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Double Trouble Two

A fast and hard session where one girl watches a couple having a quickie.

"What are you doing?" asked Liz. I walked over to the large alcove where I hung my clothes and pushed the curtain open, then taking black ropes from the bottom drawer I tied her hands in front of her, but not too tightly. "Are you for real?" Liz demanded. "I'm sorry," I mumbled. "Get inside. Now." She stared at me. "Get in!" "You're mad," she sighed. But she didn't refuse. "Sit on...Read On


The Little Red Hoodie

A shy but curious girl searches for her own sexuality, and finds more than she expected.

Somewhere east of central Europe, a young girl walked on a forest path. She had been wandering for some time, and the sense of being lost and alone was growing within her. It was a feeling she was used to, and even though she didn't exactly like it, it was a state she had brought upon herself, wandering in the woods without purpose. She had lost direction, and fear and excitement pulled her...Read On


Double Trouble

In Part One, a dominant but caring older man gets different suprises from two submissives

"Please let me worship you ass, Daddy," Jessica pleaded. There was very little to say after a request like that. I thought she was already driving me nuts by letting me do anything I wanted to her. It wasn't everyday that a good looking but crazy submissive girl literally came knocking at my door. In fact, this was the first time it had ever happened to me. Now if that wasn't unusual...Read On


Night Talking

An unusual poem about the darker side of domination

Little voice Told a stranger all about Cracked like thunder in the night So she must have had doubt I got a very warm welcome Followed by a shock Girl's gone a shootin' Up around the clock Desire, longing, obsession, Hook-up, kinky role-play Just a click away... Nocturnal vice, body bad habits Strangers called friends Souls wander in the night Cannot feed on air I didn't like it one bit...Read On


Take Me Outside

A young Asian girl asks an older man to secretly use, dominate, spank and tie her up outside.

We had chatted and messaged each other so much yet never met. The day finally arrived after weeks of waiting. The train had pulled into the station and the sexual tension made me shiver and my heart raced with excitement. All I had to do was find the rendezvous and see if she would turn up. I felt her presence close by, but it could easily just have been my over-active imagination. As...Read On


I Know You Have Needs

This short poem about desire and domination, written for a girl, came to me one morning recently.

I know you have the need For me to take the lead Satisfaction is our creed Your cries I do not heed My stories you want to read About our sexual greed Sweat forms a bead Desire leaves bodies keyed Inhibitions don't impede When I do the dirty deed White, Asian, Ebony, Swede I know do you have the need My thrusts reach top speed You long to feel my seed You climax as you plead We have done...Read On


Because We Can

An older man enjoys illicit meetings with his younger lover.

I'd been coming round for a few weeks and I'd shared some amazing moments with my younger lover. We both found these illicit meetings hugely exciting. We liked lots of foreplay as it built the anticipation. Then when our passions and desires really took over we explored pleasures that felt new and exciting for both of us. As soon as I got up to your room and closed the door I grabbed you...Read On