She obeys completely

She had made it pretty obvious from the first time they chatted on-line that she enjoyed being dominated. It really wasn’t in his nature to be dominating, but he easily slipped into that role during their chats. She was drop dead gorgeous, stunningly so, so he couldn’t imagine that she would ever have trouble calling the shots in her relationships if she wanted. It seemed the more dominating...Read On

Gay Male(1)


Yin and Yang

straight guy loses wager to gay friend

There was nobody special I wanted to see at my ten-year reunion, but I went anyway, and was pleasantly surprised to see so many people I had forgotten about. It was a fun evening, and I collected a few phone numbers of people I hoped to reconnect with later. As the evening wound down, I ended up at a table with an old friend, drinking beers and talking. Keith and I had played in a couple of...Read On

Group Sex(1)



Her lover's troubled friend wants her too

Dedicated to cutiepie98, who provided the idea for the story When Melissa’s car started crapping out, one of her co-workers recommended Performance Options, a local tuner shop. Dave assured her that they were good. Melissa dreaded dealing with auto mechanics, knowing that a female had no chance to keep from getting screwed at a car repair shop. She dropped it off and told Mike, the...Read On



Mom's Milk Part 6

Teen breastfeeds from mother, gets aroused

With the baby now over a year old, Dan had been pressuring mom to stop breastfeeding it. He thought it was weird to do so for such a long time, though my mom protested, saying there was nothing better for the baby. I didn’t get a vote, but I was terrified that our intimacy would soon end. I guess I always knew it couldn’t last forever, but I had put that out of my mind. Dan wasn’t scheduled...Read On


Mom's Milk Part 3

Teen tries mother's milk, gets aroused

Mom quietly slipped into my bed, snuggling her nude body against mine and holding me silently. Since the school year had ended, she had made a practice of slipping into my bed after putting the baby down for its morning nap on days when Dan was out of town on business. It felt like mid-morning, maybe ten thirty. I rolled onto my back and stretched while she lay against me, her arm thrown over...Read On


Mom's Milk Part 8

Teen breastfeeds from mom, becomes aroused

We had both come to the decision that it was best if our relationship changed. I was too old, mom said, to be lying with my mommy. As much as we both enjoyed our time together, we both knew that it was time to stop. After all, it wouldn’t be long before I would be going off to college. I agreed with her. I felt remorse after each time we lay together. I knew it was wrong. Still, she was...Read On


Mom's milk part 2

teen feeds from his mother

I came in from school tired. It was a really hot day, and I had worked out really hard. I was training for the district meet, it was my chance to go to state finals, and my coach wanted it badly. After a monster session in the weight room, I had run windsprints for forty five minutes, then finished with a five mile run that ended at home. I rushed through the little bit of homework that...Read On



Niece accidentally seduces uncle

When my kid brother died, I inherited his daughter. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the kid. She had all the good attributes of both of her parents; her mother was incredibly beautiful. Even though Winnie was pretty much a stick at thirteen, she showed signs of being just as pretty, once she filled out. And she had my kid brother’s smile and up-beat attitude. She would need it now. I was all...Read On



Daughter convinces dad to adopt natural lifestyle

It was nobody’s fault; we married way too young. If Chris hadn’t gotten pregnant, we probably wouldn’t have lasted ten months together. We had very different ideas about what was important. As it is, we spent ten years together, most of them unhappy. Finally, one day, she took the cat and left us. The divorce was amicable, quick, and relatively cheap. She didn’t want any of the stuff, and...Read On


Papa-san - Chapter 2

Daughter introduces her friend to our natural lifestyle

“Daddy?” She was sitting on my lap while I watched the news. Nude, as usual. Since she had decided that she wanted to adopt a natural lifestyle, shortly after her eighteenth birthday, she had insisted I do so as well. Somewhere she had heard that Japanese families often bathed together, and had decided she wanted a Japanese style family. It took me a while to become comfortable with it, but...Read On


Brotherly Love

Little brother busts sister masturbating, wants to watch

Looking back, 1993 was one of the best years of my life. Nirvana, Radiohead and Pearl Jam all released fantastic new albums. Jurassic Park was at the theaters and The X Files began running on TV. The Cowboys, after winning only one game in the 1990 season, won their division in 1992 and went on to blow out the Bills in the Super Bowl in 1993. My Rangers looked like they were going to be killer...Read On


Mom's Milk

Teen tries his mother's milk, becomes aroused

My mom and I had pulled through some rough times together and it made us tighter. I just figured that was how it always would be. Of course, it’s different for a kid of eleven than it is for a widowed mother trying to provide for her kid. “I’m gonna be your new daddy.” “Bullshit. You’re just gonna be the asshole that comes between me and my mom,” I thought to myself. I was thirteen when...Read On


Mom's Milk Part 4

Teen breastfeeds from mother and gets aroused.

