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The Neighbour's Daughter

Jack is coming to terms with being divorced and soon realises what he has been missing..

Jack threw himself down onto the cold, leather couch. It had been a long day. His black suit jacket hung loosely from the coat stand. He could hear the vibration of his mobile phone, yet another email coming through. ‘Enough already,’ he thought. Work was wearing him out these days and he was in need of a break, a big break. Loosening his mauve, striped tie from around his neck, he picked...Read On

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School is not such a boring place after all...

The growing crowd of students busied their way to the main entrance for the start of the school day as the coolness of autumn swept through the trees, scattering the colours of russet to the ground. Chris’s mountain bike crunched through the gathering heaps of leaves. Swerving, he narrowly missed a group of gossiping teenagers. His new girl, Layla, threw her head back and squealed with...Read On

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Sophie's Release

Sophie's bathroom trip takes an unexpected turn

Glancing up at the clock, through her black-framed glasses, Sophie could have sworn time had stood still. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat, in desperate need for the class to finish. She needed to pee. She also needed to peel her soaked gusset from her dripping pussy, as she could not shift Adam's cock from her mind. She knew the risk of her losing her job and her marriage was too...Read On


Appreciating the Agent

A celebratory event leads to sincere appreciation...

The evening had finally arrived. The New Years Eve Ball was to be held at the Devere Mansion hotel to celebrate the success of Oliver Taylors’ latest erotic book release. Caitlyn had been preening and pampering herself to perfection in preparation for this momentous occasion. She had been working for Oliver, as his literary agent, for the past five years, ever since she graduated...Read On


A Sweeter Seduction 2

A romantic evening of seduction leads to a gluttonous dessert.

Wandering hands and a locked embrace were reflected in the polished stainless steel of the lift doors, as our lust-driven trance controlled us. The chimes of the hotel lift arriving on our level interrupted our passionate state. We stepped inside and the doors closed behind us. The cold, hard surface of the mirrored wall made me jolt forward as Darren pushed me back against it. His...Read On


A Story to Remember

A weekend of passion leads Greg to take what is rightfully his..

She sat naked, upright with the laptop poised on her knees, in the spacious king sized bed. The large full-length window, which Greg had rampantly fucked her in front of the previous night, allowed the sunlight to exude through the room. Her perfectly manicured fingertips delicately tapped over the letters on her keyboard as she recalled details of their night of passion. Freshly...Read On


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Ethan's domineering ways leaves April begging for more.

Written in collaboration with Milik_Redman An animalistic growl escaped from his lips. I could feel his throbbing rod plunging deep within my pussy walls, almost slamming against my cervix. I cried out as Ethan sank his teeth into the side of my neck, grunting as he thrust harder into my pouting hole. My legs were wrapped around his lower back, and his muscular form was pinning me...Read On

Erotic Poems(7)

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Watching her

Pleasured by another

The shadow of her sleek, black frame, She patiently waits her turn. Laughing, she plays her wicked game, On his knees, he has to learn. She's like a panther in the night, Stalking her defenceless prey. Unable to move, he's bound tight, Yearning for her as her hips sway. Cackling laughter. He looks on, Another man greets his love. His securities now gone, Jealously fits like a glove. His...Read On

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Play time is fun...

The demonic voice stirs inside, A wicked, tortured soul. Obedient, he kneels beside, He understands his role. His naked body at her feet. A desperate need to cum. His jutted dick, the swollen heat. His heavy balls now numb. Clicking heels follows laughter. She plays her wicked game. Watching her moves, he lusts after. PVC swathes her frame. Teasing him, she opens her zip, ...Read On

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A girls night out

We all need a good night out...

