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Topic Den of Silliness
Posted 03 Jun 2012 19:20

A man was asked why he married a Sadist. He said, "Beats Me!"

Topic Gilbert Gottfried reads 50 Shades
Posted 21 May 2012 18:32

That's hilarious!!!

Topic Old Lushies
Posted 07 May 2012 12:40

i know where her profile is if you look at it she hasnt been on in almost a year. lots of people make new profiles. get new emails and get new profiles so i posted this to see if any one knew where she was thats all make sure she was ok. last we talked she was pregnant and scared

She might not appreciate that you're posting private details about her life.

Topic Which country would handle better a Zombie invasion?
Posted 04 May 2012 10:38

We're safe here in the USA. We all just need to take this course offered at Michigan State:

University to Offer Zombie-Fighting Course

Topic Wax
Posted 29 Apr 2012 19:23

Go to a professional... you don't want to screw that up, especially if you're thinking about waxing your balls.

I get a brazilian, but I would never do it myself.

What she said. Do not attempt to wax yourself.

Topic Pregnant women
Posted 26 Apr 2012 18:24

Oops! Forgot to take my pill today. Thanks for the reminder.

Topic Why are ladies so confusing????
Posted 26 Mar 2012 09:27

1. She likes you as a friend and wanted to cuddle.
2. She likes you as more than a friend, but isn't ready for sex yet.
3. She planned on having sex with you but you did or said something to turn her off.

Topic Taking you out for dinner to make up for giving you a STI... would you go?
Posted 26 Mar 2012 08:52

1. He didn't tell you he had an STI and had unprotected sex with you -- That's dishonest and mean.
2. You have strong feelings for him; he does not reciprocate -- That means you will be hurt.

I don't see what benefit there is in going to dinner with this guy. He wants to treat you to dinner to alleviate his conscience. What's in it for you?

Topic safe word
Posted 26 Mar 2012 08:45

In my opinion when two people are just beginning to get to know each other, "no" and "stop" should be honored even if they aren't the designated safe words.

Topic What do you do to stay fit?
Posted 26 Mar 2012 08:34

I'm a runner.

I also avoid junk food and eats lots of protein, fruit and vegetables.

Topic first bj
Posted 10 Jan 2012 19:36

I had no idea what I was doing. I thought I was just supposed to suck. And suck I did. Very hard. And left a nice purple bruise on him.

Topic homemade enemas
Posted 10 Jan 2012 19:16

I've done enemas with just plain warm water. I don't like the stuff in the drugstore because it has a laxative in it which can cause dependency and who knows what else. Warm water works fine. Stay away from soap because that can cause cramps.

Topic What's The Best Comment you've received on a Story????
Posted 02 Jan 2012 20:17

My favorite comment is from Sprite on Penny Gets Punished :

*blushes* it's rare that i have trouble getting to the end of a story, not because it's not good, but because it's TOO good... this is the second time it's happened with one of yours, tho.

Topic Sleeping together
Posted 02 Jan 2012 20:09

If I were to have casual sex with a guy, then I would not want any contact when we sleep. I would like my space. Same bed would be fine, but we each get our own side.

On the other hand, my husband and I sleep very close to each other on a queen-size bed. He spoons me most of the night, and our feet are tangled together. We have difficulty falling asleep when we're apart.

Topic Do men need to climax?
Posted 30 Nov 2011 19:41

Honestly, I would also feel lousy if I couldn't bring a man to orgasm. I like to see/feel/hear the pleasure that I give him.

Topic Freckles!
Posted 05 Nov 2011 19:02

I have freckles. I'm not crazy about them but I don't cover them up.

Topic wax tips
Posted 30 Aug 2011 02:37

Buy 'Tend Skin' and apply it after you wax. It stings a bit but it calms the skin and gets rid of redness and bumps. Also, I rub a bit of baby oil into my skin right before I get waxed. That seems to help prevent the redness.

Topic Badges
Posted 23 Aug 2011 18:36

I love it!

Topic First time intercourse Normal sex Or Anal Sex....?
Posted 17 Aug 2011 20:19

I just had a thought the other day...has anyone ever had anal sex before actually having normal sex..

as in your first time ever having intercourse?

just curious


Not me, but I do know some girls who have done this in order to preserve their hymen.

Topic Cravings after sex
Posted 16 Aug 2011 17:52


Topic Texting while driving
Posted 10 Aug 2011 06:41

Topic Olivia's Corner... Welcome!
Posted 08 Aug 2011 08:37

I like this advertisement better:

Topic would you feel rejected ...
Posted 08 Aug 2011 05:54

If a guy would not want a blowjob?
I have never cared that much for it and often I get board. I am a very voyeuristic person, and the thing is that during a blowjob, I just don't see her a lot. My favorite foreplay is to have her stripping and masturbating in front of me, and we may not even touch each other for 30 min.
So a blowjob is rather counterproductive to get me up.

Did you try letting her blow you in the 69 position with her on top? You can caress her, finger her and fondle her while she pays you some oral attention. Might that help?

Topic Bee Sting Sex
Posted 01 Aug 2011 19:16

This reminds me of a time many years ago when my boyfriend and I decided to have sex in his backyard at dusk. We called it quits after a few minutes and 20 mosquito bites. Funny, I don't remember this experience as an enjoyable one.

Topic In general do younger men have a chance with older women?
Posted 27 Jul 2011 18:43

If it was just for fun, then I would love to play with a younger guy. For a relationship, I would prefer someone close to my own age unless he was very mature.

Topic Alright, spill...
Posted 27 Jul 2011 18:40

red wine, blue moon, pina colada, coffee with amaretto

Topic Forum Game: Twin Word Link
Posted 27 Jul 2011 18:37

satisfaction guaranteed

Topic If you could see any book turned into a movie
Posted 19 Jun 2011 20:49

The Day After Tomorrow, by Allan Folsom. This book has nothing to do with the 2004 movie.

Topic webcam sex
Posted 19 Jun 2011 20:33

Only with someone I know and trust.

Topic Cervix penetration
Posted 16 Jun 2011 19:42

A man can penetrate a woman's cervix as long as his wee-wee is as narrow as a Q-tip.