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Topic Have you ever watched or had someone watch you have sex ?
Posted 04 Feb 2017 12:14

My husband has watched me dozens of times.

Topic Have you ever watched or had someone watch you have sex ?
Posted 04 Feb 2017 12:14

My husband has watched me dozens of times.

Topic Best female characters?
Posted 22 Apr 2016 17:25

Elizabeth from Elizabeth's story

Topic My husband likes to watch me with other guys. How far should I go?
Posted 26 Apr 2015 03:47

my husband has been sharing me with other men for over 20 years. It started before we were married. (You can read all about the first time in my story 'Exposing Cindy, Spring Break')

I have never understood his desire to see other men inside me but he becomes incredibly aroused when I cum on another man's cock, or with another man's finger inside me. I have learned to enjoy the attention of other men. He especially enjoys seeing me with one or two younger (college aged) guys.

My advice to you is to enjoy this unique obsession your husband has. But make sure you are including him in the event by looking at your husband, smiling at him while they fuck you, tell him you love him when you start to cum, and thank him for forcing you to let these other men have you. Let him know that you are 100% his, and you are doing this to please him.

Topic Silent or talk
Posted 13 Feb 2014 03:37

if it is someone to whom I am emotionally close, talking is great.

if it is a sports fuck, talking is distracting. I am just there to get fucked, not make an emotional connection.

Topic Rough sex and your tits
Posted 13 Feb 2014 03:35

a little rough is good, pain is not.

I like having my nipples pinched, but not to the point of pain.

Topic we vibe
Posted 10 Feb 2014 17:24

my husband is encouraging me to get a remote controlled 'we vibe' for me to wear in public. this device is 'U shaped', so that it inserts into the vagina and stimulates the g-spot while the other portion stimulates the clitoris. it is fairly expensive ($140.00).

my question is, do any of you ladies have first hand experience with this device? does it work as well as advertised?

Jim wants me to wear this to dinner at a restaurant and see how many times I cum while at the table. does anyone know if this is likely to work? thanks. Cindy

Topic Bra Cup sizes
Posted 09 Feb 2014 09:50

34B cup, with very sensitive and perky nipples

Topic Threesomes FFM or MMF
Posted 09 Feb 2014 09:48

I love being with two (or more men). I love being the center of attention.

I know it sounds irrational, but I think I am too jealous to share my husband with another woman. So I am not sure I could handle a FFM arrangement, unless I was confident that they were both fully 'into me, and not each other'. This is fairly ridiculous since my husband regularly shares me with other men, and he is not at all jealous when I 'go off like a Roman candle' while riding another man's cock.

Topic Fisting
Posted 08 Feb 2014 17:09

when highly aroused, three fingers deep inside me is wonderful....but that is all I can take.

Topic Is Lush the place you come to find out how attracted you are to other women?
Posted 05 Feb 2014 14:41

I am on lush because discussing my fantasies, as well as some of my actually experiences, arouses me.

Topic does size matter??
Posted 05 Feb 2014 14:40

of course it matters. it is not the sole and most important thing about a man. but yes, it matters.

Topic How often do you cum on Lush?
Posted 05 Feb 2014 14:39

almost every time.

Topic Is a passionate sex life important to you and why?
Posted 05 Feb 2014 14:38

the original question is pretty silly....I cannot imagine anyone being on Lush who did not place a high value on a passionate sex life. can you?

Topic Revealing Clothing
Posted 05 Feb 2014 14:36

if you wear revealing clothing, you have to expect to attract some stares. as long as the stares are respectful and appreciative, rather than leers that are just plain creepy, it is a good thing.

Topic biggest cock you've ever had
Posted 05 Feb 2014 14:34

perhaps 9 inches, but I did not take out a tape measure.

Topic General Opinion About Men?
Posted 05 Feb 2014 14:33

God gave men two heads, but only enough blood to run one at a time.

can they be trusted? perhaps, but not without some precautions. if you (their woman) is not taking care of them physically and emotionally, eventually they will find someone who will.

and while you can have a friendship with a man without sex, I do not think you can have a friendship with a man with him at least thinking about you in a sexual manner. if you do not encourage him, he will not act on these feelings, but his dick will be twitching a but while you area talking to him about they most innocent subjects.

Topic Sexless Marriage?
Posted 05 Feb 2014 14:28

I have never experienced it, but I do realize that eventually many men get to the point that they cannot perform as they once did. If that happened to my husband, I am pretty confident that he would still want me to enjoy the physical pleasures of sex with other men, hopefully while watching and perhaps even holding me while they fucked me. I think he would want to cuddle with me after I had sex with other men, even if he could no longer penetrate me himself.

Hopefully this situation is many decades away.

Topic Guys in suits
Posted 03 Feb 2014 17:48

a good looking and physically fit man in a well fitted suit is a definite turn on

Topic Would You Have A Threesome?
Posted 03 Feb 2014 14:27

I love having two men to please me.

I am too jealous to share my husband with another woman though, so the FFM does not appeal to me.

Topic gang bang
Posted 03 Feb 2014 14:23

two men who really are focused on pleasing me are much more fun than seven men who just want to cum inside me.

Topic gang bang
Posted 03 Feb 2014 14:23

years and years ago, when I was much younger and friskier, I once entertained seven college boys while my husband watched. It was the only time I have been with more than three men (including my husband).

it was a unique experience. I am glad to have tried it, but in all honesty, I did not have an orgasm with any of the college boys; I had to wait for my husband to make me cum when they finished filling me up.

it was more of a bucket list accomplishment than a truly pleasurable erotic adventure. But I did take the semen from all seven in my sore little pussy that night.

Topic remote control bullet vibtrators
Posted 03 Feb 2014 14:18

I need clitoral stimulation to climax, so the bullet doesn't work for me unless used with something else.

Topic co worker
Posted 03 Feb 2014 14:15

yes. my boss has fucked me on occasion. hubby knows and approves.

Topic Are you hornier before or after your period?
Posted 03 Feb 2014 14:12

definitely 4 to 5 days before my period...I am climbing the walls.

Topic Circumcision
Posted 13 Jan 2014 17:38

Robin, do you want argue with me about my personal preferences? really? I like what I is not a matter for debate. Cindy

Topic Do you watch porn
Posted 12 Jan 2014 07:24

yes, I do...and certain scenes arouse me a lot. (DP - which is strange since I do not enjoy anal in real life - but watching it arouses me.)

Topic Sex with clothes on?
Posted 11 Jan 2014 20:58

there is something sexy about being bent over a desk, my skirt pulled up and my panties pulled down and being taken from behind...

Topic Circumcision
Posted 11 Jan 2014 12:41

yes sir. a flaccid penis is really not that attractive. But an erect penis, now that is something to behold.

Topic do you go for older guys?
Posted 10 Jan 2014 14:01

I am approaching 42 years old, and I love the energy, virility, stamina of college aged boys the best. I still love men my own age and older, but the rock hard cock of a 19 to 22 year old is wonderful. And even if they cum a bit too quickly the first time, they are ready to go again in ten minutes!

On the other hand, older men are more considerate, patient, and when they talk to you, they sometimes say something worth that is a real plus.