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This is a wide story category, catering for stories with a Supernatural / Non-Human theme.

These are often associated with paranormal and occult ideas. Stories to be placed in here include those relating to Vampires, Fantasy Worlds, Ghosts, Aliens, Triffids or anything else the imagination may conjure up.


Night Of The Living "D"

A new place to live may have some old tricks.

My name is Ellen. I wanted to tell this little story about what happened to me. I hope that anyone who reads it will know that if this has happened to them, they are not alone. When I decided to rent a small house on the east side of Atlanta it was a big step. After my divorce and a few more bad relationships, I felt the need for a new start. I had searched for two months to find a nice...Read On


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Filmmakers receive more than just footage

The Sphinx lay hidden between the pyramids and sand dunes like my clit between the folds of my pussy lips. It was 45oC in the shade, if you could find it. We were busy producing a cheap documentary film on the Egyptian theology of an afterlife for a PBS channel. Michael, my cameraman, was a tall well-build man with long blond hair. He handled his Sony digital video camera as if it was a toy. ...Read On


Fern and Ryuko

The rules were: don’t go near the shore because humans were inquisitive to a point that was almost barbaric. If they caught you, it wasn’t so much a catch and release program as it was a catch and “hold indefinitely until your eventual stress-death from all the testing they put you through” program.  Fern, however, was inquisitive to a point that she could (and would) avoid capture by any...Read On


From the Wild

How he became a werewolf...

The party was in full swing and was likely to go on till the early hours. Christmas on the plantation was a holiday for the slaves and a chance to catch up with members of their family who were working on neighbouring cane fields. It was a rare day, one of only a few when the slaves did not labour in the fields for their Dutch masters. These special days all coincided with holy days...Read On

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Satori in Paradise

We are all prisoners of our own device...

I’d hit a rough patch in my personal life. So I book a week at a Club Med, hoping to get lucky with a willing partner. To find an uncomplicated woman. And I have a few questions weighing on my mind. I do get lucky. Ridiculously lucky. Twice the first day. Wendy is twelve years my junior, a tight little Boston University freshman. She’s all of five feet tall and her three favorite words...Read On

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Blessing of the Wood (Pt. 3 of 3)

Good hearts prevail as the blessing of the wood spreads far and wide.

Ella awakened with her head resting on a hummock of moss.  Though beads of dew decorated her skin, she was warm, comfortable, and reluctant to rise.  Birdsong and the soft gurgle of the spring that fed her great-grandmother’s pool further conspired to lull her back to sleep. In time, she roused to find Xantina watching over her. “Good morning, Xanella.” “Morning,” Ella responded.  She sat...Read On


Blessing of the Wood (Pt. 2 of 3)

The trials continue as Ella continues her quest to save the campground

Ella peeked into the bedroom after getting out of the shower that evening to see John was out like a light.  Considering he’d provided his third donation of the day an hour or so before, it was hardly a mystery as to why.  Still riding the euphoria of her most recent orgasm, Ella tapped on her phone before drying her hair.  No messages had arrived during her shower, but she started when...Read On


Blessing of the Wood (Pt. 1 of 3)

Young lovers tested by an unfair world.

A sparrow perched on the windowsill, bathed in sunlight, singing of its joy in a new day – both of which were stabbing into Ella’s brain, even though her eyes were still closed. She whimpered and pulled the pillow over her face, but it didn’t help.  The housewarming party for the home she shared with her twin sister had been one for the ages, but she was paying the price. A click and a...Read On

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The Blue Dress

A man spends a night with a beautiful young woman

She stood in the doorway, her hair as black as coal, cascading over her electric blue dress. Something about her made James’s heart skip a beat. For a moment he was in love. In that moment all the words in the world were sucked out of his brain and just her essence remained. James had driven all afternoon through the driving rain. He had been meaning to have a break in the country for...Read On


Like Humans

Being a Were was difficult. Being a girl is just as hard

I was halfway through shaving my tits when I heard the doorbell over the music. My Were senses engaged suddenly as I looked into the mirror. I'd shaved one breast smooth and the other still had a rough five-day stubble smothered in shave gel. I reached out a wet, foamy finger and the extended claw tapped the screen with no effect. Grimacing, I angled my hand until the pad of the finger...Read On


