Stories sweetaz


As it rains

To lie here with you

To wake with you on this rainy morn Your lips finding their way along my spine So gentle the trail you lay Deeper within, my soul glows. Kissing my lips, take that sparkle Ignite my interest, keep me near Keep me interested, I'll never stray Share my interest, broaden the mind Hold nothing back, I implore Make a point, get to it Romance the mind, the body shudders Flow...Read On


Each night

Together we live each night

Sitting in wait for your return Pleasant thoughts on my mind Waiting impatiently I swirl Erotic thoughts I have in depth. The evening shadow falls upon me Igniting the fire within Burning low but bright Heating the inner soul I take claim of your time. Feed me that dripping cock Fullness I need to feel Enter my dreams of wants Last til waking dawn Speak to me of...Read On


On the other side

I've travelled to visit To wine and dine To the theatre, The Ballet It's intense with grace. Heading back to the apartment Your a gentleman you see Allowing me your bed While you dosh down on the settee. Coy and respectful You allowed me to escape But in the sanctity of the bedroom My heart did race. Onto Lush did I log and what did I see Your online too, happy to be We chatted,...Read On


My Good Night

To help you sleep

So here you go. As you lie there on your back, Legs slightly splayed, your hand near your crack. My legs are wide open, as wide as the night sky. So horny right now, and no man near my side. Two fingers dipping into me, Lightly at first rubbing the outer labia Fuck it I'm in, two then three fingers fast. Reaching up on the inner, Feeling the smooth inside. Harder and faster I plunge....Read On


April Fool

Its all about fun

You come here often? What a classic line. Yes, to chat and the odd fuck online. What of yourself? Find pleasure to dine? Such a delectable menu, you'll find. I'm not too fussed on the female kind. I have my own pussy, it purrs in time. I like hardening cocks. It's those that will make me sing. Sweet lullabies and kiss-me-nots. Whispers in tune. I laugh out loud,...Read On


I let them rise

Definition I am only me Brimming from constant talk Shimmering in summer heat Solitude it softens. Flittering in and out of this hole Such obstacles conquered Prevalent amongst the dwellers Wind sweeps in scattering clusters. Squinting eyes, creased smiles In minds eye I'm there Head rest in the crook of your arm Inhaling your warming fragrance. Silence falls upon the gathering Hour of...Read On


What holds you

Gathering of clouds

Fear took hold of you Fear holds you close Your vision blurred Visions you have are blurred, Heart beats steady Yet the rhythm fluctuates Fear of the unknown You galloped towards it. That sleeve of emotion Readily you held out Collecting your tears as they fell, No cushioning, No fanfare Thee ensemble you conduct. Gathering of clouds Random thoughts closing in Darkening...Read On



I lay stretched upon my couch My fingers skillfully replying to your letter Intrigued by your mind that lies in dark pools Only my reflection do I see Gracefully my fingers linger on edge Feeling the heat beneath How easily they slide to find that end Melting me with your words Minds eye locked in with yours Transporting and morphed as one Enclosed in hushed sounds of life ...Read On


Our time

Time spent together, shared in the most intimate way. Words themselves fail to capture their full meaning. In an ideal world we are all that we can be here for each other. Miles apart, closer in my heart than I had expected. It crept up on me so subtly, and pierced my inner self. Shattering all, it was a drastic realisation. The idea of love came to me and I felt each sharpened...Read On


What once was will never be

We meet through talks and wit The smiles and laughter filled the screen Heart breaks over completely nothing Reviews take place and light shines Searching my soul I question this burden Rose tinted glasses snatched away Conflict ensures to peaceful end Worrying pass or future clouded History is eased but lingers Doubt conveyed trust there was none Hurt is evident heart beats slow...Read On