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Topic Name sounds that you might find comforting
Posted 30 Nov 2013 12:51

The crunch of leaves as you walk through them. The crackle of a campfire. The silence of the night sky. Thunder (comforting with a little thrill attached). A pleasured sigh (thrill there as well). Wind in the trees. Crickets. Laughter. Whispers. Birdsong.

Topic Describe How You Would Fuck The Avatar Above You
Posted 30 Nov 2013 12:22

Sadly, no. But I am left reeling how anyone could say Pass to Sextoy24 (aka Joey). May I have your turn? I have a wee cyber crush on Ms. Sextoy. She leaves me giddy as a schoolgirl. :)

Topic ATTN: guys being ass holes
Posted 20 Nov 2013 16:41

Mere assholitry vs. being genuinely attracted to someone is a fine line, but I'd suggest it's no different here than it is in real life. You meet a girl, you can't just say "Let's fuck." She'll slap you, and you deserve to be slapped. You have to get to know her, be charming, put a little effort into it. Listen to her. Respond to her. At least read her profile. Same in real life as it is here. IMHO.

Topic Dr Who
Posted 19 Nov 2013 10:47

I'm in the US, and we get all our Dr. Who on Netflix like a year later. Best doctor: David Tennant. Best companion(s): Amy, Rory, River Song (yum!).

Topic Thirds
Posted 19 Nov 2013 09:47

Only once, and it was a roommate (they were already in bed together, non-sexually), so the whole thing was sort of organic and natural. Very fun, but one time only.

We tried to pick up a girl at a bar once after that, but it felt creepy. You need to know someone a little (or at least we felt we did). Lots of odd dynamics at play with a threesome.

Topic Beating the Smoking Addiction?
Posted 18 Nov 2013 10:58

I was 2 packs a day. I had a girlfriend at the time that promised me blowjobs on demand for a week to relieve the stress. It was pretty cool. And because I expected it to be so incredibly hard, it was a little easier than I thought it would be (I almost started again after breaking up with said girlfriend).

Still miss it. Still enjoy the smell of it in a bar.

Topic The Rage Cage
Posted 17 Nov 2013 13:40

okay one more thing, and this is more rage therapy than rage itself, but whenever I get frustrated I watch this (or read it, the text is online, This Is Water by David Foster Wallace):

Topic The Rage Cage
Posted 17 Nov 2013 13:29

I have a loved one who is very, very ill, and in a lot of mental anguish and pain, and if one more person tells me "it's part of the plan" or "God never gives you more than you can handle" or any of that new age put-good-vibes-into-the-universe-and-the-universe-will-repay-you bullshit I'm going to kick them in the fucking head. respect my fucking grief instead of mouthing meaningless platitudes at me.

@Sprite - good rules! respectful. mindful of other's feelings. and kinda fun to watch you enforce them. I promise NEVER to get on your bad side : ).

Topic Have you ever brushed up against a persons body or tried to get a quick feel?
Posted 14 Nov 2013 21:19

It is a huge fantasy of mine, but I've rarely done it (which is probably why I write about it a lot).

Topic what is everyone's veiw on cyber sex with another!
Posted 14 Nov 2013 19:42

I agree with Cindee that it's maddening when someone is answering with 2 or 3 words the long three paragraph scenario you just wrote. Having said that, when someone is into the fantasy and you are as well it can be intensely erotic. That has only happened to me a few times. But they've been hot.

Topic Fantasies
Posted 11 Nov 2013 21:37

Anonymous sex with strangers, preferably in a public place. If lingerie were involved, even better. If a threesome were involved, jackpot!

Topic Fantasies
Posted 11 Nov 2013 21:37

Anonymous sex with strangers, preferably in a public place. If lingerie were involved, even better. If a threesome were involved, jackpot!

Topic Who would you rather kiss? (above or below)
Posted 04 Nov 2013 10:21

I'd kiss trinket in a second. What hot red lips. Might want to take the cigarette out first. Though I'm open to anything.

Topic Truth: Is it a turn on to cum all over a woman's face and boobs?
Posted 03 Nov 2013 10:47

I've only known one girl who enjoyed cum on her face, and while it was very hot, I find most girls find it degrading, which I'm cool with. Cum on tits, on the other hand, is one of my fave things ever, and almost always turns on the girl too. SO hot. Especially if she licks it off, or rubs it into her tits.

Topic Lush Silver Membership now available .. want to win a free one?
Posted 03 Nov 2013 10:11

Oops, 23 is taken - 24 then!

Topic Exposed - the sexiest thing a woman can wear
Posted 22 Oct 2013 14:20

And I've gotta agree with bikeboy - this is a very yummy thread to scroll through :).

Topic Exposed - the sexiest thing a woman can wear
Posted 22 Oct 2013 14:19

My first post in the Forum! I'm a newbie.

While I've got a thing for the occasional thigh high/stockings/fishnet school of sexiness, for some reason I really love the everyday hotness of a thin, sleeveless "wife-beater" tee shirt (I'm NOT implying wife beating is cool, just the shirt). I like how nipple-friendly it is, and what easy access it alllows. I love to have a lover leave it on, and caress her over and under the thin cloth. And watch her do the same :).

Topic marijuana and masturbating
Posted 07 Oct 2013 08:05

I love weed + sex. And it's legal where I live! Democracy in action - the people wanted it.

Topic Do you masturbate while writing?
Posted 03 Oct 2013 14:28

I get very turned on while thinking about it, and while reading it, so yeah, then I do. And I've been sometimes known to take a break :) when things get very hot.

Topic "Slut"
Posted 03 Oct 2013 09:16

Yeah, I agree that slut is just role playing. Very hot while fucking, but very degrading in any other context. I love calling a gf a slut, as long as they are iinto it too.

Topic advice for newbie?
Posted 26 Sep 2013 16:22

I've posted a few stories here before but have never visited the social side of things. I find it hard (heh) to start conversations in the chat rooms, sexual or otherwise. Ant tips? This is the first time I've ever used the forum.