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Parenthood is the opiate of the masses. - Chuck Palahniuk

17 Dec 2013 07:59

Every love story is a ghost story. - David Foster Wallace

02 Dec 2013 07:19

Great page of dialogue between a dominatrix and her client from Brit Marling (I took this off an Esquire article).

25 Nov 2013 14:54

Go to the edge of the cliff and jump off. Build your wings on the way down. - Ray Badbury

20 Nov 2013 08:15

I respect faith, but doubt is what gets you an education. - Wilson Mizner

19 Nov 2013 10:42

woke up thinking of this.

14 Nov 2013 08:26

New avatar. It's not me. It's Bob Dylan.

08 Nov 2013 08:18

did you know that boobytrap backwards is partyboob?

05 Nov 2013 07:31

You know what I like about being a guy? Waking up with a raging hard cock each and every morning. Any ladies out there who want to help, feel free.

04 Nov 2013 08:46

Candy hangover. Yuck.

01 Nov 2013 07:44

I love women. Not just the hot ones. Not just the smart ones. Not just the sweet ones. Not just the slutty ones. All of them.

29 Oct 2013 17:12

Hey jw? Where did you go?

29 Oct 2013 12:43

This is what I'm thinking...

29 Oct 2013 11:34

I like open imaginations. And women who know what they want, and are good at describing it.

23 Aug 2012 14:23