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The Ball Is In Your Court Part 4

Part 4 This story is going in a slightly different direction than the others went. It can stand alone, but it is very helpful to have read parts 1 through 3. Because of the lack of votes, views and comments, I’m taking it a new way. A short synopsis: Nick (Sketch) was in love with Cameron. She loved him too, but wouldn’t admit it out of fear of ruining their friendship. Nick slept...Read On



Cumming Out Of My Shell

This is a work of fiction, pure fantasy put to words J . Enjoy.   After divorcing my husband of ten years I needed an outlet. I was a homemaker, caring for my children and my home on a daily basis. My ex-husband and I had a typical marriage; he worked, I stayed at home and our intimacy, well it was usually few and far between. He and I usually shared scheduled sex sessions that...Read On


Belle's Weekend Adventure

Will Belle be able to resist the handsome stranger?

Driving up the mountain road with top down off the jeep the wind blowing through my hair as the radio blasts out so loud it can be heard over the roar of the tires against the hot pavement. The temperature topped 100 degrees today my skin shinning from the tiny beads of sweat forming on my skin and the bottom of my sundress whipping in the wind under the steering wheel. There’s a fair amount...Read On


My commanding officer

The start of an affair with my commander.

I never claimed to be innocent but two years ago if someone had told me that I would be down on my knees upon the cold office tile with my mouth stuffed full of my commander’s cock, I certainly would have scoffed, shook my head, and said “no not me.” I thought that I had clear boundaries between the people in my life: potential people I could sleep with and people with a big red “no...Read On


The Alley

Standing at the bar I look around the club, feeling slightly over whelmed. I am new to all of this. My girlfriend had insisted that I join her. While this is not really a "sex club", it is very close. Most of the people are here for only one thing, and are practically doing that "one thing" on the dance floor. Some with many partners. I do have to say it has been an interesting night so far. ...Read On


Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Seventeen)

A 21 year old female house sitter awakens a virgin 16 year old boy's sexual pleasure!

Chapter 17: Let Me Take You For A Ride! It hadn't been many minutes now since Julia had taken my virginity, as I laid upon the bed at her side, and soon accompanied by Amanda who had watched me fucking her best friend for the first time while she masturbated across the room in a chair. The three of us, laying upon the large comfortable mattress as the experience of what had taken place...Read On


What a Fucking Halloween Costume

What the hell is a True Lust Halloween costume?

College life wasn’t as fun as Katie had imagined it, even though she had survived her freshman year and now was a “sophisticated” sophomore. Sure, it was nice to be independent, and going to school in Sunny Florida was a nice departure from her home in Maine – especially since it was now well into Fall. Her sorority life was good – she got along with almost everyone except for chapter...Read On


Hot Pink

A couple of ghosthunters get a little distracted during a case.

Backstory: This story is a fanfiction based on the character of Dean Winchester from the tv show Supernatural. Dean and his brother Sam hunt evil things that go bump in the night, like ghosts, demons and more. This story is set in the future and Dean is now married to his first love Cassie Robinson. Cassie began to collect their things and clean the mess. She was bending down to retrieve...Read On


Love And Haight (67Goat's story)

The fourth story in a series of stories told from the perspective of my older friend Gary aka 67Goat

Change has a way of passing slowly through a small Pennsylvania town, like an old man window shopping on a Sunday afternoon. As in previous years, the summer of 1967 rolled in with little in the way of fanfare. There were however, some visible changes in my life that year. I was still working at my friend's father's shop. I was doing well there after being there a couple of years. I had...Read On


Six years later

Old friends Lily and Dylan meet for the first time in six years

I have been in London for a couple of years. Wanting to escape my small town, I took all my savings and soon found myself working hard as a freelance stylist. I live in a small apartment block that is in the suburbs so it is out of the way, but it's quiet and cheap. On one particularly lazy Saturday, I go into the local café to get one of their special brownies and fresh coffee when I see...Read On

Blog 5

My dribbling pussy was persistently reminding me that it was the proper place for cock.

