Her New Master

Who knew screwing up at work could have such benefits.

Amy is sitting at her desk trying to focus on the job at hand but it was Friday and well who can focus on Fridays never mind that she had been distracted by the new supervisor that started this week. She tries to go back to her office work but again thoughts of Ms. Jones keeps entering her mind. Her short black hair and her blue eyes that seem to see right into her very soul. Amy...Read On


Restless Night

 I am laying in bed trying to sleep but I cant. I am feeling very restless. My mind just wont shut up and go to sleep. I toss and turn, after a while I get thirsty so I decide to go to the kitchen.  I debate putting on my robe, but figure it is the middle of the night no one will see me walking around my house nude. If they do well I hope they enjoy the show. My rather large breasts...Read On


Sunday Afternoon

On Monday I bet my boyfriend John that if my football team lost on Sunday I would be his sex slave for the day. And if my team won ,I could do the same. We teased each other mercilessly all week long on what we were going to make the other do. Now what he wanted to do more than anything was to tie me up and fuck me. If he said that once he said it a hundred times that week. The thought...Read On


The Boarding School - Part 2

Merryanita and I thought it would be fun to write a story together. She posted part one.

I can’t believe they are just going to leave me here. What if someone walks in and sees me naked tied to the bed. How would I even begin to explain this to anyone? I pull on the scarves but they only get tighter as I struggle to get lose. They told me not to scream; like I would anyway I would die from embarrassment if anyone saw this. I hear people outside the door and my heart starts...Read On


The Man of My Dreams

I had dated several men in the past but none could satisfy me the way I wanted to be satisfied. Everyone I dated was just into vanilla sex and I wanted so much more. I decided I am not going to waste my time with anyone unless they have the same taste in sex as I do. A friend of mine said they knew someone that I might like in that he had the dark hair and blue eyes that I loved. She said...Read On


The Man of My Dreams 2

As I follow Connor to his house I have time to think about everything that has happened thus far tonight. I cant believe some of what has happened already. I had never done anything like what I did at the restaurant. I almost wonder if it really happened. I gave Connor a blow job and the waiter watched. I know it happened though because I can still taste his cum in my mouth. Connor said he...Read On


The Only Woman for Me- Part Four

This part is told from Elaine's point of view. I hope you enjoy it.

      We hang up and I can’t believe how bummed I am that Susan had to go. I didn’t realize how strong my feelings still were for her.   I will never know how she dealt with me being married. I haven’t even seen her and already I don’t like it that she is with someone else. I guess this is what I get; I should have left my husband long ago. Even though she is with someone else...Read On


Thursday Night

Only two hours have passed since I agreed to go to my boss’s house tonight. It seems like it should be much later than it is. I have been trying to keep myself busy and not think about what may happen tonight with Stuart. But I can’t stop thinking about how much it turned me on to call him master. And yesterday when he spanked me, god I loved that. I wonder if he will do that again. I...Read On

Group Sex(5)


Annie and Michelle's Adventures 2

The Continuing Advenures of Annie and Michelle

Michelle and I look through the take-out menu and decide we will get the sesame chicken and 2 spring rolls. As she calls in the order I think back on the amazing day we have had. This morning Richard , Michelle and I had a threesome at work. I must say having sex at work is so much fun. The thought of getting caught turns me on. And the thought that it is just wrong adds to my desire ....Read On



I fell asleep thinking about Michelle dominating me this weekend and wake up thinking about it as well. It scares me yet turns me on so much I can hardly stand it. I roll over reaching for Michelle and she is gone and that is when I realize it is entirely too light outside. I look at the clock and see it says 10:00. I find a note by the clock that reads, My submissive slut you...Read On



A night of heaven

It was a beautiful day at the beach. I was with my boyfriend Chris, his buddy Mike and his girlfriend Amy . We spent the day enjoying the ocean and warm weather. The waves were just prefect to body surf in. More than once my bikini top came down riding the waves. I know Chris enjoyed the view and I caught Mike take a quick glimpse as well. After a few hours of the beach we decided it...Read On



