Whipped Cream at the Store

I was caught masturbating at a big box store

I’m not one to like public restrooms. I drove truck for many years and was compelled to using rest area’s public facilities. Hence, the reason for not liking them. However, there are times when one does not have a lot of choices. This was the case recently, as I was shopping a major big box store. I went into the public restroom, heading to the stall. Wiping the seat down, dropping my...Read On

Group Sex(1)


A Kinky Woman, A Watcher, and A Hard Cock

I spread her legs, my face dropping to her pink slit. My hubby likes to watch, she said.

I rolled into the Bay area about four in the afternoon. Traffic was horrid, it was a hot day in California to say the least, and my patience had about run thin. Following the directions on my GPS system, within an hour I pulled in behind the mall to the delivery area. I found the Office Depot where I needed to deliver in the morning and leaving the truck run for the air conditioner to work,...Read On



Mandy's First Time

Mandy and Cindy's adverture of going to college

Life had been really simple in the small town that Mandy had grown up in. She lived in a perfect little house with her folks, went to the local schools and even dated a high school football player she had lost her virginity to one night at the local driven movie. It had happened quick after some long kisses and lots of petting, but had left her empty thinking that if this was all sex was...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


Interstate Bj

dropping to her knees she pulled my cock to her mouth-oral from a complete stranger

Rolling down I-20 out of Weatherford Texas, I was watching for a truck stop to take a bathroom break and get a cup of coffee. Then I remember from traveling this road before that the old time West-N-Go was up around exit 278 in Abilene. It wasn't much of a truck stop but out in the middle of nowhere it would work.   Swinging off the interstate and pulling up to the stop sign I could see...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Dessert Without Dinner Can Be Fun

dropping to my knees and spreading her thighs, my face dropped to her honey pot...

I had just pulled into Tracy California and was expecting to deliver the next morning a load of orange juice I was hauling. I wasn’t sure where the warehouse was, but this not being a big town, it seemed it wouldn’t be hard to find. As I pulled along a city street, I saw a young gal walking along to what appeared to be the bus stop up ahead. She was a delight to ones tired eyes, wearing a...Read On