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Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 31 May 2013 11:23 .jpg

Topic Happy Birthday Playsit!
Posted 27 May 2013 07:06

Woo hoo! Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Mr P, Happy birthday to you!! {}

Hope you have a great day! Hugs Pour Wine

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 22 May 2013 08:25

Topic Here's one for the Lush Record Books...I just thought it worth noting...
Posted 22 May 2013 05:08

Pour Wine Fantastic news! Well done Ashleigh! Xx

Topic Naughty Pokies
Posted 21 May 2013 09:59

Topic Naughty Pokies
Posted 21 May 2013 09:53

Topic Hard Candy
Posted 21 May 2013 09:51

Topic What's The Best Movie According To You Without The TRADITIONAL Happy Ending?
Posted 20 May 2013 23:50

The usual suspects.

Omg! How could I have not remembered that classic! I do agree! Amazing x

Topic Guess The Song from the lyrics
Posted 20 May 2013 19:53

Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone

When you were here before
Couldn't look you in the eye
You're just like an angel
Your skin makes me cry

Topic Congratulations, Kal-El85 on your marriage!
Posted 20 May 2013 19:00

3601 A HUGE congrats to you both! Such wonderful news, wishing you much love and happiness in your life together Big Hugs love7 love3 love10 hello1

Topic What's The Best Movie According To You Without The TRADITIONAL Happy Ending?
Posted 20 May 2013 14:02

The Others (Nicole Kidman)


The Departed (Jack Nicholson)

Both great endings and very unexpected!

Topic Looking for a story about seduction
Posted 20 May 2013 12:44

I have a poem entitled seduction if that helps! evil4

Topic Sexy Sentiments * What's your favorite?
Posted 19 May 2013 06:26

Topic Sexy heels
Posted 18 May 2013 11:17

Topic Black and Whites
Posted 18 May 2013 10:48

Topic Story help
Posted 16 May 2013 08:35

Hi there,

Just thought I would link the thread that One Winged Angel started. There are some excellent tips and support guidelines for you to follow to improve your writing technique :)

Good luck

Topic Breast feeding in public.
Posted 14 May 2013 12:31

How wrong is it that people need to be 'educated' about a process that is as natural as the process that made the baby, in the first place. What an uptight world.

I couldn't agree more.

Topic Breast feeding in public.
Posted 14 May 2013 10:37

In Britain, the attitude is totally different; breast feeding in public is, almost, seen as a crime, a moral outrage even.

How do you feel about this?

Really? I disagree with this. Yes, breastfeeding rates are low in Britain, but I think we are moving forward to educate people that it is a natural process. In some areas of deprivation breastfeeding is still, unfortunately, seen as 'taboo' and there are reasons such as culture, peer pressure and all sorts, however there is a lot of work going on to increase 'baby friendly' places and things and to encourage breastfeeding. Amazing to all those women who do it, huge respect and to all those mothers who at least want to or have tried it. Its great that even hospitals encourage the mothers to express milk if their child is in special baby care when first born too. There are lots of support from children centres, midwives and health visitors as well as peer support workers, in Britain to help too.

Topic which kind of porn movie turn u on immediately
Posted 11 May 2013 23:57

Anything starring Mark Davis! Wow. I'm a sucker for kink! 204-oral

Topic The Rage Cage
Posted 05 May 2013 08:17

*Image removed by Rage Patrol*

Topic Have you ever fantasized about having sex with your teacher/professor?
Posted 03 May 2013 09:26

Hell yes! English teacher and sports teacher...oh and my history teacher, but he left quite early on due to his affair with one of his students! (she got in first! Lol)

Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 03 May 2013 05:58

Irish coffee. Big cup, double shot of espresso, long nip of whiskey, frothy milk..

Irish coffee? No wonder you were looking a bit cross eyed! evil4

Topic Tan Lines?
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Topic Chicks with Specs
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Topic Sexy heels
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Topic Bodacious Brunettes
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Topic why do you wear a bra?
Posted 29 Apr 2013 12:11

I wear a bra because my boobies are really rather big. Embarassed

I only take my bra off if I'm alone, at home. I wear it whenever anybody is around because otherwise, my boobs are wobbling all around, and they get enough attention (unwanted) as it is. Without a bra, they not only sit lower (thankfully not at my waist yet), so my clothes don't fit right, but they seem to take on a life of their own. They get in the way (even with a bra), can make my back ache, and they're just a nuisance. My nipples are less likely to show under my bra, too. I have enough stares as it is without them visually asking for more! If I run, I still have to hold them up with my hands, even with the bra. They effing hurt otherwise!

I feel more comfortable around other people if I'm wearing my scaffolding, but it does make my back ache more after a long day. Taking my bra off is a joy, but I do it alone.

I neeeeeeeed my bras, and that's why I wear them.

This made me lol! evil4

I'm with Daisy, I have big boobies and they would just be jiggling all over the place! If I don't have a bra on, at home, and answer the door to someone, like the postman, I feel super self conscious that he is staring at them!

Topic What Is Your Choice?
Posted 29 Apr 2013 12:01

No better way to start your day! bates 204-oral thumbright

Topic Clit or Periods
Posted 29 Apr 2013 11:05

d'oh! what woman would want to give up her clit?!

Seesh, clits are amazing! evil4

Topic Sexy heels
Posted 29 Apr 2013 07:33