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Hi. I'm Jessica, and yes that is me in my avatar. I'm 19, a part time model, and full time slave to an idiotic company that has never heard of Eisenstein and his "The quickest way between 2 points is a straight line".

Everything outdoors I love, though you wouldn't guess by how white I am. Snowboarding, swimming, hiking are my main passions as well as extending my body art. I have 2 tattoos, 1 full one up my left side, 1 partial one on my right hip, 1 cutting on my chest and a branding on my back and of course a tongue piercing currently but that changes according to the week. =)

As far as sex is concerned... I'm 5', 100 lbs and I love being tossed around and roughed up. I like my men in uniform not for the paycheck, but because of the personality. I'm ex Navy and I loved my boys, and my comrades in the other branches.

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New Mexico, United States
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20 May 2018 17:48
Snowboarding, swimming, hiking, running, body modification / body art, video games, religious study, horror movies.
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H.P. Lovecraft!


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Topic: does cum taste different with different men??
Posted: 11 Sep 2012 07:12

Strangely I do not agree with the prescribed "good tasting semen diet" is. One of my old fuck buddies was healthy, he had a very balanced diet, no red meat just chicken, but he was always drinking. Never once had I been over when he didn't have some kind of drink with the except of in the morning when he had his coffee; now he never got drunk just always had booze in his system. He was the sweetest tasting cum that I ever had! I could not get enough of his cum it was so good. Now another man I was with, he had an extremely healthy diet like the one depicted above, no coffee no booze hardly any meat. He was so sour I couldn't swallow him. Now, he did have his nuts tied so there was no little swimmers in his cum and I'm not sure if that effects the taste or not, but after that first time I did not want him in my mouth again.

I think the same is for women. I have a diet close to the first fuck buddy, minus the booze but I love my soda pop. Never have I had a complaint about how I taste, only comments about how sweet I am.

Topic: Teacher convicted of sex with 18yr old students
Posted: 10 Sep 2012 07:04

There was a situation similar to this at my high school my senior year. I'm leaving names out of it. One of the most favored female teachers at my school was stripped of her teaching license, fired, and sent to jail because of her boyfriend of 6 years. They met when he was a Sophomore in high school and she was his teacher. They were in a relationship and of course they were having sex, 3 years go by and he graduates high school and they're still together, 3 more years into college they are still together and having sex. He tells a friend how they met, which he had kept secret before. His girlfriend is now in jail on hundreds of counts of sex with a minor even though he is now almost 22, and he even testified to keep her out of jail!

Is it wrong to send someone to jail when their "victims" are not actually "victims"? Absolutely! The law bends and breaks all the time for worse offenses for dirtier people, I don't see why these perfectly normal people have to suffer because both parties are willing.

Topic: How much is too much sex?
Posted: 06 Sep 2012 13:59

I agree with most of what everyone has said above with the exception of a few points. I am crazy independent, I don't like it when guys try to spoil me with stuff or pay for dinner (dutch is my style). My last fuck buddy, we lived about 10 miles from each other, but sometimes we wouldn't talk for days or see each other for weeks because of work and it was nice because it was very casual and that's how all of my relationships are - very casual, I'm 19 I don't need to be getting in too deep into anything. When we have sex is there an emotional connection - I think so. I don't pick up guys because where I live, guys don't like me as anything more than a friend usually, so I have a friend set us up and it makes the sex better because we have stuff in common other than a sexual attraction to one another. I encourage my guys to go and have a night out on the town, pick up some other girls if he wants - I could care less so long as he's safe about it, and I get to hear all the kinky detail about it later.

Could it be that I'm not attached enough? Guys think that I only want sex and nothing else?

Topic: How much is too much sex?
Posted: 05 Sep 2012 09:57

I seem to be running across this problem a lot. I've had 2 boyfriends break up with me, and 3 fuck buddies leave giving the same reason of "You want it too much." after they had told me they had a high sex drive. I know it's not me, I'm tight and taste good (I have tasted myself after masturbating) and I have high energy. I don't pressure them to do anything they don't want to do. So I just want to know, how much is too much sex?

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Snow Bunny

Nothing felt better to me than to have my feet strapped into my bindings and bombing it down the mountain, leaving first tracks in the corduroy as I snow boarded over to my lift. I was 19, and worked as a lift operator on one of the mountains in Aspen, CO. Reaching my destination I came to a quick stop and sat down on my butt, reaching down and unhooking my boots from their cage before...

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