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Topic Bad Habits
Posted 08 Jul 2015 20:05

When I'm thinking I can really destroy my hair. I mean I can get a three hundred dollar hairdo and pick it apart while I'm sitting and thinking. I also have a terrible nail/biting habbit that will not go away. I love candy and I will find any way to obtain it.

Topic All-Time Favorite Games
Posted 26 Jun 2015 16:52

Ready 2 Rumble from the play station 1 of course. And all of the Mortal Conbats. Definitely getting the newest one.

Topic Where do u want the cum to go?
Posted 26 Jun 2015 16:48

Anywhere he wants to put it.

Topic when did you masturbate last?
Posted 26 Jun 2015 16:44

Pour Wine
Last night. It was awesome

Topic Girls, what color panties are you wearing today?
Posted 26 Jun 2015 16:42

black with gold trim

Topic What did you have for breakfast?
Posted 24 Jun 2015 18:03

Chocolate Chereos

Topic Cops Out of Control.
Posted 24 Jun 2015 15:14

It is nice to know that someone other than those who are going through this cares. Thanks. Secondly, I have allways heard when older people said that history repeats itself. This is the same thing cops use to do to the black race in the fifties and sixties. It will be very difficult to make a turn around because it isn't just the cops, it is the judges who get them off, it is the people who support the outrageous cops and it is the lack of punishment from the cops superiors. The system in so many ways shows the cops it is ok to hurt or put fear in to a person of the black race and nothing will happen. Look what happen in my state Ohio.
The cop stood on top of the victems car and continued to fire at unarmed people and the system found him "NOT GUILTY"
In an attempt to be balanced, I'm going to share two stories I heard today.

1) West Michigan:

"The easiest 50 bucks I ever spent."

That's what the Michigan police officer said after purchasing a booster seat for a 5-year-old girl who was riding without a car seat.

This instance of gift-giving began as an ordinary traffic stop. Last Friday, Emmett Township Department of Public Safety Officer Ben Hall stopped a vehicle in the southwest Michigan community after someone reported there was a young child riding without a car seat. Alexis DeLorenzo and her daughter were driving in the car of a friend who was at the wheel.

When they were stopped, Ms. DeLorenzo grew worried. She thought they were going to get a ticket. She told the officer she had recently fallen on hard times and could not afford a seat for her daughter. Her car had been repossessed with her daughter's booster seat still inside.

"We're living paycheck to paycheck, hand to mouth, borrowing money from friends," she said.

Instead of writing the woman a ticket, Officer Hall told her to meet him at a Walmart in 15 minutes. There, he bought a booster seat for her daughter. The act "changed my life," DeLorenzo said. "I'm never going to forget him. And neither will my daughter."

In an interview, Hall explained how it felt natural to go beyond the call of duty and make a difference in these people's lives. His words also expressed humility – anybody in his same position would have done what he did, he said.

"A ticket doesn't solve the situation," Hall told Fox 17 News. "What solves it is the child being in the booster seat like she should be."

2) Chicago

Lisa Mahone, her two children, and her boyfriend Jamal Jones were rushing to a Chicago hospital to see her mother after receiving word from hospital officials that her mother was near death.

She was pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt, handed the officer her license and insurance information and informed them they were in a hurry to see her mother before she passed. For whatever reason, the officers decided they need to see ID from her boyfriend as well. He did not have a current license due to a traffic violation and rather than let it go, they asked him to get out of the vehicle. He reached into the backseat to show them the paperwork and that is when all hell broke loose:

Jones said he didn't have an ID to give to police because he recently got a ticket. When he reached into his book bag in the back seat to get the ticket, police drew their guns.

"I don't know you and I don't know what you're going to do," an officer told Jones. He responded, "That's why I have my windows up. I'm not no harm to you right now. I got my kids in the car and you're drawing your weapon."

Jones told FOX 32 News, "So once the kids were scared, I wasn't gonna get out of the car and leave my kids in the car. He was being so aggressive."

Meanwhile, Mahone was talking to 911 operators, pleading for them to send a supervisor as her son taped the encounter on a cell phone. See their terrifying experience:


So, the question is, why does this happen, why does it seem it's getting out of control, and what do we do about it?

In fairness, I know there are good cops out there trying to do the right thing. I've even encountered some of them. Growing up in Oakland, CA, I've also encountered my share of bad cops.

