught a glimpse of his wife, Molly. Molly was watering her flowers in the front yard. She was in her usual summer Saturday kick back clothes, bikini top cut-offs and those...Read On

Recommended Read

The Run of Her Life, The Run to Find Herself

Cali makes a beach run to get away from it all, but makes a surprising deep connection

As Cali ran along the damp sand, hugging the shore of La Jolla Beach, the sun streaming down on her face, and the salt air rising up to tickle her nose, she was well aware that her trim, fit, athletic body was put to good advantage showing off her luscious curves to the staring men that she always encountered on her runs. She wore a tight white sports bra -- which she chose for its...Read On


Country girls like it dirty

Luke gets a mid-day surprise.

It was a hot July day in Texas, but there was work to be done. Luke was on his way to the shop next to the house to work on the ranch pickup that had broke down the day before. He wasn't looking forward to it. Luke was a tall man, mid-twenties, good strong build, but not bulky. He had dark hair and brown eyes. He opened the big roll up door, grabbed some tools and a creeper. He threw...Read On


Black Rod - Part 2

Making a woman out of a girl

She stepped off the bed and brought the glass of wine with her. She took a large gulp of it and then, without swallowing, she took my cock back into her mouth and swirled the wine around my mushroom-head which made loud slurping sounds around the room. She sucked and then took another swig of wine from the glass and did the same again. Monica repeated this till all the wine was finished from...Read On


Chanel and Eugene 14

I looove his artistic hands. Did I just make shit worse? Probably.

*Eugene?* I send a text to the number Eugene called me from before. We agreed on Saturday for our date, but with my aching insides, I’m not so sure I want to wait to see him. I set my phone on my chest and close my eyes. When my phone quietly beeps, it’s up to my face in a flash. *Chanel?* he replies, and I grin. *Did I wake you?* *No, just lying down. Everything ok?* *Yeah....Read On


Inappropriate Behavior Part 2

Mouse hopes to teach Pet a lesson, and they lose control.

At 11:20 my cell phone rang. I smiled broadly as I answered. "Hello, Beautiful, what's up?" "Um, hi. Sir, I don't think I can make it to lunch, and," she said. "Hey!" I interrupted. Into the silence, I continued in a reasonable tone, saying, "When I saw the number, I thought I was getting a call from a friend about our lunch date. Friends can cancel lunch dates. That's okay." After...Read On


Chanel watches Aaliyah and Dylan 13

Damn, my best friend's boyfriend sure knows how to fuck.

Over ten hours later, Aaliyah and I are at Stephanie and Louis’s house. I haven’t been home since I shut the door on Ethan’s face. As dinner is being made, I ponder for the thousandth time today how my morning started. After Nicole took her shot, I was ruthless on her. At the time I didn’t care, and the memories I have of her face haven’t diluted at all. If only I had blacked out,...Read On


Afternoon Delight

A true story about a little afternoon delight.... (Names have been changed)

A few weeks ago, I was out and about and had about two hours of spare time. I knew my girlfriend Morticia would be off work early and would arrive home to an empty house. So, being the insatiable Lothario that I am, I met her there. Once we were inside and in her bedroom, I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. She squeezed my ass and played with my hair as I caressed her sides, slipping...Read On


One Erotic Day

A day of play ends in hot sex

She squealed, not like a mouse, but like a woman experiencing the erotic mix of pain and orgasm as her nipples were squeezed, pulled and twisted. It all started early this morning. I woke up and she was feeling that early morning horniness. I rolled over and opened one eye. She was lying on her stomach, lightly humping her hand, trying to be as quiet as she could. I called her a horny...Read On


Winter storm means chains

I knew I wasn't going to beat the storm!

Headed west to Seattle again hoping I could beat the storm. I had a heavy load so making time was just not happening. I kept telling myself I can chain this rig in forty-five minutes so I know I can at least get over the pass. I got the bypass signal at the scale in Cle Elum and I pumped my arm in glee. Not stopping in the line of trucks in the scale is something I always cherish. Thank...Read On


An Early Dourado Sketch

A Narrative in Two Parts: Part 1: A True Fool's Errand

Sitting here feeling both the heat and the humidity rising at the end of summer, I feel as though I might be able to nearly hear myself sweat from the heat. I'm looking at something that was left behind from what I guess you could call my roommate. Which is causing my mind to slip back to the mid-summer of ’07, and what took place. I got off work and caught a cab to the airport to take a...Read On


Black Rod

Making a woman out of a girl.

