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I hope you all enjoy my stories! And while I love writing, it is tough with MG, which is a muscle weakness illness that I’ve had since age 12. I'm 25 now. Some days, I'm literally too exhausted to write. Really not looking for sympathy, just informing for those who truly like my stories and want to support me can buy my full ebooks for just a couple bucks on Smashwords! (As I can only post short stories on here instead of my several chapter long series)

I want to make this a career and write full-time, which obviously means more stories for you guys because I have plenty of great stories waiting to be written. Trust me.

So check out my ebooks I have for sale!


SuperDuperWriter@yahoo.com <--------- I welcome all suggestions & feedback. Even haters =D

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Naked & Terrified Ch. 1

Russell came home after studying at the library for a few hours and made his way into the kitchen, the pleasurable scent of food hitting his nose. “Mother?” He saw there was an apple pie on the dining room table. “Hey, sugar! I’m in the bathroom right now, but I baked you a pie. It’s on the table.” His parent, Pepper's southern-accented voice called out from down the hall to the right. “I...

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The Losers Ch. 1 - 2

Chapter 1 – Coincidence Reese sat on the edge of his best friend, Payton's bed while the other boy sat in front of his desktop computer to the far right of the room. “Take my dark elf, pig's hellfire, noobies!” He typed away on his keyboard furiously. I’ll never get why he loves those nerdy games so much. Reese focused on his phone again, watching a video of a brunette milf get...

Added 29 Jun 2018 | Category Incest | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.25 | Views 6,174 | 2 Comments

Freeloader Ch. 1-2

Chapter 1 – Arrival   Bobby stood out in the busy airport terminal waiting for his sister Lucy, dozens of cars and people streaming by. She was supposed to be here a while ago. He set his rolling suitcase down and checked his phone for the millionth time, but there was still no service. Remind me to finally switch my phone carrier. Piece of shit. Out of nowhere, hands covered...

Added 20 Jun 2018 | Category Incest | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.8 | Views 9,294 | 7 Comments

Helping Hands Ch. 1 - 4

Chapter 1 – Breakfast (All) Carter stood in front of the stove and flipped the bacon in the pan with the spatula one more time. Suddenly, a stray line of grease jumped from the sizzling meat and landed on his forearm, causing a sharp burning pain. “Shit!” “Language.” An authoritative, female voice warned from behind. Turning, Carter saw his mother stroll into the wide kitchen and stop...

Added 13 Jun 2018 | Category Incest | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.27 | Views 8,619 | 5 Comments

In Between Ch. 1 - 3

  Chapter 1 - Moving     Bryce pressed the brakes on his Toyota Camry, coming to a stop in front of his white and black, one-story house. His mother’s own black Toyota was parked on the left side of the paved driveway. As he exited the vehicle and started for the door, a movement to the right made him look to see a middle-aged woman with straight, black hair that fell just past...

Added 10 Jun 2018 | Category Incest | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 6,456 | 3 Comments

The New King Ch. 1 - 2

Chapter 1 – Prince   I heard loud commotion from the castle's kitchen and rushed there immediately. It sounds as if someone is screaming. There, my mother Eveline was glaring at one of the young kitchen maids. Being the queen of the entire land dictated that her beauty was no less than stunning, despite her older age of thirty-nine. Her shiny, brunette hair was tied up in a coiled...

Added 30 May 2018 | Category Incest | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 6,863 | 5 Comments

Picture Perfect Ch. 1-3

Chapter 1 – Rough Night “Dad.” Brandon felt a hand shaking his shoulder, but he was still half asleep. “Dad!” The shaking increased, forcing him to finally acknowledge the person. “…What?” His voice was hoarse and rough as he turned his head sideways on the hard pillow. “You’re supposed to take me to the mall this morning, remember…? The new book got released today.” A soft, female...

