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The Genius in Sex Part 4: Morning Routine

A healthy breakfast will greatly affect your test grades.

My name is Alphonse Chereau. But I'm sure you already knew that. So I'm back for another round. I know you guys got yourselves cum-soaked reading about my previous sexual encounters, but this one will be even better, all you have to do is read it to find out just what the fuck I'm talking about. Last time I wrote to you, I was twenty one years old. Well I've grown to be twenty five, and...Read On


Contract Hit Man7

Al's gang is slaughtered, Dale rescues Gia with great difficulty, and has sex with Ayana.

The story of the stolen cars was first reported on the social media: The Outfit had five cars stolen from a valet parking site last Friday night. The theft occurred at the Excalibur nightclub. A group of hooligans started annoying the valets at about nine a.m. but disappeared before the police arrived. It is believed the cars were stolen then. There was no evidence of how the cars all...Read On


Like Animals

From the experiences of a young couple...

Finally, my period was over. It had probably been over a week since I had a good fuck. Normally, on the days before my period I'm not in the mood and then when it comes, my sex drive kicks into high gear. I sometimes have sex while on it, but it's not preferable to me. The mess is a really big turn off. My husband was at work and would be coming home later on tonight so I had a lot to do....Read On


Service not included

An inattentive husband leads to an intimate adventure

She looked back over her shoulder and checked herself in the full-length mirror. She smiled, not bad for late thirties, not bad at all. Adjusting the stockings making sure the seam ran straight up her shapely legs, she turned back, slipping the yellow cotton dress on over her head. She smoothed the cool material over her body, her small firm breasts, unencumbered by a bra, stood proud....Read On


New Year's Eve Party

A good deed leads to a night of steamy passion.

“I don’t want to go,” said Mitzi. “And just why not?” asked Courtney. “Because I don’t have a dress for starters,” said Mitzi. Mitzi Kramer and Courtney Wells had been in several dress shops looking for an evening gown for the New Year’s Eve party they were invited to. Courtney was tall, slender, with long, straight, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and curves in all the right places. Mitzi...Read On


My Professor

A tutor session gets steamy...

I was never good at memorizing. I did great on tests, but only because I had studied weeks, if not months, before the test was announced. I wanted to be a doctor, but because of my weak memory, I never thought I could really make it. "Lacey? You wanted to see me?" My anatomy professor, Dr. Adam Weiss, asked. Everybody else had left, and it was just the two of us. He was handsome and young...Read On



I never thought I would break all the rules that made me... Now it would be us against them

Nobody really knows what it’s about. That feeling within your soul. It’s like looking out into the night sky searching for a star that you last saw some time ago. You have no idea what it looks like, how bright it shines, but it’s there. The feeling is confusing, mixed up, missing, but yet its presence is undeniable, but only you know it exists. The sky outside was a brilliant light blue...Read On


The Runner

Again the sad smile. He shrugged. “I just run.”

The city glimmered in a sunrise that picked out the tallest tower and flooded its penthouse with golden light. The space looked empty but for a pair of bare knees, visible either side of the black pod of an armchair. Nadia twirled the chair around until her naked thighs were spread to the entire city. Her fingers dug between them, too feverish in her desire to care if anyone could see her....Read On


It all started a couple of years ago...

It all started a couple of years ago. She was a friend of one of my daughters and came to our house regularly. The first time I met her, I felt a disturbingly sexual tension between us. I had never felt that before, especially not with women twenty five years younger than me. I was happily married at the time, and my now ex-wife and I had a great sex life. And whatever I was not getting at...Read On


02. Giving Jess a Hand

Treating a hard-working girl to a memorable night off.