Part 1. Hi my name is, well, Rod. I am of afro-Caribbean origin. I am six foot seven inches tall, an ex-basketball player, now retired and living in London. My weight is around eighty six kilos. I am fifty four years old. Not married, but have had a few female ‘friends,’ no one regular and no one in particular at the moment. As I mentioned, I live in London, actually, in the suburbs...Read On


Chanel and Ethan 11

When you mess with the bull....hope my horns weren't too sharp.

I'm laying on my back, Ethan’s kneeling low in front of me with the heels of my feet on his shoulders. I'm fisting the blanket greedily while his fingertips dig into my hips. "Come on Chanel," he says through gritted teeth. The angle he's entering me is deep and harsh and I love every bit of it, but I haven't had enough, though I know he's trying to get me off. If I let him keep...Read On


The Interrogation Game

You wouldn't mind if I touched myself, would you? I ask

I walk slowly, swaying my hips to the man tied up to the chair. My heels click with every step and echoes into the darkness. We were in his office with only a dim lamp on, casting shadows everywhere. I sit down and cross my legs, hiding my panty clad ass from his view. "You're very quiet," I say, hoping he would respond. Silence. "But I suppose that's why I'm here," I continue. ...Read On


Her Sexual Escapade - Part 1

I wanted someone experienced for my first time

I was eighteen. Life was good except I hadn’t had sex yet. Of course I had made out with a few guys in my class, but their clammy inexperienced hands led me nowhere. I wanted my first time to be special but that feeling was quickly overpowered by the overwhelming hormones. And then I saw him on a Friday night. He wasn’t the hottest guy I had ever seen but he was Mark. Speaking that name...Read On


Lust Crazed Fools ~~ Part 2

Nikki and Trent manage to escape away for a night all to themselves.

Nikki's car rushed down the interstate towards Trent. She knew he was waiting for her. They only had 24 hours stolen away together. A few short hours stolen from their everyday lives. For a day they belonged to each other. No question. No phone calls. No explanations. Solely to each other. Nikki and Trent had spent quite a bit of time together but not uninterrupted and not overnight. She...Read On


The Double Date That Didn't End, Ch 1

Dance with the one that brung' ya. Or don't.

******** SHANE ******** Most of my coworkers spent the day grumbling about the fact that they all had to come into the office on Christmas Eve. Everyone was so distracted by thoughts of hearty family dinners, mysterious pretty boxes, and little pine trees wrapped up with blinking lights, that hardly any work got done all day. But working on Christmas had never really bothered me. My...Read On


Personal Best - Part 2

Yuriko is offered a dream job and her life changes for ever

We snuggled up together again on the couch. “Have you always liked girls’ juice so much?” I asked a little shyly. “Well, to be honest, I didn’t like it much at first,” he said. “I did it first just to try. But the girl I was sucking adored what I did to her and kept begging me to do it to her again.” “And you were a perfect gentleman,” I said giggling. “Japanese girls are so...Read On


The Massage

A movie date night turns into an erotic massage.

I am coming over to your place to watch a movie. You’ve met me online, and we’ve chatted a few times. You think I am a nice guy but you are not sure of what else there is. Your roommates are away for the weekend, so you are going to use this opportunity to see if sparks will fly. I arrive and you make the food and drinks. You return with a big bowl of popcorn, which I place on my lap as...Read On


Caroline's Devotion

What happened a few days after the night in the lovenest.

I had expected to recompose myself quickly in the days after that night with Caroline in a sexual Walhalla, but I overestimated myself, remaining completely submerged in strong feelings of wanton lust. I didn't go out very much and when at home I was naked most of the time, with a semi-, but more often fully erect love wand, leaking pre-cum. And it was delicious to give in to the ongoing...Read On