Damn I love working here

As I walk into my office building I can’t help but think what an amazing week it has been. I look into the different offices and I see Richard to the left of me, the new guy.   He and I got to know each other pretty well on Monday. To the right is Michelle’s office my very good friend. Michelle and I realized on Tuesday that not only are we friends but   we realized we could be lovers...Read On


Tuesday Afternoon

Tuesdays are the most productive day of the week

I am told that Tuesday is the most productive day of the week. That might be true for most people and normally it would be true for me as well. Not so far this Tuesday , I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened the day before with Richard. I had never had sex at work before and I must say it was wonderful. I wouldn't mind making it a part of my daily routine. I am sitting at my...Read On



A Day at the Beach

This is a joint venture by Marcar and myself. Enjoy!

  It is a beautiful warm spring day as Marcey and I walk down to the beach hand and hand smiling and laughing. We lay our stuff down on the beach finding a spot where no one is near us. We can see people playing in the ocean a ways down in both directions. I rub lotion all over her body starting with her face and then shoulders, back and stomach thighs and even her feet. Marcey does...Read On


A Lovely Evening

I am on my way home from work with a smile on my face because I have a wonderful woman there who loves me and I love her. Olivia and I had been living together for about 5 months now. We seem to be the perfect match for each other. We share a love for many things. From Sci-Fi and Horror movies to rainy days which always make us extremely horny. Her beautiful laugh was the first thing I...Read On


A Nice Distraction

    Ann knew Pearl had been working very hard in school. It was Pearl’s second year in college and she was feeling a little overwhelmed with everything. Too much to do and not enough time to do it, she heard Pearl say more than once. Ann hoped she could take her mind off of school this weekend. Ann was a few years older than Pearl and already out in the “real world” as Pearl called...Read On


A Wonderful Summer

      The first time I saw her it was the first day of summer. I was sitting in my living room and she was getting out of her car. She was moving into the house next door. I watched her and her friends as they unloaded all of her stuff from the truck. I thought to myself what a lovely way to spend the summer looking at my sexy new neighbor.   She looked absolutely adorable...Read On


Her New Master part 2

Some days never seem to end.

Amy is at her desk all thoughts of work gone, she is simply waiting till it’s five o’clock so she can leave. She can't believe that she allowed her boss to treat her that way this morning. Every time she moves her ass it reminds her of what happened never mind the fact that she is sitting at her desk without her panties on. Her Master made her leave them with her. And yet all she can think...Read On


Just An Ordinary Night

Just one long sex scene.

She pulls into her driveway having worked all day she is happy to be home. She gets out of her car and stretches as a big smile covers her face. She is glad it is Friday and the start of the weekend. With the smile on her face, she heads to the door opening it. She finds her slave on her knees, hands behind her head. Her slave quickly drops to all fours and crawls to her Mistress kissing...Read On


Lunch with Annie and Michelle

We all head out of the office, Stuart and Michelle in the lead with Richard and me following behind. I can’t help but smile looking from one fine ass to the other. I glance over at Richard and he is doing the same he looks up at me and laughs saying,   “They do look good coming or going don’t they?”   “Mm-hmm, yes they do.” I reply as I lock the doors behind us.   “A word of advice...Read On


my first time

        The day started out as any other day . At the time I didn’t know I would meet the woman who would change the way I thought of sex. So I get to work and hear laughter the kind of laughter that makes you feel good all over. It puts a smile on my face as I went to get my drawer thinking I had to meet this person. It turns out her name was Merry what a prefect name for...Read On


Never Let You Go

To say Cindy was nervous would be an understatement. Right now she is standing outside her girlfriend’s parent’s apartment. A girlfriend she has never actually met to tell the truth. Sure they had spent the past few months on the phone almost constantly, but they have never met. See they met on-line in a chat room. They would go on line and chat with each other every chance they got....Read On



My co-worker

   I couldn’t get the thought of her out of my head. So was so beautiful to me. She had long black hair. I wondered what it would feel like running my fingers through it. Sara also had the darkest blue eyes I had ever seen. If I looked in them too long I felt I would lose myself.    Her body was just perfect. I am about 5’7 and she was just an inch or two taller than me. She had...Read On