Added 23 May 2018 | Category Incest | Votes 16 | Avg Score 4.63 | Views 10,154 | 7 Comments

eBooks Published By SuperWriter

Helping Hands
Helping Hands

Young Carter is very close with his big, family family consisting of his serious, lawyer mother, Angela, his laid-back aunt, Victoria who is also his high school history teacher, his easygoing sister, Lexi who refuses to grow up, his reclusive and hermit sister, Erin, and finally his tough, UFC...

In Between
In Between

Bryce and his aunt, Angela have always been close, ever since she adopted him as her son when her brother passed away and his biological mother abandoned him. But when his other aunt, Valerie unexpectedly moves in next door and starts trying to seduce him, their relationship is threatened. ...

Picture Perfect
Picture Perfect

Photographer dad, Brandon is close with his three daughters; eighteen-year-old, Miracle who is so shy and introverted she won't leave the house without him, his twenty-year-old, Sasha who dreams of starring on Broadway, and his twenty-two-year-old, Paris who dropped out of college to mooch off...

The New King
The New King

Prince August has been groomed to be his land's next king, and when his father suddenly passes from a heart attack, he's thrust into the role. And if that wasn't a big enough change, he's informed by the kingdom's advisors that he needs to marry his mother, sister or aunt...


After a divorce, 30 year-old Bobby moves in with his older sister, Lucy and her two daughters. He and Lucy have actually been in an sexual relationship since their early twenties, so he and her have to sneak around, or end up getting caught. Although, Bobby's biggest problem might be...

Black Flower
Black Flower

Eighteen-year-old, Daisy and her father, Colin have been close ever since his wife and her mother abandoned them for another man two years ago. During that time, they licked each others' wounds and became much closer. However, when Colin suddenly gains a new girlfriend, their way of life is...

The Losers
The Losers

Eighteen-year-old best friends, Reese and Payton find out they have romantic feelings for their own mothers and come up with a plan to make the two sexy women fall for...

Eager Beaver
Eager Beaver

Eighteen-year-old Aaron and his Forty-two-year-old mother, Diane who's a tough lawyer don't exactly see eye-to-eye since her divorce from his father five years ago. However, their relationship changes forever when she catches him peeking at her naked. ...

Pinky Promise
Pinky Promise

Marshall has always had romantic feelings for his mother, Ruby. And one day when she's using his phone discovers pictures he's taken of her. She immediately confronts him and finds out the truth, then promises to date him when he turns eighteen. Happy...

Naked & Terrified
Naked & Terrified

Eighteen-year-old Russell might be considered a 'nerd', but he only cares about getting into the best college in the state. However, his studies are interrupted by his redheaded southern bell, survivalist mother, Pepper when she forces him out into the wilderness naked and...

Tug of War
Tug of War

19-year-old David and his sister, 18-year-old Alexandra haven't exactly seen eye-to-eye since they were kids. As a matter of fact, it'd probably be more accurate to say they've been at a virtual battle of tug of war. But a random situation soon changes that and they grow closer than...

Silent Firecracker
Silent Firecracker

20 year-old, Drew has had a special relationship with his deaf 37 year-old mother, Caroline ever since she lost her hearing although not being able to hear anymore didn't dull her fiery personality, being a firecracker. Drew developed feelings for her with all the time spent together, but kept...

Funny Girl
Funny Girl

20-year-old Adelise has been separated from her father ever since her mother and her escape the island they had lived on. And no matter how much she begs for the whole secret behind the separation, she never gets a real answer. So setting out on her own, she returns to the island to visit him and...

Rocco & Gina
Rocco & Gina

18-year-old, Rocco, and his 42-year-old mother, Gina have always shared a special bond, taking showers together from young that continue as adults. And while that pastime has always been innocent, that soon changes after a very specific incident. This story is based on a real mother and son...

A Wet Reunion
A Wet Reunion

18-year-old Will unexpectedly encounters his former wet nurse, 39-year-old Susan after almost a decade. They had once been, but a certain event forced them apart. However, they' pick up right where they left...

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