Blog 5: If there is one thing that casts a shadow across the happy playtime that is my amorous dalliance with Stephen, then it is his mother. To be fair, I can appreciate her concern; if you look at our relative ages than I am closer in years to her than I am to her son, but you would think she would give me some credit for all the time and effort I am taking in trying to turn her boy into...Read On



two wealthy Victorian students engage the services of a high-class young prostitute

Vienna, 1899 We turned the corner and arrived in the notorious Spittelberg Alley. I knew the place by reputation, but the thought of visiting it had never crossed my mind before that evening. My friend, on the other hand, seemed perfectly at ease. And he was not the only one, I noticed as I spotted a number of well-dressed men either going into or coming out of the houses lining the...Read On


The New Year's Eve Dance (I Will Survive)

A somewhat personal story told in the third person...a story of hope...

Never forget the music that is the soundtrack of our lives, for if we let the music die, something inside us dies along with it…for Mary… Bill hated this time of year. He kept thinking about how much he hated it as he got himself ready for the dance that evening. It would do him good to get out though. Bill couldn’t remember the last time he had been to a dance. It was his friend Sam...Read On


The Client

Marsha was going to have to do whatever it took to make the client happy.

Everybody likes to fuck, and fat chicks are no exception. Most people balk at the idea of laying the wood to a fatty, but if you can get over the outward appearance, you can get some of the best pussy you ever had. These chicks might not be much to look at, but they'll drain the cum out of your nuts like a champ if you let them. Let's take Marsha for instance. She's the typical worker...Read On


Chelsie's Dilemma - Part 2

Does Shane give in after a series of guilt trips?

What the fuck was I thinking last night? Shane was upset with himself for the way he ended his night. In his inebriated stupor, he decided not to have sex with Chelsie in fear of things moving too quickly with her. But after several trips down memory lane, he began kicking himself for not doing it. “Are you fucking stupid?” Derek asked after he was informed that he didn’t sleep...Read On


Birthday Cruise, Part Two

Anne gets inspired by our mystery couple audience, and she takes our vacation up a notch.

Anne and I stood in the starboard side hallway on Deck 10, champagne glasses in hand, staring silently at the door to Room 1002. I didn’t want to go there, but Anne insisted. “What if they tell someone about us having sex on the sundeck?” she asked with a tinge of remorse in her voice as we rode down the elevator. As the euphoria of the moment faded, the craziness of what we’d just done...Read On


Teasing the Neighbor

Would the teasing lead to something else?

Kara's mother had been killed in a car wreck three years earlier. Shortly after, Kara and her father, (she was an only child), had tried to escape the memories of the tragedy by moving across town. Their new house was not much larger than what they had before, but the lots in this part of town were spacious, generally an acre or more. The new house also had a swimming pool and gazebo. ...Read On


Garter Ardor

Kneeling in front of Megan, I took her foot in my hand while the crowd around the dance floor began to cheer and chant. I looked up and met her uneasy smile with my own. The mob that encircled us was obviously anxious for her to uncross her legs and for me to begin the ritual. I stalled for time, allowing the bridesmaid the opportunity to gracefully part her legs – if she chose to do so –...Read On


Helping A Friend

I knock on your hotel room door and stand there ready. I am excited and slightly wet at the thought of you touching me. I know this is a favour and you just need the feel of a woman but I have wanted you since I met you. This is the lust that I have for you. Waiting patiently for a minute seems like an hour and my hands play with my bag as I'm a bit nervous. The door opens slowly and I see...Read On


No Rules, Part 5

Ashley gets into trouble, but seems to like it!

It was the short skirt and bare legs that caught Nick Cramer's attention. He was waiting for a couple slices of pizza he had ordered at one of the mall's food courts. His back was to the counter and he was leaning against it, watching a girl who was sitting alone. Hot! That girl is hot! he thought. She was wearing one of those pleated tartan skirts. It was probably long enough to be...Read On


Night Nurse

High-risk silent sex

"Oh dear! Did we have a little accident in the night, then?" Heavily-accented and in her best admonishing tone, the pretty young Scottish nurse looked down at the semen stain on Michael's bed sheet. "Err... wet dream, nurse." She took a step back and looked ascance at the muscular 36-year-old, her hands planted on her hips. "At your age, Mr Reynolds? I hardly think so; nocturnal emissions...Read On


Hot Summer Night

Another hitchhiker becomes my quarry.

