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Topic: T Girls Top, Bottom or Switch
Posted: 26 Jun 2015 01:07

Bottom. I don't want any attention whatsoever to the boy parts. I'd get rid of them if I could.

Topic: Smoking: Turn on or off?
Posted: 01 Jun 2014 23:47

It's a double standard for me. It's a turn-on when guys do it, a turn-off when girls do it. By "turn-on," I mean that it is aromatically and visually appealing, not a fetish that I require as part of sexual activity. I am, however, a non-smoker.

Topic: Age preference
Posted: 24 May 2014 23:18

We all have an age range preference, I don't mean that stick to it rigidly. Mine is 25 to 35/40. Ive been with a few younger but they looked older and older that looked younger. I've prefered that range all my life from 16 to 60. As you get older has your prefered range changed?
I think that's probably the most popular age range, no matter what age, sex, or orientation you are. The stereotype is that anyone younger than that is a self-centered, immature brat. The stereotype is that anyone older than that likes to sit around, knit, and read the Wall Street Journal. Not saying it's right. Just saying that's the way it is.

Topic: Opinion on shemales
Posted: 22 May 2014 15:22

The terms "shemale" and "ladyboy" are offensive to trans people. The entire premise of the "shemale" fantasy shows a misunderstanding of what it means to be transsexual. Why would you expect a MTF transsexual to enjoy using a part of her body that she wishes wasn't there? Most "shemales" are sex workers trying to raise money to remedy that problem.

Topic: cum swallowing
Posted: 22 May 2014 13:17

Can't taste my own cum. I'm dry due to hormone therapy. :)

Topic: Men who like men: Top, bottom, or switch?
Posted: 21 May 2014 22:26

Definitely bottom. My dick could fall off for all I care.

Topic: cum swallowing
Posted: 21 May 2014 22:24

To me, it's disrespectful to blow a guy and not swallow.

Topic: Crossdressing
Posted: 21 May 2014 22:22

I'm trans. So obviously I enjoy it :)

Topic: Help! I want to meet bisexual lesbian women
Posted: 21 May 2014 22:20

What is a "bisexual lesbian?" Isn't that a bit of a contradiction?

Topic: How much does this kind of thing, put you off?
Posted: 03 Feb 2014 17:21

I'm less concerned about spelling/grammatical errors than I am about sloppy or nonexistent dialog and stories that don't invite me into them.

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Snowed In

At just six o'clock, the sun had been down now for over three hours and it would be another sixteen hours until the bitter and long December darkess would lift once again. The day started out with bone-chilling single-digits. Yet it was a bright sunny day for the short four hours we experienced it. That's a fairly typical winter day here in Wasilla, where sunny means bitter cold. But the...

Added 19 Nov 2014 | Category Bisexual | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.17 | Views 15,846 | 4 Comments

Shanna, A Complete Woman

Shanna woke up. Delirious, she looked around and noticed lights, monitors, and other medical equipment that filled the intensive care unit where she lay. Then she saw Kyle's face. He held her hand, faithfully keeping vigil by her side as she recovered. He took her hand and raised it to his mouth, giving her a kiss. "Hi Shanna," he said. Shanna was confused, having no memory of...

Added 31 May 2014 | Category Trans | Votes 6 | Avg Score 5 | Views 7,326 | 3 Comments

Shanna Takes Manhattan

After driving all night, I was now somewhere in the middle of West Virginia. Daddy called frequently, but I did not take his calls. I was determined to start a new life for myself in New York City, away from conservative redneck Tennessee. My phone rang once again, but this time, it was my friend Monica. "Girl," Monica said. "Where have you been? I've been trying to reach you all morning?" ...

Added 30 May 2014 | Category Trans | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,762 | 2 Comments

Shanna Does Manhattan

It was an all-too-familiar scene. I met with a handsome guy for a drink and some conversation Yes, you've read that story before. And you know how it ended. Twice, in fact. First with Kyle, and then with Matt. The flavor of this week was Sean. He had responded to a personal ad in which I clearly stated that I was a T-girl. So he knew when he sat down with me that I was not like other...

Added 27 Jun 2013 | Category Trans | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 9,627 | 7 Comments

I Dare You

It was a hot July afternoon in that summer of 1987. I was seventeen years old, and hanging out in rural Tennessee with my best friend, Ryan Conner. My parents thought he was a bad influence on me. He had been suspended from school numerous times for fighting. His dad was a drunk and because of that, he spent most of his time away from home, usually getting in trouble. On that particular day,...

Added 10 Jun 2013 | Category Bisexual | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.7 | Views 10,139 | 5 Comments

Love In An Elevator

It was Christmas Eve, a Friday. I had just got paid and hadn't even started my Christmas shopping. I'm bad about that. I have a large family, dozens of nieces and nephews, and lots of friends to buy gifts for. Unfortunately, I had about two hours to shop before all the stores closed for the holiday. I waited in line at the bank to cash my paycheck so that I could go shopping. After about...

Added 08 Jun 2013 | Category Bisexual | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.9 | Views 7,482 | 8 Comments

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