Succubus Thunder

The young man stripped off his clothes as he stood by the pool of pink water. His lover, the warrior succubus with the power to give life, was waiting for him to join her, the water came up to her firm breasts as she floated in the water. They had come to this oasis after many days, and pleasurable nights, of hard travel across the Desert of Ark-Nah, a place covered in red sand that...Read On

Naughty List

Socialite Stella Quest never once made Santa’s nice list; not that she tried too hard.  She found being naughty much more fun. So much fun that after her most recent Christmas Day escapade of debauchery, her daddy carted her onto his private jet with one hastily packed bag and a one way ticket to Germany for two weeks of self reflection and meditation at what she thought would be a...Read On


Harper's Fairy

Forgotten memories and a Christmas miracle make Crystal's fantasies come true.

Crystal smiled, and kept up appearances.  While there was joy to be had in the annual Harper family Christmas gathering, the sting of what happened simply wouldn’t allow her to fully enjoy the festivities. As everyone rose from their seats to adjourn to the kitchen to play Hearts, Crystal’s mother asked, “Are you going to play?” She kept a smile on her face as she shook her head and stood. ...Read On

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Soul Searching

A young woman finds herself in the company of the one man who can take everything away.

Say what you like about Hell, the place is certainly toasty. Sure, it gets lonely with just Mum, Dad and me rattling around the caves, but it beats the surface. I find the world so cold. Bitter. Hateful. Guess Dad would be pretty crap at his job if it was anything else, but right now, stuck on the living room sofa amid one of our father-son 'chats', even the surface seems appealing. Dad has...Read On


Hallowed Ground

The Rectory stands as neutral ground for the worlds supernatural creatures.

The rectory stood empty for decades, a for sale sign stuck into the soft ground outside the wrought iron gates. The attached church hadn't been used for worship since the end of the war. When the mill went out of business, the people in the small port town went with it. All that was left were the fisherman and dockworkers, who kept to themselves, mostly. The town was stagnant and full of...Read On



Lily's lover is a dream - until he becomes a nightmare

I had a lot of trouble sleeping after Matthew left. We had never cuddled in bed, and he snored, but I still slept better when he was there. I could not sleep on his side of the bed (what used to be his side of the bed) for months after his departure. My feet got cold, and then too hot after I put socks on. The bottom sheets kept creeping up the sides of the mattress, becoming lumpy under...Read On


The Gift

... Some gifts are given, some need to be taken...

Cara could feel the cool tip of the plastic cock as it pressed against the heat of her pussy. She didn’t move a muscle, just waited obediently. She’d never been fucked by a strapon and her heart was racing from the nervous excitement.   “Are you ok, love?” the woman’s voice asked firmly from behind her. “Y-y-yes, I think so,” Cara’s voice stammered as she answered.   “Good, then we...Read On


They Aren’t Leprachauns! - A Halloween Story

This short story takes on the question of why all Leprechauns are male... sort of.

It all started very late last summer, or perhaps I should say very early this fall. I was trying to get a very difficult article written on the Celtic myths in which humans become immortal, and my girlfriend, Annie, was feeling neglected... very neglected. I’m normally not one to refuse sex, but I had to get the article finished for my publisher, so I told her that she could speed things up...Read On


Mirror of Fantasy

Vanessa discovers a strange mirror in an old house.

My name is Vanessa. I am a thirty-year-old woman who recently lost her beloved husband to a war overseas. I recently moved to Washington state to this old house in the country, which was previously owned by an elderly woman who, can I say is a shut-in. She was getting down on her health as I understood it and went to live with her daughter. For this reason, she sold the house really...Read On

A Mysterious Woman

Gary White was an introverted man.  He had social problems and didn’t really connect with women.  He went out alone at a club and struck out once again.  Nobody talked with him or even looked in his direction. It wasn’t that Gary wasn’t attractive, he just didn’t know how to talk to the opposite sex.  He got very nervous and sometimes would stutter when he couldn’t get his thoughts out. He...Read On


Relatives from Out of Town - A Halloween Story

Can someone avoid prophecy given by a girl kissed by the Fey?