Giggling in the bathroom queue, Knowing what we’re going to do. Her short pink dress, heels to match My tongue aches for her wet snatch Bodies filled with rose wine Grabbing her arse, I know she’s mine Once inside, we lock the door, Time to make this bitch my whore. Watching her, I start to pee, Leaning back so she can see, The golden stream of warm piss, Tongues meet for a...Read On

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Golden rays upon milky skin, Glistening beads, perspire. Full pink lips, a seductive grin, Watching with desire. Lycra falls, revealing her frame, Her nakedness displayed. A guilty act, he moans her name, Her every inch surveyed. Lapping cream, a delicious treat, Inviting him to taste. A trail of ice, a scorching heat, Trickling down her waist. A pane of glass to shield his view, A...Read On



A hunger from within, Ready to devour his prey. An infatuated desire of lust, His satiated appetite looms. An erotic delicacy splayed, As her love opens for him. Raw flesh of scented honey, Excitement slicks her loins. Quick motions of desperate need, Torn clothing, flesh exposed. An incessant fix, an addictive high, A passionate aroma descends. Salivating,...Read On

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Breaking the law comes at a price..

Thumping beats, with her foot to the floor, Late again. It was now ten to four. Smoky eyes, a mirrored reflection, A quick pout to ensure perfection. Approaching sirens began to sound, Checking her mirrors she glanced around. “Shit,” she muttered, and pulled to the side. Impatiently waiting, in her new ride. She unbuttoned her tartan, red shirt, Her darkened lashes, ready...Read On

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Santas' surprise

Santa comes earlier than expected..

Stoking the fire as the flames burn bright, Waiting for Santa, on Christmas Eve night. No chimney, but he has a magic key, To lay out the presents, under my tree.  Stockings only, for a sexy surprise, I bend over to lay out his mince pies. “Ho, ho, ho!” I hear then I gulp more wine, Santa is early, it’s only half nine!  “Brrr..!” he shivers as he dusts off the snow, I...Read On



The Fuck Show

Mia is transported into her own erotic story...

Leaning his elbow against the partially opened window of the car door, Daniel curled his forefinger through the fringe of his short, dark hair. The intensity of the midday sun had begun to subside some time ago, although the evening heat still lingered . Daniel could feel the beads of sweat trickling down the nape of his neck before dripping onto the collar of his white, polo t-shirt. He...Read On

Flash Erotica(3)

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When all you need is a wank...

Fuck, my dick was throbbing. So much so, I could feel the juice of my arousal streaming from its head, which had now, soaked through the material of my shorts. I knew I had to take care of it. My balls were so full I was convinced they had literally turned blue. All of these young girls parading around in their tiny shorts and strappy pyjama tops were enough to cause a middle-aged guy to have...Read On

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Just another day in the office

Holding the phone receiver away from her ear, Jess rolled her eyes. Sucking in one side of her cheek, she gently bit into the fleshy skin. Her patience was wearing thin. “… and I want to state that I expect to be reimbursed for the loss of earnings I incurred, having to take a day off…” the irate caller snapped, continuing with his rant. Her perfectly manicured fingertips typed swiftly...Read On

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Mushroom picking leads Alice on an adventure...

Plucking another mushroom from the ground, Alice placed it in her woven, wooden basket. Her cat, Dinah, danced through the overgrown blades of grass behind her, chasing the fluttering butterflies. College had finished for the summer and Alice intended on enjoying every minute of the glorious sunshine. Glancing around at the tranquil, open field she sneakily placed the head of another mushroom...Read On

Group Sex(4)

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Harvesting Rachel

Will plans a special night for his wife...

Scanning the picturesque scene from the window of the third floor, Rachel smiled. The rich, autumn colours radiated from the countryside. The burnt orange leaves were descending from the ageing trees, and drifting slightly in the September wind. The tranquil landscape made her lose herself, deep in her thoughts. Looking out into the cornfields she reminisced about how she used to play...Read On


Adrianna's gift

Her long, blonde tousled locks tumble further down body as she sips another mouthful of the chilled Bailey’s Irish Cream. The ice cubes clink against the side of the glass as the velvety liquid begins trickling down her throat. Her white mini-dress clings flawlessly to her slender frame, and stops just below her petite buttocks. The matching white, spiked, platform shoes draw attention to...Read On


Dessert comes first

A helping in the kitchen goes down a treat......

