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Topic strap-on sex for guys
Posted 29 Nov 2012 23:25

. owkay im young an its coomon sense to me that bein taken by a girl isnt gay . an i hate people who bash on guys who enjoy anal or people who bash on gay people . first of all its out rageouse for people to bash on gays , an people who lyk it up tha ass especialy people who fuck their girl friend in the ass . .... its just retarted .. an im not saying fucking your girl in the ass is gay .. not at all . its very simple .. men and women both have rectums .. women have vaginas .. men have dicks .. these things tell apart if your male or female . Both male an female can enjoy anal pleasure . if your straight .. your attracted to women OBVISOUSLY ther tends to be a diffrence in appearence between male an females . a guy taking it up tha ass by his girl isnt gay . nooow if tha guyyyy is imagining a dude .. when doing so Or isss fucking a dude .. then yeah he may be gay or bi sexual . i wasnt targetin any one in this forum .. i just felt lyk putin that out ther . im glad many of you are open minded annn curiouse . asss for my self i love anal masterbation every ones diffrent . personaly i feel pleasure abou 2 .. 2 an a half inches in .. an tha prostate feels great to push an stuff . an i hope to find a girl friend that will wear a strapon for me one day . i loooove bein dominated an im a bit of a masochist sooo it works out well for me . i also beleve in absolute equality . its not wierd to want be a bottom in a relation ship or any possition for that matter . people only act certion ways becouse of society an thers nothin wrong with that .. jus try to be open minded for others an dont judge . ass far as suggestions .. i dont want to promote smokin in any way .. bu if you do smoke .. you probaly know thats a awsome musscle relaxer . lol an i appologize for any grammer mistakes or confusion .. i not much of a grammer nazis an i postin this of my phone lol