People call me BC. BigCat. I have had this nickname all my life except for a period of 3 or 4 years at Art College, where I was known as ‘Fluffer’. These are the stories of that time. Fluffer’s time. The tutor contemplated over his pint, all sage like in his white beard, and said he would sign off my term’s work if I did him one favour. I was used to this, having been a carpenter...Read On


Spoons for dessert

Skipping dessert at the restaurant we rush home to get our lust desserts

Slamming the front door shut my date and I made our way into my bedroom. My cock was rock hard, its length unmistakable along the front of my jeans. We had kissed and held each other all the way home in the back of the cab. We had whispered how much we wanted each other. Her hands had stroked my thigh and my cock as I leaned over kissing her lips, while my hand had felt her fantastic...Read On


A Night With Ryan

"Oh my god! Finally, you're here!" Sarah ran up and gave Maxine a hug. Laughing, she pulled her friend into the club. "Everyone is here. I can't believe you're so late!" Maxine smiled an apology. "I'm sorry Sarah, traffic was a nightmare." she lied. "And it took me longer to get ready than I thought." Spinning around, she showed off her short gold dress. "What do you think?" "I think...Read On



He watched from afar, waiting for the chance to claim her.

Don stared through his binoculars, watching the upper window as she came into view. Her tan skin was hidden only by the sheer moo-moo that floated around her, weightless. She had beautiful, perky tits; they bounced with every move she made. He watched as she worked the straps down before shimmying from the light garment. Standing bare in front of the mirror on her wall meant she allowed Don...Read On


Kitten's date night

Her perfume had been intoxicating, every time I smelled it. I have no recollection of what the fragrance was, except for what I had called it, aphrodisia. When she wore it, I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand at attention, my mind slipping into a deep fantasy at the instant it filled my nostrils. On a summer's day last year, we were getting ready to go on a date night; dinner...Read On


A Ride With Ryan

Maxine's dreams come true.

"It's my party today!" Sarah shrieked down the phone. On the other end Maxine rolled her eyes. "Of course it is honey and it'll be a brilliant night. We'll have so much fun!" Sarah was her best friend, they had been friends for nearly fourteen years. Today was her twenty-first birthday party and it was going to be epic. Her parents hadn't spared a penny, and everyone who was anyone would...Read On


The First Time for Hazel and Rich

After watchng Hazel at work for a few week, Rich breaks the ice while they're at work.

Hazel is hot. I have to admit I didn't really notice it at first but that was probably because she isn't the kind of girl I usually go for. You see, Hazel has a real alternative thing going on, and so the first thing I picked up on was her bright pink hair and her tattoos. I have tattoos but I'm not really a fan of them on girls. It's not a sexist thing, it's the same as I'm not a fan of...Read On


When you cum home

It's a quarter past midnight when you stroll through the door. Over your arm your jacket hangs, and in your hand, beautiful roses. I hear your keys clink down on the kitchen counter. That's when you first notice me. Your eyes travel from my painted toes up my barely covered body, taking in every detail. My pale skin under my lace stockings. You hold your breath as your eyes dart over my...Read On


Repaying a debt with interest

A debt is repaid with interest.

Recently, I was contracted to install the electrics in a house being renovated by this woman. I was about half way through the installation and she came to me one day and explained she was having a few problems with some money that she was expecting. “There could be a bit of a delay in my next progress payment which was due at the end of the month. I could pay about half on time and the...Read On


After Date Night

Hot sex after date night

We have just arrived home after dinner at my favorite restaurant and a romantic comedy that I had been wanting to see for weeks. The kids are spending the whole weekend at your parents house. We have the entire house to ourselves for two whole days and nights... this is going to be fun. You're standing behind me, you move my long, wavy, reddish brown hair over my shoulder and kiss down...Read On


A Conversation about Pegging

This is a story about a conversation my wife and I had about pegging and the fun that followed.

Kim and I were sitting on the couch relaxing when she looked up from her laptop with a grin on her face. “Honey, I was reading an article today about a sex act for which a local sex writer coined a term. It is called pegging. Have you heard about it?” she asked with a slight twinkle in her eye. “Yeah, I have heard about it. I have read a few articles of his about it and some other stuff.” ...Read On


No Rules, Part 4

Are Brad and Ashley ready to share?