Her large, milky white cheeks wobbled as her ass bucked back onto the oversized rubber dildo. Her luscious tits quivered as the toy rammed deeper into her stretched anus. His fist tightly gripped her long blonde hair, pulling back her head. Her back arched as he pumped the toy harder into her taut hole. “That’s it you little slut, fucking take it all for me. I want to see you...Read On


Tormented Tease

a night of teasing ends in trouble.....

“ Well what do you think ?” I asked my best friend Sarah, as I sauntered down the stairs in my four-inch Louboutin heels. It had been too long since I had been clubbing. I wiggled my ass in my tight ‘wet look’ leggings, as I twirled around for her. “ Oh wow, Em, you look absolutely amazing! Tonight is going to be so much fun. I hope this club is ready for us!” she shrieked as she thrust...Read On


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Taking your best friend shopping has its benefits...

The steam from the morning coffee coiled under her nose, like a hypnotised snake dancing for its charmer. Kacey’s beige coloured mittens wrapped around the paper cup as she inhaled the rich aroma. “Mmm… nothing like a good coffee to wake me up in the morning.” Libby smiled at her friend across the mahogany coffee table, watching as she closed her eyes, savouring every second of her...Read On

Love Poems(15)


Under the stars

Loving each other

I'll meet you there, under the stars. Where only you and I exist. In a world that is truly ours A passion we can not resist When broken paths crossed long ago Lost in the disillusioned ways Connected, love began to grow A new hope, set our hearts ablaze. The sweetest taste of loving sin Now waits upon my hungry lips Scorching desire burns my skin Longing for the soothe of your kiss ...Read On

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Diamond Tears

learning to love again

His words fall like diamond tears,  Upon the worn, tattered page. He's haunted by his own fears, His mind is a lonely cage. He sings his sad, sorry song, As she walks alone again. Repeated patterns of wrong, Repeated patterns of pain. Love frayed like a hanging rope, It just makes no sense at all. He clings to a depressed hope, A cliff's edge, waiting to fall. He's lost in...Read On

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Patchwork Quilt

Time is precious

She binds together, Squares of her patchwork quilt. Petals sway gently, Her loves rose starts to wilt. Broken bonds of love, Sweet romance of days past. Silent promises, Unfulfilled dreams still last. She knows his secret, Her quiet words cry out. Darkness falls around, Of which, she has no doubt. Pale lips remain closed, A blind eye to the pain. His fun carries on, His addictions remain....Read On

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The River

Dedicated to my beautiful SydneySider

Fresh dew upon the green, Moist against her skin. Ageing trees cast shadows, The gentle breeze creeps through. Swirling hues of liquid, Lick at her fingertips. Beaming sun’s reflection, Still no answers she finds. Whispered, silent wishes, A river of lost dreams. A glint of hope remains, She calls for love once more. Soon her prayers are answered, He is there, in her dreams....Read On

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Entwining flames slowly wane, Searching for their breath, Blazing sounds of lonely pain Drowning in their death. Whispers of smoke seek the air, Energy burning, Smouldering embers still there, Forever yearning. His love once fuelled her fire, But soon scorched her soul. An obsessive desire, Never in control. She dies, for life to begin, Heart no longer torn. ...Read On


Love letters

too little, too late...