The Only Woman for Me part 6

Between all the help Elaine had her stuff was quickly moved in.  John and Cindy left earlier with Susan and Mike staying until the end. Elaine was glad that Susan had stayed unfortunately so had her boyfriend Mike. The desire to have Susan was becoming nearly irresistible. She couldn’t stop watching her every move. She hadn’t realized how much she loved and missed her until now....Read On


The Only Woman for Me- Part Five

      I can’t believe it but the day has finally arrived. Elaine is back in town.   She is moving in to her home right now. I am getting ready to head over there and help her unpack everything. Mike offered to help as well and I couldn’t think of a good enough reason to turn down more assistance so he is coming with me. I am standing in the mirror giving myself on...Read On


The Only Woman for Me- Part Three

    “Hey Susan, how are you?” God just hearing her voice makes me wet. There is no way I can tell her we can’t see each other. I want her. I have to have her again. Oh fuck what are you doing?? I think to myself. “Good uh… listen there is some I have to tell you.” I respond. “Ok, what I am listening.” She tells me. “Uh… see… now don’t get me wrong I can’t wait to...Read On


The World of Sexcraft 2

Cara heads back to the Inn. She is tired and knows she has a long journey ahead of her. The kings words echo in her head. She will be leaving the Kingdoms soon heading into some very dangerous places, but first a good night’s sleep is in order she thinks as she walks back into the Inn. As she enters the Inn she sees Sean talking with the Innkeeper and she cant believe her eyes it is Tika....Read On


Thursday Night- part 2

While Stuart had invited me to stay with them tonight, I could tell Richard wanted Stuart all to himself and who could blame him. Stuart was not only a great looking guy but a great lover as well. As much fun as I have with those two men I didn’t want to stay there I wanted to fall asleep in Michelle’s arms. Although it was late she had called and asked me to come over no matter the time....Read On


Tuesday Night- Annie and Michelle

Tuesday has been a wonderful day and I am hoping to continue into a wonderful evening. As I follow Michelle to her house I cant help but think about how beautiful she is. She has long thick brown hair with pale blue eyes. She has kept in very good shape. You would never guess she is in her mid 30’s. Her ass is still nice and firm. And her breasts are amazing as I saw today. I could lick...Read On



The Only Woman for Me

      I am watching TV when the phone rings. The name and number that pops up on the screen catches me completely off guard. I haven’t heard from Elaine in a couple of years. Not since we had ended our affair because she felt she had to give her marriage another shot. A few months later her husband got a job offer in another state and they moved away. I stare  at the name thinking it...Read On

Straight Sex(3)

Editor's Pick

A Slight Complication

This is part 2 of The Only Woman For Me

    I just hung up the phone and I can’t believe it. Elaine really left her husband and is moving back here. Damn but I have really missed that woman. I am smiling thinking to myself I can’t wait until next week when I look up and see Mike. “Hey baby, who was one the phone?” he asks. “Hey honey, oh just an old friend of mine I hadn’t heard from in years. She is moving back to town...Read On


Monday Morning

Gotta love Mondays

I hate Mondays. They are the worse day of the week by far. It is the first day back to work and I sooooo don’t want to be there. I am tired from the weekend and I have to get up way to early to suit me. I am a night owl and always will be. As I get closer to work I start trying to come up with ideas for our Monday morning meeting. I have none as usual. Why anyone thinks Monday morning is...Read On



I am running late to work, and I needed to get there early. I still have to get home and change. I stayed at Michelle’s last night and while it was worth every minute I know there will be hell to pay when I finally make it to work. I tear into my driveway running into my house stripping as I go. I need a shower before I go into work. I hurry into my shower and cant help but smile...Read On



The World of Sexcraft

This is dedicated to all my wow friends.

The warlock had been running her dread-steed hard through the Ridge Mountains. The letter she carried was of the utmost importance, well at least that is what she had been told. Cara was nothing more than a messenger today she thought to herself as she made her way ever closer to Stormbreeze. All she knew for sure was that in the dying rouge’s last moments he that gave it to her saying it...Read On