Please - Don't Make Me Do It - Final Part Three

The stranger turns up at her hotel and forces anal. Her revenge on hubby takes place.

Please - Don’t Make Me Do It.   PART THREE CHAPTER FIVE She wore her pretty pale yellow silk nightie with a delicate Japanese flower design, with a silken over robe, caught at the neck and waist. Her mind was still very active and she reviewed the last details she had completed before leaving her home. She mentally checked her every action and it seemed foolproof. She...Read On

First Time(1)


Growing Together - Part Five

Jenny remembers her first time - Carl helps her to hang pictures

THE BUNTING FAMILY - GROWING TOGETHER Part Five - Chapters 12 and 13 Chapter 12 - Jenny Remembers As Doug and Laura, Carl and Liz celebrated their love for each other, Jenny lay in her bed thinking of the deliciously intimate smell of Liz on her brother’s fingers. There was an all too familiar tug low in her tummy. Then the warmth as her flow...Read On

Gay Male(1)


Teddy's Story

A young man is sedcued by an older man. The man's sister teaches him to love a female

This story was a finalist in the Short Story Category of the ASSTR Golden Clitorides Awards 2005 I was challenged by my husband to write a Male/male story instead of my more usual female oriented stories. This is my attempt and I stress that it is simply a story. There is no basis in fact and the characters are fictitious.All characters are of course of an age to comply with...Read On



A Growing Family - Part Two

Liz confesses to daddy and tells him of her boyfriend's coercion, mother sees them

GROWING TOGETHER – THE BUNTING FAMILY -  PART TWO Part Two (Chapters 3 and 4)   Chapter Three – Liz confesses to her Daddy.   After their frenzied coupling Doug and Liz had taken showers, changed their cum stained swimming costumes and had gone down to the pool. Laura and Charles were still there, now respectably back in their costumes, stretched out on loungers by the poolside. They...Read On


A Loving Family

A Mother seduces her daughter, then her son - and encourages Daddy too

This story was a Finalist in the ASSTR Golden Clitoride Awards 2005 A Loving Family Chapter One - Who are we ? My name is Samantha (Sam), I am 42, petite, 5’3’’ tall and have brown hair and blue eyes. I’ve been married to Don for 19 years, happily married too. I admit I’m sensual but honestly, I have never been unfaithful to him with another man. He is a wonderful lover...Read On


Growing Together - Part One

Meet the family, the brideand her brother, daughter begs daddy not to leave home

GROWING TOGETHER – THE BUNTING FAMILY -   PART ONE Part One (Chapters 1 and 2) has been written to introduce the family members and others who are important to the story, and might be thought of as slow compared with later chapters, but please keep reading there is hot stuff to come ! Chapter One – The Buntings – Meet the Family  Doug Bunting is a successful businessman who at...Read On



An Easter Present for Hubby

A wife wants a special costume as a present for her sailor husband

“Easter Present for Hubby” A letter from Abigail to her best friend, Danni. Abigail is married to a sailor, has no children, and frequently lives alone waiting for him to return home. Danni is married and has one son, Peter, aged 17. “Dear Danni, Danni my love, I told you I had an idea for an Easter Bunny costume to wear for Freddy when he comes home on...Read On


Email to Val

A girl experiences the pleasure of lesbian love at the hands of a friend

  This is the first of two emails between the friends. The second, "Email to Kay" relates the experience of her friend with inquisitive boys and subsequently Val is taught the sexual words of adults by her uncle, and he gives her pleasure following her dunking in the lake ! “Email to Val” by Susan England A letter from a young English nurse to her friend Val, who lives...Read On


Growing Together - Part Three

Toni tells Laura of a party, and of her gymnastics coach

GROWING TOGETHER – THE BUNTING FAMILY - PART THREE Part Three (Chapters 5, 6 and 7) GROWING TOGETHER - Chapter 5 - Toni’s story A few days earlier, before Liz and Doug began their intimacy, Laura walked into the kitchen after her morning shower wearing her usual brief underwear under a filmy dressing gown. Toni was already at work dressed in cool...Read On

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Love is - to be Together, Always

The eternal love of two people

This story was a Finalist in the ASSTR Golden Clitorides Best Seasonal Story Awards 2005 Love is --- to be together, Always A St Valentines Day Story The phone call came in the early hours. “Hello, is that Mrs Lawrence?” “Hello, hello - is that the hospital? Is that Sister? This is Sally Chambers, her daughter, how is my Dad?” “Mrs Chambers, we think that you and Mrs Lawrence might want...Read On



Please - Don't Make Me Do It - Part One

He makes her submit to his need

Please - Don’t Make Me Do It. CHAPTER ONE Carol was alternating between despair and furious anger. After 30 years of marriage. How could he, the absolute mean-hearted, two timing, treacherous devious bastard how could he? She had been aged 22 years and freshly out of University when she met him. She quickly fell in love and he equally quickly bedded and wedded her. Now she was...Read On

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Leaving - Part Four - Final

Christmas with Andrew's family, a decision made, a hearbreak felt, and a conclusion

Chapter 4 Andrew stopped his daydreaming about the past; he was delighted by Megan showing up unexpectedly a few hours ago. His reminiscing was sweet but he knew that tomorrow he would be offering them a future together - an option to work out their constant separations. He was ready to have Megan become a permanent part of his life and carry on the traditions of both families in...Read On


Leaving - Part One

Megan recollects going to University, falling in love and consumating her love

Chapter 1 The Boeing 747 lifted off the runway at Heathrow International Airport, its engines powering the massive plane into the clear blue morning sky.As it made its way west towards the United States with 300 people aboard, Megan MacLean looked out of the window, lost in her thoughts. Her fellow passengers would see a mature, seemingly confidant woman in her mid twenties, five foot...Read On


Leaving - Part Three

Megan meets Andrew, and he remembers their happy times meeting his family

“Leaving….. “CH. 3 Chapter 3 So there she was. Flying towards utter misery with those haunting words ripping her heart apart …. now the time has come to leave you ... one more time let me kiss you. Megan’s flight to Kennedy International Airport had been a blur. She knew she had another flight to Albany, then by car to Hamilton in the middle of the state where Crestin University nestled in...Read On


Leaving - Part Two

Megan flies to America to break off her Engagement.

“Leaving….. “CH. 2 Chapter 2 Megan shook herself out of her daydream when the Flight Attendant asked if she wanted coffee.“What? I’m sorry, my mind was miles away.”Looking at the coffee pot in the attendant’s hand she said, “Oh yes, cream but no sugar, thank you.” Sipping her coffee Megan kept hearing the song she had heard in Heathrow’s departure lounge as she waited to hear her...Read On


Please - Don't Make Me Do It - Part Two

She discovers husband's infidelity, plans revengeand is sexually molested on a crowded train

Please - Don’t Make Me Do It.   PART TWO CHAPTER TWO He had said he would be home at 6.30 p.m. At 7.15 he phoned to say he had to work late, could not be home before midnight as he had to drive out of town. He did not say “Happy Anniversary”. There had been no flowers, no card, no romantic dinner, no loving, no attempt to exchange that wondrous touching and stroking and...Read On



Email to Kay

A girl finds boys inquisitive about her sex, and she learns words from uncle who then makes her cum

This is the second of two emails betyeen girl friends. The first "Email to Val" relates the story of Kay's lesbian introduction to pleasure at the hands of a girl friend in England Email to Kay (02 ) * * * * * A reply by email from a young woman in America to her English friend Kay. The second in an exchange of emails between intimate friends. "Email to Kay" – A reply...Read On