I think the wee folk are playing with me, but this is the story the Pixies gave me for this year’s Halloween specials. It rolls some Celtic traditions in with some other traditions from the old times to present a tale of a witch who isn’t really a witch... except that she is.  = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = It all started when cousin Bridget made her prophecy. Bridget has always...Read On


Bad Sushi

Bad Sushi I was stopped at a red light on my way home from a dinner party. When the traffic lights turned green, I took my foot off the brake pedal and pressed down on the accelerator. My vehicle moved forward. Before I could turn my head to the nearing bright light in my peripheral vision, the ear-splitting sound of twisting metal and shattering glass exploded all around me. My vehicle...Read On


The Prince's Consort Ch. 2

Caitlin gains her strength and confronts her kidnapper.

Two days later she was strong enough to sit up on her own. Four days, and she could walk to the picture window, allowing her to gaze out on the massive landscape. There was nothing like the mountains and valleys where she’d come from. The land had been flat, expressionless but familiar. This was new. Just like being waited on or being cooped up in this stuffy place. When she’d arrived,...Read On


The Prince's Consort Ch. 1

Caitlin is kidnapped by a traveling stranger.

She sat beneath the oak tree, staring out at the town. It was quaint, filled with all the small-town folk that were more superstitious than they had a right to be. No one had seen a ghost, but they believed. Maybe it lay in the way the wind whipped through the low buildings, bringing with it inhuman moans that spooked even the tough-skinned farmers. On rainy days, most of the villagers...Read On

An Erotic Haunted House

Kevin Mulligan was finally moved into his new house.  He bought his new home for a song.  There was a lot of talk that his new home was haunted.  The sellers had been trying to sell the home for several years, but the rumors scared off most potential buyers. Kevin enjoyed history and was quite taken with the property.  He didn’t believe in ghosts and made an offer which was accepted by...Read On

An Unexpected Encounter

You plan a wedding for months, but it's never quite what you expect... Adam was asleep now, snoring, dribbling... It had been a big day. Kimberly had maybe over-indulged too, but she had hoped he'd at least keep it together. He hadn't. So, now, sitting at the side of her marriage bed, lighting a cigarette, (she hardly ever smoked) she pondered. Adam was a catch... She knew that. A...Read On


The Cemetery Plot

John finds life again among the dead

Well, it has been a year since my divorce. I was married for twenty-three years and my divorce wasn't that devastating because we had just been living as roommates the last ten years or so. The sex stopped when our kids were in elementary school if I am remembering correctly. I can't even remember the last time my wife and I had great sex. I quickly turned to porn to masturbate, but it...Read On


What we Suck Besides Blood: Part 1

Eve DeLacroix Returns

I pulled myself from The Reverie .  The last time I went into the sleep of ages our kind call The Reverie , it was between the Renaissance and the Victorian era. I had stayed awake more than a dozen decades until that business with the big wars. Now I did not know how long I’d been under, I knew only that I was weak, I was hungry, and oh by the night I was horny.  I breathed in deep; it...Read On


The Return of Death Part II: Welcome to the Jungle

Bill meets an old friend.

Bill was wandering through the now small realm that led to where the portal for the processing center was while making sure that Malin followed. He thanked God for that they had finally changed it so it wasn’t that long anymore. It had been about time he had fixed this long road. It had been about time that the Big Boss actually had gotten a finger out and done something. He had been...Read On


Further Madrid Adventures

Nocturnal threesome

Professor Maurice Kershaw and his newly-installed mistress Bella were enjoying an evening aperitif on the balcony of his Madrid apartment. "Where would you like to go for supper tonight, my love?" he asked. "Oh let's go to the cafe bar at The Ritz, shall we? I'll wear my new black pencil skirt and a semi-transparent black silk blouse if you like." "With no bra?" the elderly man...Read On