A poem I wrote in the afterglow of a wonderful night.

I am so far gone My terrifying respect for you deepens Keeping my eyes from meeting yours You are reclined like a lion Ready to devour your suicidal prey You are my divine dichotomy Two parts in a single soul a wretched beast a Dionysian lover You punish and adore me Drawing blood with your nails Forcing my mouth until tears run the look on your face as you savor...Read On


Beyond Full

The fulfillment of a submissive's fantasy.

 My Sir demanded me to my knees inthe middle of the room. He disappeared behind the clothes rack by the dresser and dug through the second drawer where the toys were kept. Then he walked back to me, smiling, and held up a large black silicon plug. We had recently purchased a trainer set, and he picked the largest one! Oh, how I had day dreamed about that black plug.  Sir set it on the...Read On


The Dream

A young Master takes control of a willing lover.

My lover was more demanding than he had ever been. I looked at him longingly, with desire for pain and control in my eyes. A look he knew well. The gaze that he returned burned me, as he regarded me like a god looking down on his people. I am only one woman to one creator, and I am the most humble of any worshipper of a god. My Sir crossed the living room and backed me into our room,...Read On

Love Poems(2)



A poem in which I am a bound goddess.

I am soft plush Feeling like a goddess the queen of my domain In my big green chair my throne I am the queen of my domain comfortable with my wide hips And heavy breasts warmth soaking me Devouring me pulling me up like a helium balloon Moscato is draining from my stomach to my veins and melting from my skin to the ground Tethers restraining me like belts around...Read On

Good Boy

A poem about taking control of a man.

Slowly I comb my fingers through your beard Watch your eyes flutter Before I tug you closer by the fur Your breath shudders The demeanor of your face melting  shifting Into a submissive state I promise to be gentle You are beautifully afraid These hands will not cause too much pain My good Boy is following commands Getting on hands and knees on the bed Surrendering to...Read On