Am I Forgiven?

A subs world begins to crumble and it calls for desperate measures

"Why are you still bothering me slut"? The voice was icy and sent chills down her spine. The face which greeted her from the monitor was filled with distaste and made her cringe back into her chair. "I'm sorry my Master..... I have no excuses for my bad behaviour, I beg you to take me back into your heart to serve you as I know I can" Her tears fell and she hung her head not wishing to look...Read On


For you my master

Entering the lift she knew her waiting would soon be over

As I reach your hotel I know that I look flustered and nervous, small beads of sweat are running down the small of my back and my face is flushed. I wait for the elevator and step inside, two other people enter at the same time as me. I look into the mirrors which cover every wall and check out my appearance - hoping against hope that it will please you master. I catch the eye of one of...Read On


I know that look

Wife is punished and used by husbands friends

As he opened the front door I knew. He had that look. The one which says - don't argue, don't complain and do exactly as you're told. Earlier in the day I had received a text from him. Short and to the point it said " lose the kids and be ready". The word "be ready" always fill me with feelings of dread and pure lust at the same time. If only he knew the trouble I had gone to. First there was...Read On


In The Darkness

A meeting in a bar leads to a life changing experience

In the darkness, I felt very alone - but in a strange way very turned on. Movement was impossible and all my senses worked overtime. Why had I agreed to this? I hadn't even been drunk ! A little bit of male attention was enough to persuade me to enter this unfamiliar world. Lets face it, I was bored.... Mid forties, kids, husband who all too often works abroad - sounds familiar doesn't it....Read On