Why is it that we hear and see more and more of this kind of thing lately? Have America's cities been turned into war zones? Is being a cop so dangerous that they feel this kind of behavior is warranted? Is it just a matter of a few bad apples on power trips, or is this the behavior that is being condoned by the system? I know there are some cops on Lush - I'd really love to hear their perspective - I'm not looking to bash here, I'm just truly baffled by the dearth of horror stories that I'm bombarded with in growing numbers. How do we turn this around? Why haven't we already, with so much focus being put on case after case, Ferguson being the latest? And, I hate to play this card, but it seems all to apt to point out that most of these cases involve African-Americans. I'm sure many of you have heard the say "being pulled over for driving while black". Sadly, there's a lot of truth to it, in my experience. I remember getting away with all sorts of things that my black friends would have been busted for simply because I was female and white. Is racism a factor here? Is it the areas that these stories come out of (usually Urban and/or lower class). Is it because on of the desired personality traits of being a cop a high level of aggression?

Mostly, I want to know how we go about changing the growing mistrust, anger, and hatred leveled at ALL cops due to the actions of a few. Is it too late to turn that around in our lifetime, or is it something that you believe we can achieve?

Topic on periods
Posted 23 Jun 2015 21:04

Tell me about it.

Yes! It's so inconvenient.

Topic If you could only eat one candy for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Posted 18 Jun 2015 22:46

Anything chocolate love peanut/butter cups the most

Topic What are you reading?
Posted 18 Jun 2015 22:36

The Maze Runner trilogy. Every book that becomes a movie is a must read to get the full story.

Topic Post a random fact
Posted 18 Jun 2015 22:34

Queen Victoria owned the first vibrator which was a container filled with buzzing bees.

Topic The little things that please you
Posted 18 Jun 2015 22:21

Laughing with my fiancée. My godchildren's company. My two lovely pets. The last day of a semester. Anything with chocolate.

Topic Favourite porn
Posted 18 Jun 2015 06:59

Gay porn is my favorite. Hawt!
Yours too?

Topic First Time Anal Sex
Posted 18 Jun 2015 06:43

First time was not painfull weirdly enough it was the second and third time. No idea why.....

Topic What's one seemingly small thing that instantly gets you in the mood?
Posted 16 Jun 2015 18:39

The smell of cologne.

Topic have you ever been part of double penetration?
Posted 12 Jun 2015 19:06

No not even with a toy but I must buy a toy and get this shit taken care of. LOL

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 12 Jun 2015 18:56

Knowing that I am about to move in to my new place. What a few weeks it's been trying to move and finding the right apartment.

Topic Strangest Fetish You've Ever Encountered
Posted 22 May 2015 12:02

This guy loved the smell of armpits. He would tell me he wished I didn't wear deodorant so that he could get the awesome smell. Yeah only two dates with that one.

Topic Full Bush, Trimmed or Fully Shaven or Waxed
Posted 19 May 2015 06:21

mostly waxed sometimes low shave

Topic Do women like to get their asses licked
Posted 19 May 2015 06:14

evil5 yes

Topic what do you girls think of "country boys"?
Posted 18 May 2015 22:44

Love them, my fiancée is country. Excellent.

Topic Strip club visit?
Posted 18 May 2015 22:37

Sword Fight Nope, coworkers are not really friends. To much gossip and lies floating around and uncomfortable atmosphere for the job.

Topic Name 2 Celebirties you would love to have sex with.
Posted 18 May 2015 22:27

Chad from Nickelback and Tank from TGT

Topic What two things would you want with you, if you were stranded on a desert island?
Posted 18 May 2015 22:18

a huge box of matches and...... a fishing net.

Topic What is the best song to have sex to?
Posted 18 May 2015 22:05

Knockin' da boots By H/Town

Topic do you like cuddling after sex
Posted 17 May 2015 16:00

No, it's uncomfortable to me.

Topic Where do you like a man to cum on your body.
Posted 13 May 2015 22:19

Where he wants to I like it all.

Topic what are u watching on tv?
Posted 30 Apr 2015 21:35

American Dad, this is the best show to watch if you're trying to relieve stress and you want to laughdirector

Topic What do you think would make porn better?
Posted 30 Apr 2015 21:19

No music, that drives me crazy. Especially the fast music that's really loud and has nothing to do with the sceneconfused1

Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 15 Apr 2015 23:08

Shhh Cherry Pepsi it's two AM but I had a craving