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Lush provides me a venue to post my innermost fantasies. I love hearing from readers (especially female) who have been moved by my stories. Feel free to drop me a note anytime.

Many of my stories are based on my fantasies. Some of the stories are based on the fantasies of others that have contacted me. But all of them are fantasies. We have no control over our fantasies, and many of them will always be just that; fantasies, not real. I don't necessarily condone the behaviour of my characters; some of them are a bit lecherous, I'm afraid. Some are rowdy. And some might just be a little nasty. But it takes all kinds.

I believe that men, deep down, have a strong need to worship and adore their lover. I believe that women, deep down, have a strong need to be worshiped and adored by their lover. Most of my stories reflect those beliefs.

Ron Dawes
I enjoy many different categories on Lush. Voyeurism is one of my favorite. I think it's a guy thing. Guys are visual, and the thought of seeing something delicious that I'm not supposed to is very exciting.
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Stories Published By Sweetdreemz
The African Queen

Elizabeth completed finishing school in June of 1898, but she wasn’t scheduled to return home until August. That’s when acquaintances of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Longmont, would be traveling back to Shanghai. It would be unthinkable for a young woman to sail unescorted. While she looked forward to seeing friends and family, she wasn’t sorry that she would miss at least part of the...

Added 21 Nov 2015 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 4 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 1,448 | 5 Comments

The Pickup

“What’ll it be?” “Martini. Gin. Dry.” The bar wasn’t particularly busy, at least not yet. The music was too loud. He hadn’t been in a bar in years, but he could see that nothing had changed since he was a young man frequenting such places. The obligatory pack of straight women who thought it hip to hang at a gay bar. The table of lesbians, looking smug with their lovers, knowing they...

Added 26 Oct 2015 | Category Gay Male

Oriental Massage

I tried every excuse I could think of to turn down Jerry’s invitation, but he told me if I didn’t buy a plane ticket immediately he was going to buy me one himself and kick my ass when I got to Colorado Springs. He knew why I was reluctant to come, but he didn’t care. I resigned myself to an awkward and uncomfortable weekend, and bought a round trip ticket. In previous years I would...

Added 24 Oct 2015 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 29 | Avg Score 4.93 | Views 8,430 | 20 Comments

Sharing Wives Continued

Ever since Rob brought home the pornographic magazines, Julie and Rob’s sex life was in overdrive. They constantly fantasized about the graphic stories they read in the magazines. Julie had never fantasized about being with other men, and certainly had never thought about being serviced by more than one man at a time. Now she seemed to think of nothing else. Of course, she could never be...

Added 12 Oct 2015 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 5,071 | 6 Comments

Cuckolded By A Younger Man

“Rick? Rick Connors? This is Tommy Bowers. Michael Bowers' son?” It took Rick a moment to place the name. Michael Bowers was Rick’s step-brother, and he remembered that he did have a couple of kids. Rick’s mother had married Michael’s father when Rick was a teen-ager, but Michael had lived with his mother, so they had only seen each other a handful of times, the last time being at the...

Added 09 Oct 2015 | Category Cuckold | Votes 18 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 11,202 | 8 Comments

Sharing Wives

After twelve years, there was no denying that Rob and Julie’s marriage needed help. One of Julie’s friends recommended a marriage counselor that she had used, and they set up the first meeting. The counselor listened as they described their issues, occasionally asking questions. At the end of the meeting, she recommended that each of them come to her individually once, then they would...

Added 10 Oct 2015 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 17 | Avg Score 4.94 | Views 10,175 | 9 Comments

Screwing Private Ryan

June 5, 1944 23:50 As we loaded onto the C-47, I wondered if it was going to be another false alarm. Yesterday, the weather had forced us to abort, but tonight the planes took off. I had the feeling that this was the night I would die for sure. I had gotten less than three hours shut-eye, and I floated between sleep and consciousness as we flew toward our drop zone. I had done night drops...

Added 10 Jun 2014 | Category First Time | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.93 | Views 11,320 | 11 Comments

Peeping Tom

Julie turned in front of the mirror, admiring herself. “Not too shabby for an old lady,” she thought to herself, as she walked out of her dressing area. Her forty-five year old body was stuffed into a swimsuit that was skimpier than she would have been comfortable wearing if she weren’t in the privacy of her own home. These spring days in South Texas are what made living there worth...

Added 15 Mar 2014 | Category Voyeur | Votes 17 | Avg Score 4.59 | Views 9,859 | 7 Comments

Morning routine

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I come out of our toilet and see her getting ready for work in her panties and bra. She puts on makeup in between drying her hair a little at a time under the ceiling fan, trying not to get too hot. As she leans forward to look into the mirror, I see the ample cleavage showing above her sexy bra. The slight arch in her back makes her butt jut out, her...

Added 14 Dec 2013 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 7 | Avg Score 5 | Views 6,190 | 6 Comments

Forever Young

“What have I gotten myself into?” My palms were moist and my heart beat quickly. I knew what I was about to do was a mistake, but I sure didn’t have the brains to stop. Or rather, I had too much testosterone to make myself use my brains. “I actually told her my nickname, Fingers,” I thought with embarrassment. “What a fucking ass I am.” My college teammates had given me that...

Added 13 Dec 2013 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.18 | Views 4,917 | 2 Comments

eBooks Published By Sweetdreemz
Family Matters: Stories of Inappropriate Relationships
Family Matters: Stories of Inappropriate Relationships

Six stories of family relationships that are so inappropriate, they'll fire your imagination during your "private playtime", or during foreplay. Mother & son breastfeeding, Brothers and sisters exploring their new-found sexuality, young, nubile daughters or nieces seducing their...

Mom's Lust
Mom's Lust

Mom and son share a bed at a motel on a week long trip to visit colleges, and son accidentally has a wet dream on her. As mom gets more aroused thinking about it over the week they're together, she becomes more emboldened to seduce him, so she can take care of him as only mommy knows how. ...

Mom's Lust
Mom's Lust

Mom and son share a bed at a motel on a week long trip to visit colleges, and son accidentally has a wet dream on her. As mom gets more aroused thinking about it over the week they're together, she becomes more emboldened to seduce him, so she can take care of him as only mommy knows how. ...


Matty goes off to college, and in a cost saving move, her parents move her into an apartment with her older brother, who she idolizes. As they share close quarters, their blossoming sexual needs won't be...

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