Shallow breath and shaking hands, Empty words form her story. Youthful lust of time gone by, Regrets what could have been. The whispers of silver, Covered by silk, Envelops her aging mind. Her ink is dry, no words to scribe. ‘If only’ she had changed her path, A ghostly reminder of words unspoken. A chance, a glint of stolen hope, Her blind eyes left wide open. ...Read On



He’s lost; he cannot be found, No-one there to understand, No trace of the whispered sound. Gone, without a helping hand. He’s empty, without her near, The space between them so vast, Now confronting his worst fear, Tears, over memories past. A lifeless rose, dying love, A broken and helpless man, Soft cries to the peaceful dove, This wasn’t part of his plan. ...Read On

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101 Words: Missing You

Fading promises, A dying rose, Clouded silhouettes’, Of grieving woes. Distant memories. Love and laughter. Sorrow drowning, Of ever after. Passionate skins, An addictive heat, A wanting heart. A darkened beat. The touch of silk, Frayed and rough, Unfilled arms, So raw and tough. The scent of you, So close to me, The empty space, Of love so free. ...Read On

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Quenching hot summer thirst, Warm droplets turn to rain. Bodies close, sheltering. Your lips touch mine again. Cute giggles escape lips, Firm hands mould bare skin. Delicate beads so moist, Escaping from within. Embrace precipitation. Cool water of caress. Together under skies, Pouring love of sweetness. Breaths of devoted love, Urgent passions entwined. Humid...Read On

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Soft cries of heightened pleasure, Floating from his wicked soul, Love dripping from her treasure, Claiming the heart she once stole. A tale of forbidden lust, Of seduction and amour, Angelic eyes speak of trust, Her tongue spells of words impure. Crumbling, submissive pleas, Her whispers so raw and dark, Surrendering, on his knees. Licentious sins leave...Read On



You are mine. Skin-to-skin, lost in the moment. Smooth, against the rough. Intoxicating, the heated aroma, Of my sweet fragrance. Your hands explore my body. Moans, escape my lips, Passion leaking from me. You want it, You need it. Trailing your nose down my body, Discovering my core. My arousal leaking. Groaning, I watch you, Stripping my knickers from...Read On



To feel complete.

Crystal waters lapping gently, Upon the golden shore. He whispers softly in my ear, “It’s you the stars shine for.” His fingers tickle down my spine, As we welcome the night. Snuggling against his body, Drenched in the white moonlight. “Look at the shooting star,” he says, “My own wish has come true. To be complete with my sweet love, The beauty, which is you.” ...Read On



Now who is in control?

All dressed up in ruby red, Teasing you, ready for bed. Stockings, knickers and heels, too, Hoping you enjoy the view, Of my legs, opening wide,  Sexy gaze intensified. Sliding my heel up your leg Hearing the sound of you beg To allow you to touch me. Snapped restraints, your hands are free. Wandering heel up your chest, I trail it back down to rest. Your cock...Read On


Breakfast in bed

A sweet breakfast is ready to be served..

Our naked bodies remain entwined, I slip quietly free from your embrace. The glow of love still covers my skin. My lips brush against your face, while your mind still floats adrift, still softly in the land of dreams. Your sculpted body beneath the sheets, emphasized by the suns beams. The rise of your love signals, that you wish to carry on, our previous night of passion, ...Read On



No matter the distance you are here..

Nightfall lures me to dreamland, Knowing how much you care.  Light beams in to wake you,  Wanting, I am there. Wrapping up warm, against the cold,  Snuggled, you are here. Swimming naked to avoid the heat,  Smiling, I am near. Resting, after my day is done,  Thinking of you all the while,  Working hard to finish your day,  Imagining, As you smile.  Opposite in every way,  But the...Read On

Love Stories(1)


A Sweet Seduction

A romantic evening of seduction

This story was written in collaboration the gorgeous Sydneysider. Closing one eye, I glanced back at my reflection as I curled my lashes with black mascara, until I perfected my look. Madonna’s ‘True-Blue’ blasted from my iPod speakers. Jumping up on the bed, I began dancing, my dark curls bouncing softly around my shoulders. The adrenalin was pumping as my excitement grew. Our first...Read On


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Wank Harder

Needing that sweet release...

