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I need ideam on what to do with my crossdressing from what to wear and and what i need to make myself look more like a woman please anyone i well love move thing i can do.

04 Jun 2015 20:51

happy holiday to all my friends

24 Dec 2014 08:36

Well today i am dress up i am wear a bra and panties and fishnet pantyhose and the butt plug my Mistress Missy is let me do this today and she say their is more before the night is done

02 May 2014 15:06

Today was a new begin i have a butt plug inside me that me and my wife just got on wed and i ask and she said yes i could put it in just two hour for a start anyone on my friend list know how long i can i keep it please let me know it is a different feel have it in

24 Apr 2014 06:35

Well i am doing as i am told i talk to a member by the name of pet and my missy and i am wearing panties as told to do but i can not wear the lipstick because i am going to work i love my wife or missy as she like to be call i am wait to see what i am to do next .

28 Oct 2013 12:00