The Room

The room is dark and dingy, grime crawls its way up the walls in a random incoherent pattern as one light dangles on the ceiling casting an anonymous yellow glow over a single bed, which dominates the room is laid in the centre of the room. The walls around the outside of the room to the sides of the bed have 2 tables planted firmly against them, on these tables rests an assortment of...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Never Judge a Person By Their Smile

One boy learns that the innocent girl next doors smile isn't so innocent

There she was, Ashley Connors. My god was she hot; dark hazel hair, not too fat yet not too skinny, great ass, near perfect breasts, but what got me most was that smile. I remember moving to my new house, I saw a young girl my age sitting there. She was smiling the most innocent smile I have ever seen. From the moment I saw her I knew I wanted her more than anything on this planet. My...Read On