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My names Jessica, but my friends call me Jess'. I like working out, swimming and most of all... well... you know Writing these stories is a personal hobby of mine. I love putting my fantasies into words for everyone to read. I like feedback on my stories, good or bad. So if you have any comments, thoughts, suggestions, or criticism... I am always trying to become a better writer so please feel free to leave me a comment or send me a message telling me what you think. Thanks! I hope you all like my stories

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writing, working out, swimming, watching sports
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Topic: What is everyone's opinions on Mormons?
Posted: 27 Nov 2013 15:13

Why do you ask, are you one?
The thread appears to have been posted because of the thread on atheism. That was about a non religion as opposed to all religions, you single out catholics but fail to which type.
I just don't understand what the point of the thread is.

No I am not one. The point of this thread is just curiosity to see how every one feels about them. I've heard a lot of things and was just wondering what others had to say. I'm not sure what atheism thread your talking about. Also I never really singled out Catholics. Other people who posted on here did though.

Topic: What is everyone's opinions on Mormons?
Posted: 27 Nov 2013 15:06

The question of the 'people' was not the only part of the question I cared to notice. I asked you the exact question you asked me. Saying they are just like everyone else does not add to the discussion? I believe your opening post asked for opinions. My opinion is they are human beings, and the same as anyone else. That you don't agree with it is of no consequence to me, I took some of my time to post on your thread. Thank you for your answer to my question re Catholicism.

Happy Lushing.

"The question of the 'people' was not the only part of the question I cared to notice." It wasn't? That was the first and only thing you quoted and answered. Your original answer did more to attack the question than answer anything. And though you are welcome to your opinion, to me your answer was like judging a beauty contest and saying everyone wins because your all beautiful inside. Yeah it's a nice thought but no one got anything from it. Thank you for taking your precious "time" to add your opinion.

Topic: What is everyone's opinions on Mormons?
Posted: 27 Nov 2013 14:17

'particular group of people'? We are all human beings. Some of us have a religious faith, some of us work, some have children, some are married etc. We all eat, sleep, shower etc. I really can't see how they are different to anyone else.

I'd like to ask you the same question: I'm interested to know how you feel about the Devout/Catholic faith. I'm curious about your opinion on this particular group of people. Is it possible for you to answer that because in my opinion, your question is redundant.

In answer to your "question": From what I've heard the Catholic church is the largest organized religion in the world. However they are not the fastest growing. The LDS church to the best of my knowledge is the fastest growing. As far as what the Catholic's beliefs, while I admit I do not know everything they believe, I disagree with with them on what I do know. For example, I do not agree with the concept of the Trinity or infant baptism. Neither of those make sense to me. Now as far the 'people' go, since that seems to be the only part of the question you care to notice: Most of the Catholics I have met do not seem to be very involved in their religion. Most were the kind of people to only go to church twice a year and never mention it the rest of the year. Now I'm sure many Catholics very actively go to church every Sunday, but those people seem few and far between to me. Maybe I'm wrong but that's just my opinion based on what I've seen.

You wanted an answer and there you have it. It's short but it's my opinion of the Catholics and an example of the kind of answers I'm looking for. Saying that they're just like everyone else doesn't add anything to the discussion. Now whether your opinions on Mormons are positive or negative, feel free to say them. A middle of the road, fence sitting answer does nothing for anyone.

Topic: What is everyone's opinions on Mormons?
Posted: 26 Nov 2013 21:10

This like asking what a person's opinion is of Catholics, then saying you don't mean from a religious perspective.

People are people. There are good ones, there are bad ones and 80% is just normal run of the mill folks. I've been inside Amish communities, Mormon, Hindu, and Muslim and once you get down to it every religion has those extremists, then some ardent followers and the majority are flowing between lapsing / active at any moment.

No, I did mean from a religious perspective. All I said was that I didn't agree or disagree. I never said for anyone else to be middle of the road with them.

Topic: What is everyone's opinions on Mormons?
Posted: 26 Nov 2013 17:22

I'm posting this new topic just to get an idea of how everyone feels about the Mormon/LDS faith. I'm not saying I agree or disagree with any of their beliefs. I am just curious about the opinions on this particular group of people. What have you heard? Do you know one? Are you one?

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Mom's Virginity (part 2)

"I'm home!" I called out as I walked in through the front door. I set my pack down in the front room, took off my shoes and unbuttoned my shirt after another day of college. "In here!" I heard come from the kitchen. With my shirt halfway unbuttoned, I walked into the kitchen and found my mom there waiting for me. It was her day off today, so she wasn't wearing her usual work uniform, but...

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Mom's Virginity (part 3)

"Good morning." I heard as I woke up. Looking down from where I lay, I could see my mom was still cuddled up around me just as she was when we fell asleep. Before I could say anything her lips locked with mine. We held it for about ten seconds or so before releasing. We looked into each others eyes after. She was smiling, but it was a different kind of smile. I couldn't quite put my finger on...

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First Time at the Gym

Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. The weights seemed to get heavier every time I lifted them. Up. Down. Up. Down.  I began to breathe harder as I lifted the bar over and over, worried that my arms would eventually give out and the steel bar and the heavy weights on the ends would come crashing down on me. I didn't have a spotter since I usually prefer to work out alone. All I needed was...

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MV sequel

My name is Anne. I have a son named Mike. He took my virginity. How is that even physically possible you ask? It's not... but I like to pretend it is. I had only had sex once in my entire life. That was the night I became pregnant with my only son. One day after coming home from school he seemed really down and I did what any good mother would do. I tried to cheer him up. We talked...

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My Two Bestfriends

I sat in class Friday afternoon waiting for the bell to ring. It was sooo boring just sitting here in my last period. I just wanted to get out of there so I could meet up with my two best friends. My best friends names were Daniel and Rachel. Mine is Jason. I had known them since I was 8. I was now 17. Rachel and Daniel were 16. We always hung out with each other after school and I expected...

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Hi there. I miss your stories. Please write soon.
30 Dec 2014 10:36
Hi there. I miss your stories. Please write soon.
30 Dec 2014 10:36
Hey there. Hope you have a great day. Keep on writing!
16 Nov 2014 02:25
Hi there. Hope you have a great day today!
10 Aug 2014 11:47
Thanks for the add
09 Aug 2014 01:43
Just wanted to say hi. And that I hope you write again soon, I miss reading your new stories. Everybody else may have forgotten about you, I haven't. You can still write some great stories. You can do it!
29 Jul 2014 23:15
I'll also say what has been said earlier. Literotica.com is a great site to post your Mom's Virginity stories. Hope you posted them soon!
01 Jun 2014 08:11
I'm sad to see that your Mom's Virginity stories were taken down. Trust me when I type this, I loved, loved those stories, it has caught my attention more than once. I only wish that you would repost them on a different site or on your own website.

Best wishes,
29 Apr 2014 19:54
Hi, Jessica. Thank you for adding me. Hope to read new stories from you soon!
21 Mar 2014 17:25

Hi Jessica. Thanks for the add. Look forward to reading your stories and finding out more about you. You are a stunning looking woman too by the way!
23 Feb 2014 21:00
Happy Valentine's day, I thought I would shear some love, scent's you showed me some love.
14 Feb 2014 21:07
Happy Valnetine's Day
14 Feb 2014 10:26
Hi Jessica, thanks for the add

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Thanks so much for letting me be your friend. I would love to chat with you sometime. Kisses and hugs to you sweet lady.
24 Jan 2014 03:11
ty for adding lets chat soon
02 Jan 2014 19:14
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
01 Jan 2014 00:20
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