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Topic Forum Game: Twin Word Link
Posted 07 Jan 2011 09:55

me neither

Topic Forum Game: Sexy Chain
Posted 07 Jan 2011 07:44


Topic getting a single sister-in-law into bed?
Posted 07 Jan 2011 07:43

Your wife's mind is probably miles away pleasing her sister too! I'm sure that's what is going on! You should totally suggest a threesome. Inviting the sister over and breaking the question to both of them at the same time would be best. They might even start getting it on right there. You're golden for sure.

Topic Keep them related!
Posted 07 Jan 2011 06:52

Harrison Ford

Topic A question about 'in to' and 'into'
Posted 06 Jan 2011 12:34

Into vs. In To

How does one know when to use into or in to?

One of the main uses of the preposition into is to indicate movement toward the
inside of a place.

The children jumped into the lake for a swim.
Mom drove the car into the garage.

In to is the adverb in followed by the preposition to.

He turned his paper in to the teacher.
The administrators wouldn’t give in to the demands of the protesters.

Pop Quiz

1. As a child, I was too afraid to go into/in to the Halloween haunted house.
2. I’m going to turn the wallet I found into/in to the police.
3. If your battery is running low, you’ll need to plug your power cord into/in to the socket.


1. into
2. in to
3. into

Topic Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted 06 Jan 2011 11:10

body paint

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 06 Jan 2011 11:08

I love the second pic in Lafayette's gallery. So sexy!

Topic Moderators CANNOT read your private whispers
Posted 05 Jan 2011 21:25

I heard a rumor that you can read our thoughts. Is that true?

Topic Lush should offer this guy a j.o.b.
Posted 05 Jan 2011 14:16

He sounds like the moviefone guy.

Topic Recovering your shape after pregnancy?
Posted 05 Jan 2011 10:58

Also breast feeding helps women lose weight. My gal-pals with kids have all lost most of their baby weight that way.

Breastfeeding makes me gain weight. I get so hungry. I guess every woman is different.

I work hard to get back to my shape after a baby. I eat well; no junk food. And I exercise every day.

Topic What's a good size...
Posted 05 Jan 2011 10:17


laughing9 I was just thinking the same thing.

Topic Golden showers
Posted 05 Jan 2011 10:14

It doesn't interest me, but I have met several people who are into it.

Topic Forum Game: Twin Word Link
Posted 05 Jan 2011 10:09

cover letter

Topic Keep them related!
Posted 05 Jan 2011 10:08

John Locke

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Posted 05 Jan 2011 10:04

white socks

Topic Keep them related!
Posted 04 Jan 2011 18:57

John Lennon

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Posted 04 Jan 2011 18:13

a magazine

Topic Word association game
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Posted 04 Jan 2011 17:40

under pressure

Topic Last orgasm
Posted 03 Jan 2011 20:41

I had 2 of them at about 3:30 today, right before my kids came home from school.

Topic Autobiographer badge.
Posted 03 Jan 2011 13:51

Congratulations, Nicola! Now if only we could figure out a way to get you the author's badge.

Topic The importance of the word marriage.
Posted 03 Jan 2011 13:34

To me, marriage is a traditional or religious union. As such, the state should have nothing to do with marriage.

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long brown hair

Topic ... in my pants
Posted 03 Jan 2011 11:48

leaking precum... in my pants

I never heard of the song 'Leaking Precum'.

Topic ... in my pants
Posted 03 Jan 2011 11:40

Black and my pants laughing8

Topic Your ideal date
Posted 03 Jan 2011 11:16

These are some of my favorites: A picnic on a sunny beach, a romantic walk through tall piles of snow, a canoe-ride through some whitewater

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Topic Keep them related!
Posted 03 Jan 2011 09:22

Robert De Niro

Topic Forum Game: Twin Word Link
Posted 03 Jan 2011 09:15

beside myself

Topic there's nothing like...
Posted 03 Jan 2011 09:14

There's nothing like hot apple pie with cold vanilla ice cream