This story took place last summer, in mid July. I had spent a nice Saturday with a few of my friends at a cookout near my house. Last summer in New England was brutally hot, unlike this one, which was quite mild. The temperature, on this particular day, topped out in the high 90's. The person whose house I was at didn't have a pool, so it was a hot, sticky day. Fortunately, I gave a great...Read On


My first College Experience

So within a week of starting college, there was a party in my building. I was a freshman, so I was still kind of new to the whole college life. Granted, this was not my first party, but it was my first party where I fucked a complete stranger. The party was themed, "Naughty and Nice Masquerade". I decided to go along as an adult version of Snow White. The one rule of the party was that no...Read On


Take a Hike

Zoe needs to find a way to get along with Evan.

“I’ve never known anyone so uncoordinated in all my life.” Evan laughed as he gripped the handle on the top of Zoe’s backpack. “You’re hopeless,” he said, dragging her none too gently up onto the granite boulder where he’d spent the last five minutes waiting for her. “Oh, fuck off.” Zoe gained her footing and shoved his hand off her, annoyed by the way everything physical came so easily...Read On


Meet me in Boston

A dream turned into a story, a fantasy that longs to be a reality......

My emotions were running high and my stomach in knots knowing we were just moments from seeing one another. We had talked about this in detail before but only as a fantasy. Now that it was becoming a reality the thoughts that were running through my mind already had my pussy pulsating. I could feel the heat radiating from between my legs and my French silk panties were now soaked and beginning...Read On



Sex in the Garden Of Eden, a true story, OK maybe not.

Hello people. Hope you are doing well out there in Fantasy Land. What, you say you are not in Fantasy Land? Oh you will be soon. Don't worry, because we are going deep into Fantasy Land. So deep, we may never return. And believe me, you will go to Fantasy Land with me. Even if I have to pick you up and sling you over my shoulder. So come with me, to Fantasy Land. It all started innocently...Read On


More Than a Fling - Chapter One

Meg receives an offer she can't refuse.

Meg let out a relieved sigh as she kicked off her sandals and leaned on the balcony railing of her second floor hotel room. She tucked her russet-coloured curls behind her ear and gazed at the tropical gardens below. Butterflies hovered over lush plants and the breeze carried with it distant laughter from the swimming pool. Her skin gleamed with moisture and her long hair clung to the back...Read On

Recommended Read

The Beauty and her Beast

Beauty sacrifices her freedom and ends up trying to save her beast from the darkness imprisoning him

Once upon a time in a land not too far away lived a widowed man and his three beautiful daughters, who lived in an opulent manor just outside the village. Although kind and gentle, he was a shrewd businessman, who made his riches through hard work and determination. Not wanting his daughter to ever want for anything, the merchant lavished them with exquisite clothing, giving them anything...Read On


A Friend in Need

Kim sat across from her friend, Vicky, and listened to her rant about Brian, her husband. She had known both Vicky and Brian for awhile. Being neighbors, they spent a lot of time with Kim and her husband, Jerry. Since Brian worked nights, Vicky often came over on her days off and spent time with Kim. “God! He's always hounding me, Kim. Why can't he just accept that when I'm not in the mood...Read On


A trip to the movies

An account of one of our real life adventures.

“I want to do it in the cinema!” said Natalie. I looked away from my computer screen where I was trying to concentrate on a spreadsheet so hadn’t grasped what my wife was suggesting. I looked at her for clues but Natalie just smiled at me. I knew that smile and it usually meant something risky. “Sorry Nat, what do you want to do?” I said with trepidation. “Fuck. At the cinema. Tonight”...Read On