First Time(1)


Chocolate Cake anyone?

It all started with me in the kitchen baking a chocolate cake, I had bits of flour in my hair and on my face and even a speck of chocolate on the tip of my nose as I stood there in short shorts, over the knee black socks, tank top and a sweater that was zipped up halfway. My hair was pulled into a messy bun and had flour in it- it was mid afternoon when you walked in and leaned on the...Read On

Straight Sex(2)



Aria giggled loudly as Oliver playfully bit down on her shoulder as they climbed out of the shower. “Oli, stop it,” She squealed as he tickled her. “Not until I get my Christmas gift," He laughed, before kissing her tenderly as she wrapped the towel around her body and walked into the bedroom. She couldn't help the wide grin that spread across her face as he walked over; Oliver wrapped...Read On


shower anyone?

It was a scorching hot summer day as I stood outside with the water hose, washing my car. I was wearing a black bikini that was all too small for me, and hugging all my best assets, not to mention really bringing my tan out. I smiled as I watched your car pull up onto the side of the curb since I was occupying the driveway. I smirked and leaned over the hood of the car, standing on my tip...Read On