Daddy Issues

She has Daddy issues, and luckily, he is a Dad.

I'm a single Dad, amicably divorced, reasonably good-looking, and in pretty decent shape. I was at the public pool with my two boys, watching them jump off the diving board, shouting encouragement, providing them with an audience. The pool was very crowed, and it was a hot summer day. This is a college town, so there are lots of hot young girls walking around and sunbathing in bikinis...Read On


Doing the Laundry, part 2

She had the hottest fuck of her life, and now she wants more.

After that hot fuck in the laundry room, I couldn't stop thinking about how slutty and dirty I felt, and how good it was, and how I only wanted more. It was like having anonymous sex turned a switch on inside me. I started to fantasize about fucking both men: the guy who bent me over the dryer and fucked me, and the guy I saw in the hallway afterward. Having one fuck me while I lay across...Read On


Confessions of a Department Store Slut

She dreams hot slutty dreams, them makes them cum true by fucking strangers in the department store.

It's very simple. I love to fuck. I'm a slut, and I'm not ashamed. I love being a slut. I can't help it. I have hot, dirty dreams, and I wake up with my pussy tingling, and my nipples are tender and sensitive, and I have memories of nasty, wet dreams about being fucked hard, or having a cock rubbed in my face, or sucking on wet pussy lips. I feel so horny and wet and I can't help myself. I need...Read On


Department Store Slut 2

She wakes up horny again, and needs satisfaction.

About a week ago I dreamed about being bent over and fucked hard while my ass was being fingered and slapped. I woke up with my pussy wet and my asshole tingling, but I was late for work...again. I wore a short sundress with no bra, no panties. The cloth was thin enough so you could see the outlines of my body, my tits, my nipples, and my ass. It was pretty obvious I had on nothing on under...Read On


Department Store Slut

She wakes from horny dreams and goes to work wet and slutty and ready to fuck.

Yesterday I woke up with my pussy lips wet, my nipples hard, and remembered dreaming of having sex with a gorgeous redhead, licking and sucking her pussy as she shuddered with pleasure and played with her tits. I was so horny. But I was late for work at the department store. I dressed in a very short black sundress, no bra and tiny little black panty; my boss doesn't care how I dress because...Read On


Doing the Laundry

She loves to cum in the laundry room.

Laundry rooms make me horny. When I first started college I came home unexpectedly and saw my Mom getting fucked hard by a neighbor in our laundry room, bent over the dryer and moaning with each stroke. Then she turned around and jerked him off until he came all over her tits. It was shocking, but also exciting. My pussy was instantly wet. I started to press my pussy against the dryer at...Read On

Group Sex(2)


Girl's Night Out

She meets a hot new friend to show her boyfriend a wild night.

My boyfriend Mark really loved to talk about fucking two women while we have sex. I loved it too. We talked about it a lot because it turned us on so much. He told me what he'd do to us. How he'd fuck her tits while I licked her pussy. I told him how I'd watch him fuck her as I fingered myself. Or how I wanted him to fuck my ass while she licked and fingered my pussy. We fantasized about...Read On


Wild Ride

Her threesome turns into a foursome.

I've got long black hair and bangs, medium sized but very firm tits, and a tight little ass. I'm a lawyer, and usually I have to dress conservatively, but I have a very hot body when I get horny and want to show it off. I've always had a fantasy about being fucked by two guys. Sucking two cocks at the same time, or one cock in my ass, one cock in my pussy. Having my face and tits covered...Read On

Quickie Sex(3)


Cum To My Office

She gets him hard and horny at work, right before a staff meeting.

V. and I had shaved her pussy the night before, and it had been a wildly erotic night. We had a little wine, made out a little, and when we got particularly horny, she smiled her dirtiest smile and said she was going to take a shower. I joined her there. She fell to her knees immediately and sucked my cock, taking me right to the brink of orgasm before suddenly stopping. She stood up and moved...Read On


Party Tease

She teases him for hours before she lets him fuck her.

I teased him for hours before I let him fuck me. We were at a party. I came alone, hoping to pick up a hot guy for the night, or at least a couple of hours. I was wearing a short, low-cut black dress, with black thigh highs just barely peeking out from under them. The dress was tight enough to show off my tight little ass (I love showing off my ass). I wore no bra, but my nipples...Read On



She sees his cock get hard every time he sees her, and decides to do something about it.

I saw her at school every day, waiting in the playground while picking up the kids from school. We had made eye contact often, and she would give me a slutty smile every time. She had long black hair, stunning blue eyes, full sexy lips and a hot little body. She liked to dress in clothes that showed off her perfect tits, pert and firm, with nipples that always seemed to be hard. She never wore...Read On

Straight Sex(3)


Slut Night

She meets him at the door as a different woman.

It was my birthday. I called up V. and told her I wanted her to meet me after work at the door of her apartment dressed like a hot slut. She purred yes, already horny. She had long blonde hair, small but pert tits with perfect nipples, a tight sexy ass that she loved to show off, and long slim legs. We did this every so often, and called it Slut Night. She was turned on by the idea of being...Read On


Shopping for Sex

My girlfriend and I have hot, sexy fun at the shopping mall.

My girlfriend V. and I were in Victoria's Secret. We went there a lot. I always ended up being aroused the entire time, looking at all the panties and thigh highs and high heels. This time my girlfriend was wearing tight jeans and a t shirt, no bra, so her perky tits were on display, and just a hint of her nipples. We were both very turned on, more than usual. We stopped in front of a...Read On


Bus Stop

When I meet her on the bus, she sees my hard cock. I'm embarrassed, she smiles and licks her lips.

I saw her across the parking lot sitting inside the M23 bus, impossibly long legs in white stockings, the top of which peeked below her short red skirt. She had on a white shirt unbuttoned just a tad too far, showing a hint of her black bra. She had long blond hair and killer blue eyes. I hurried across the lot to stand next to her. As I took my place standing over where she was seated, my...Read On