“So, did you get permission?” Ashley asked. It was Saturday and she was talking on the phone to Jill. “Yeah, she's still fooled about you.” “About me?” Ashley gasped, “What about you. You're the one that's got the hots for my stepbrother. Does she know about that?” “No and I'm not going to tell her. Besides, you're not being fair. I just asked if you could fix me up with him.” “Right...Read On


The Delight Of Riding Together

Getting to know Patricia

On a Tuesday morning in September, I drove to the horse farm at which I had subscribed a few weeks earlier. The one where Caroline and Patricia every now and then took a horse out in the weekends. Having bought new riding gear, I had taken a few lessons on the grounds of the riding school to dust off my skills and dressage technique. It was a nice, sunny day with an above average temperature...Read On


Reunion, Finding KK2

This is a story about reuniting with a first love.

As I drove to her home, I could barely keep my eyes off of her and on the road. She was chattering away about many things, but I hardly heard a word. That is until she said, "I was sorry to hear about you losing your wife." A flood of emotions washed over me as I thanked her. "She was a wonderful woman, taken away much too soon." "I am sure she was, how could she not be, she had you for...Read On


Twin Beds

An overnight stay in a motel finds new relations.

The phone rang; I answered it, “Hello.” It was my mother in law, Helen, “Hi Tim, it’s Helen; Wendy’s been trying to get hold of you.” I said, “I’ve had trouble with my mobile and have just got home from work.” She sounded to be in a panic and said, “It’s Wendy she’s in hospital.” I asked, “What happened?” Helen replied, “I don’t know all the details, but the nurse said she’s...Read On

Recommended Read

To your good elf

Santa's best present: being able to forget an ex.

Holly Evans was contemplating again the series of misfortunes that had led her to her current position - standing outside a plastic grotto in the middle of a half-empty shopping centre, dressed as an elf. She still couldn’t find an answer that kept the tears away. There was an inevitability about things. Unemployed since leaving school four months earlier, the curt lady at the job...Read On


The Girl in the Red Dress

We were lost in this war, fully nude, hands searching, engines pumping.

She held her glass as if it would break at any moment, dangling at her side, swaying with her hips, her eyes staring at the gold champagne. Every time she sipped it her eyes flitted outward like a security camera. It was almost as if she were afraid someone would see her drink it. When she let the glass fall back, she rotated it so she could drink the next sip from an edge that had not...Read On


Promises, Promises

Cheryl releases Drew from his promise and plans a weekend escape.

The emails between Cheryl and me had dropped to a bare minimum in the last couple of weeks. We had established a pattern. When she could, Cheryl would appear in our apartment around ten in the morning on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The only emails we exchanged came when there was some reason when she was unable to keep our arrangement. The ping I heard announced something in my inbox....Read On


No Rules, Part 3

Ashley decides that being involved with her stepbrother is not a good idea.

“So what do you think?” “Twirl around again. I think it looks really hot.” Jill rose up on her toes and spun like a ballerina. The red and black checked flirt skirt fanned out, exposing her bare legs. “Oh yeah,” Ashley said, “Brad would really like that.” “Huh? You mean your brother, Brad?” “Stepbrother, not brother, but yeah, that's who I meant.” Even when Jill was standing still,...Read On


An Encounter at a Wedding Reception Part 2

The conclusion of a great evening

The reception had ended and I raced across town to our main office with the memory of my fucking the stunning Jennifer in the coat room still fresh in my mind and the faint scent of her perfume lingering on my tux jacket. In record time I parked and unloaded the van before hitting the showers and redressing. I elected to return in my wedding tux changing only my underwear before I raced back...Read On

Recommended Read

A Quiet Affair Revisited

Open your eyes. What do you see? Your round, dark pupils float just above a shimmer of salty tears upon your eye lid, moistening your lashes below. You blink once, twice, hoping to hide them away, but they don’t disappear unnoticed, despite the anxious smile you pull onto your lips. In this room, we had silently committed to each other and the moment. Months of unspoken desire came to this:...Read On