First Time(2)



Sometimes just saying sorry isn't enough

My name is Kate; I am twenty-four years old and work in a local bank. After completing my studies, I moved to the city and for the first few months, I lived here alone. Jason is my neighbor's son. His mother owns a company and spends a lot of time away from home conducting business tours. Whenever she is out of town, Jason, who is younger than I am, moves in with me and I take care of him. To...Read On


The Helpless

It was pure torture having to lay there,not able to move or make a sound while he caressed my pussy

I was so comfortable lying there with the warm mantle of deep sleep covering me like a cosy blanket. In my mind, I had been reliving one of my most pleasant dreams and the whole world seemed so peaceful, so right except for one irritation. After several failed attempts at forcing it out of my mind, I tried to simply ignore it, thinking that if I could do so, it would go away. That didn't...Read On



A Night To Remember - Part 2

Removing my hand from under her boobs, I let it lie down against her other one. I would be back to explore them later, but now other parts of her body were beginning to capture my attention. A certain part of my body was also starting to demand attention. I slid my hand down over her slim waistline, marveling at how smooth her skin was. It felt as soft as silk. Continuing down over her hip,...Read On



Just saying sorry isn't enough

My name is Kate. I am 24 years old and work in a local bank. I live with my brother Jason who is 8 years younger than me. I’ve have been living in Los Angeles for the past 4 years. My father serves in the army and comes home for a short period, but my mother never really stays at home. She is always busy with her business tours so I have to take care of my brother. I love my brother very...Read On


Elena, My Love

"Don’t you have a girlfriend?" I bet most of the boys in the world hate to say yes whenever someone asks this question. Our parents died in a plane crash when I was 10 . My uncle took care of us after our parent's death . However, I can assure you that he wasn't the nicest person I've known. He would come home drunk, and then yell and curse at everyone in the house. My aunt left him...Read On


Elena,My Love Part 2

“People say you will wake up feeling fresh if you go to sleep early, but there was another reason...

We arrived at the airport well ahead of our scheduled departure time, which was probably a good thing, because it seemed like we had to stand in line for hours. I guess that she could see that I was starting to get impatient, because she reached out and took hold of my hand. “Be patient, it won’t be too much longer now.” She whispered. Finally, we were able to get our luggage checked and all...Read On


Elena,My Love Part 3

“Don’t be teasing me baby...please...aaah...Just take it inside your mouth!” I pleaded

I decided to be patient and see what she was about to do. Elena made a right turn and entered a motel named Paradise motel. “I'll be right back." She said, getting out of the car. She went into the office where there was an older guy, probably in his early forties, standing at the reception desk. I don't know what happened, but the guy winked at Elena as he handed the keys to her. Elena...Read On


My Naughty Boy Part 2

"Oh shit! Jake ! Jake ! Wake up!" I tried to wake him up but he wasn't moving at all. The scent of cum filled the room, my under wear was on the floor and Aunt Celina was knocking on the door. Everything was there to make the situation worse. " I want to kiss you Sue. Come near me . " He murmured , as he reached out with his arms and tried to pull me closer . " Jake ! Your mom is here....Read On


My Naughty Boy Part 3

Even though I had just told him to leave my skirt alone, I could feel his hand push it a little higher. I heard him snicker to himself, as I felt his fingers start crawling up the inside of my thighs. Every touch of his fingers against my skin sent another little shiver running up my spine. ”Jake, if you don’t stop that right this second; I won’t let you lay your head in my lap.” Rising...Read On


Elena,My Love Part 4

Shopping with your girlfriend is so much fun

"Good morning baby." She purred like a cat while giving me that sexy mischievous smile she has, as she licked the drop of cum from the side of her lips with her tongue . "Good morning," I managed to reply as I tried to catch my breath after such an incredible job. She gradually slid her body up mine and placed her head on my chest , but her hands were still playing with my cock. Every...Read On


Elena, My Love Part 5

Push up bras are the best thing in the world

"Shall we?" she breathed into my ear; her cheek pressed against mine, as she reached out and closed the door. Pulling back slightly, her face only inches in front of mine, her hot breath burning my face, her soft brown eyes looking deep into mine as if begging me to let her have her way with me. Still holding me prisoner, I felt her right hand slide down my side, until encountering my belt,...Read On



What Have I Done

Even though it had been quite some time ago, I can still remember that morning when I slowly opened my eyes and saw a beautiful girl sleeping beside me. Her long dark hair formed the perfect frame for her soft pale skin. Sometime during the night, a few stray strands had fallen down over her pretty face and were now partially covering her lovely eyes. Very carefully I reached over...Read On


What Have I Done Part 2

"I think that you know what I’m talking about. What's it going to be?" she asked as she looked at me with her seductive eyes." I hope you remember that we are not related" That did it for me. I couldn’t believe the words she just said. It was like a dream for me, yet it was real. I couldn’t stop myself any longer. I didn't care about what society would say or think anymore. The only thing...Read On