The Young Barista - Part 1

My Illicit summer affair with a beautiful teenage girl.

A lazy, warm mid-July morning... “Good morning, Josh!” Sam beamed at me. The glint in her green eyes, matched the sweetness of her smile and it made my day just that much brighter. “So, the usual? Chai Latte?” “Yes!” I smiled back and continued the little flirtation we'd shared since the beginning of the summer. “You know me so well” I joked. “Well, you are just sooo ...Read On


The Young Barista - Part 2

My illicit summer affair with a beautiful teenage girl.

The razor cut cleanly along the lines of my sideburns as the deluge of warm water along my back and naked body woke up my spirits and anticipation for this upcoming day. As I kept grooming myself, I thought it surreal how here I am, preparing myself to look nice, if not attractive, not because I wanted to leave my wife with a good last impression before her trip. It was entirely for...Read On


The Young Barista - Part 3

I take Sam on our first real date.

I pulled up at our agreed upon rendezvous point, it was at the bus stop a couple of blocks away from Sam’s house, a route that her parent’s seldom took. She was the only one at the bus stop and as she came into view, I could not help but stare. There she stood, looking simply exquisite in a very tight fitting, long sleeve, short black dress. She had matching heels on that were not so...Read On

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At the Pool - Part One

My first experience seducing a teen...

For all intents and purpose, you could say that I am a happily married man. Forty years old, married to my wife of 10 years and enjoying the luxuries of travel and finances that come to a couple who have decided not to have kids. Our marriage you could say is normal, she is a corporate lawyer and I, an independent real estate investor who works from home. She travels a lot for work, which...Read On


At the Pool - Part Two

As Matt got into the front passenger seat of my car, I unlatched the ragtop and flipped the convert switch. There was a whirr of small servos and the roof gave way to bright sunshine and the rustling of branches and sparkling green leaves. We were in the parking lot of the community pool; it was mostly empty as most of the summer swimmers were at the National Fair that was in town. I...Read On


At The Pool - Part 3

I take my teenage lover home

The drive home from the pool was a very scenic one. I took Matt along a quieter back road, one that ran the span of the river near my home. It gave us more time to relax and unwind. There were no traffic lights, just large expanses of farms, workers in the fields and a few summer cyclists and walkers along the banks. The roof was down, the wind rushed through our hair, the sun shone on...Read On


At The Pool - The Finale

I consummate my lust for my young lover.

Matt perused his way through my well-appointed apartment very freely. He felt very comfortable and was relaxed enough with me to feel at ease in a stranger’s home. After all, we just met some two hours ago at the pool, took a naked shower together, groped each other’s genitals in the lockers and made out in the car. Can this afternoon get any more extraordinary than it already has? I guess...Read On



The Massage: Crossing The Line Chapter 1

I step over the boundary, going from professional to sexual.

I showed up at Cindy’s place just before dinner. It was the first time meeting her. She had contacted me through email after having seen my website for the services I offered. She was in sore need of a massage (pun intended) and was glad for the great price I offered. I had been in business for about six months then. It was a new and growing venture. My friends always told me I had “the...Read On

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The Bangkok Gentleman's Club

A hedonist's paradise, a beautiful dancer and sex for sale.

The elevator pinged and I stepped out on the 10 th floor of a very elegant and upscale landing. The neon, noise and chaos of the main street of Ratchadapisek, one of Bangkok’s main arterial roadways, gave way to a very plush and muted ambience as I approached the ornately carved mango wood front doors of the Bangkok Gentleman’s Club. The beautiful hostess at her podium greeted me and ushered...Read On



Watching Me With His Young Nephew - Part 1

A handsome uncle's fantasy to watch me make love to his nephew.

Mark’s eyes were closed, his brow deeply furrowed and his head thrown back against the armchair as he furiously stroked the length of his manhood. With one hand holding and pressing down the base of his shaft and balls, the other intensely pumped his glistening and incredibly turgid cock; he was hardly breathing, his whole body was tense.  The sight of me, naked in bed with his young...Read On