sweetness69's Blog Entries

I just want someone to come tie me up an fuck me hard

09 Sep 2017 22:05

Best place to buy new toys?

02 Aug 2017 13:39

Mmm so turned on right now an no one to play with

25 Jul 2017 18:18

m sick an tired of immature guys like seriously grow a pair

04 Feb 2015 15:55

I want him to show me he wants me as much as I want him right now hes all talk an no action an its pissing me off

07 Apr 2014 10:57

torn between to men an cant decide which to choose!!!

10 Feb 2014 13:14

just got a kitten and we are seriously soul mates love him so much !!!!!

29 Dec 2013 11:22

love when people leave pictures on my profile!!!

17 Jun 2013 23:05

hopefully getting laid on Friday!!!!

03 Jun 2013 22:34

Have not been on in forever lol. Just graduated highschool today!!!!

01 Jun 2013 20:19

My pussy is so wet right now need someone to come help me play

05 Feb 2013 20:27

who want to come help me play

23 Jan 2013 11:27

wanna do this so bad

21 Jan 2013 10:19

i may try and write a story idk how this will turn out

20 Jan 2013 22:07