I finished my run and returned home to an empty house. Mom and the baby were dropping off Dan at the airport for a three day business trip. It had been a week since I had been alone with mom. As the shower water ran over my body, I closed my eyes and lathered my dick, reveling in the thought of getting lost in her large, milky breasts. I stopped before I went too far and rinsed the soap off...Read On


Mom's Milk Part 5

Teen breastfeeds from mom, becomes aroused

It was cold and rainy, a very raw day in December. I skipped track practice, not wanting to run in this weather. There were only two things in the world I really loved; track, and routine. I didn’t do well when my normal routine was broken, so my mom was really surprised when I came home right after school. The baby was napping and Dan was out of town, so we had the house to ourselves....Read On


Papa-san chapter 3

daughter introduces more friends to their natural lifestyle

With the end of the school year, Christie hosted a sleepover several times a week. It seemed like every time I walked in the door, there were five or six naked girls begging “papa-san” to take his clothes off. Some of the girls I had never met before. Robin had pimples on her face and a very petite body with no curves whatsoever; flat chest, flat butt, flat stomach. She was extremely...Read On

Love Stories(1)


Cornish Cliffs

A romantic story about a conflicted young british girl in a love triangle

They left his car and hiked up a steep, five kilometer trail to a vista overlooking the Celtic Sea. She struggled to keep up with him, as he took long easy strides. She stumbled, and he turned around. “You okay? Do we need to slow down?” “Why don’t you ever sweat, Alan Trywick?” she asked. “I’m sweating like a pig, and you’re carrying on like it’s a stroll in the park.” She wiped her brow...Read On

Quickie Sex(2)

Morning routine

She's in a hurry this morning, but this won't take long

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I come out of our toilet and see her getting ready for work in her panties and bra. She puts on makeup in between drying her hair a little at a time under the ceiling fan, trying not to get too hot. As she leans forward to look into the mirror, I see the ample cleavage showing above her sexy bra. The slight arch in her back makes her butt jut out, her...Read On


Morning Delight

you wake me with a special treat

I wake up before the alarm, as usual, and lay quietly, enjoying waking up gradually. The room is mostly dark, the shutters closed, and it’s cool. I pull my sheet up to my neck and lay on my back. My dick is very hard, as it always is when I wake. I circle it with my thumb and middle finger, not stroking, just holding it. It feels wonderful. Still fuzzy with sleep, enjoying my soft bed, my...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Forever Young

thirty something guy reluctant to commit. Will she be the one to capture him?

“What have I gotten myself into?” My palms were moist and my heart beat quickly. I knew what I was about to do was a mistake, but I sure didn’t have the brains to stop. Or rather, I had too much testosterone to make myself use my brains. “I actually told her my nickname, Fingers,” I thought with embarrassment. “What a fucking ass I am.” My college teammates had given me that...Read On


Aspen weekend

couple finally meet after long on-line relationship

Sherry was already at the table, looking at the menu, when Beth showed up. They gave each other a hug, and Beth sat down. They quickly ordered so Beth would have time to eat and get back to the office. “Thanks for meeting me here, Sherry.” “No problem. What is it you wanted to talk about?” “I’m leaving town for three days, and I need someone to take care of Blake. It’s not his Dad’s turn...Read On



A Naughty Christmas Carol

Three Christmas Ghosts visit bitter, angry woman

“Any plans during the break?” Sue asked. “No,” Diane said. The bell rang, ending their conference period, so they headed back to their classrooms. Sue was the best friend Diane had at work; for that matter, she was probably her best friend anywhere, at this point, though they rarely saw each other outside work. Since Diane and Bill split up, most of her former friends had slipped...Read On