'Thank fuck I chose black sweat pants,' I thought, as I walked into the kitchen. My daughter’s best friend Gabriella was at the breakfast bar, perched on the edge of the stool, and nibbling on a freshly toasted bagel. Her thick mane of dark hair was pinned, perfectly on the top of her head. The rich dark waves contrasted against her pure white maxi dress, which was draped over her slim...Read On

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The Librarian

Silence is golden...

The squeaking trolley wheels were the only sound that filtered through the library as I leisurely strolled up and down the repetitive aisles. Stacking books onto shelves, at 8pm, was not an ideal way to spend a Friday evening, boring in fact. It was quiet… deathly quiet. Carrying out the same routine for a little over twelve months now had begun to get tiresome. I had not envisaged,...Read On


The field of desire

she longed for him...

‘The field that you have described to me, I want you to go there, lie down and think of me as you pleasure yourself. Oh and don’t forget the pictures to prove it!’ Jessica read the text message once again, a wicked grin spread across her angelic face. She was going to do this, just for him. She lay relaxed, undisturbed, upon the freshly cut grass. The intense heat of the sun’s rays,...Read On

Office Sex(2)

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The Assistant

It sucks working late...

The last of the office lights faded signalling end of the day. The dedicated employees had finally given up and headed home for the evening. Stress was his middle name. He had worked hard for the success of his business and faced some mighty competitors within his market. He needed a break. Staying late had become a regular thing, for not always the right reasons. The abrupt piercing sound...Read On


The Office Attention Whore

Working late in the office is not so bad....

“Look at the fucking sway on that ass,” drooled Lee as Sophie strutted past him, swinging her shapely hips. “That bitch needs a good fucking banging! And I have just the meat for that , ” laughed Si, grabbing his crotch. The mundane nine to five job had its perks for the guys of the office. Sophie was the newest member of the team, and the only female in the workplace. She knew just how...Read On

Oral Sex(1)

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The Neighbour's Daughter Part 2

Another red hot encounter leaves Jack needing more..

Jack knew Emilia was a kinky bitch. Ever since the Halloween event over a year ago, she had shown just how kinky she was. And now, at the tender age of twenty, her ability to make him cum like an erupting volcano was a definite strength of hers. They were fuck buddies; fuck buddies that could not get enough of each other. An alleyway moment of passion had turned into a regular,...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)

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A Licence To Thrill

Driving Megan to the edge...

Inhaling deeply, I turned the key in the ignition to silence the roaring engine. Megan was always running late, however I didn’t mind. The sight of those perfect little pins, strutting down the concrete steps at the front of her house, was an image I would never tire of watching. Perfect driving conditions made the day feel even hotter than it was about to get. The sun was nestled perfectly...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Aaron's sister

A welcome home party he won't forget..

“Shit, Aaron, how quick has Nikki grown up?” Tom gasped, peering into his best friend's garden. “Back off from my sis dude, she is only seventeen. Can’t half tell you have been pussy deprived for a while!” Aaron snapped back. ‘Woah, cool bro,” Tom replied, raising both of his palms to face Aaron, “Don’t worry I won’t touch her. I’m merely saying that I haven’t seen her in a year, and she...Read On


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He knew it was wrong but how could he resist her?

Sienna pressed her forefinger to her gin-soaked lips. “Ssshh,” she giggled, a feeble attempt to control her sudden burst of hiccups. The clink of the door keys signaled Sam’s drunken attempt to find the lock. “Fuck, you’ll get me into trouble,” he whispered, trying to hide his laugh from any spying neighbours. Sienna pressed her petite body up against his, as they stumbled through the...Read On


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The Stripper's Revenge

She returns to claim what is hers..

It was three years ago when I finally decided enough was enough and escaped my miserable life with Jack. I moved far away, figuring it was the best option. I wanted to forget this life I knew, a new identity was what I needed. I had been working at Jack's nightclub, as his ‘star’ dancer for a little over two years. My alter ego ‘Candice’ had become a stripping sensation. I was earning...Read On