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Taboo sex stories relate to the restrictions placed on sexual activities and relationships (sex outside of marriage, adultery, intermarriage).

Often the term is used for incestuous relationships. We accept incest stories (where the characters are blood relatives), however they need to go into the “Incest” category.

We will delete extreme hardcore taboo stories which break our site rules. Please use your common sense and judgement as to what might be deemed highly offensive to the average reader!

Audio version available

Daddy Wants You In Work

Have some fun in work with Daddy

"I want you to have as much fun as I did at work thinking about you baby.    This audio would best be enjoyed in your place of employment.  (wink wink)   Love Daddy"  ...Read On


The Stepdaughter's Pool Party (Part 1)

His cock was so hard with a dozen bikini clad teenage girls touching, rubbing and teasing

Steven married Sherri six years ago when Angie was just twelve. Their marriage was good and the sex was great, at least for the first few years. The last couple of years, not so much. Yes, he still loved her deeply, but her business seemed to keep her away and busier than ever. He was lucky if they had sex once a month. He and Sherri agreed to have a party for Angie’s eighteenth birthday....Read On


Doing My Stepdaughter's Best Friend

It was risky. Very risky, but that was part of the fun.

My teenage stepdaughter, Sandi and her friend Rachel always hung out together. They both had just finished their senior year in high school and they both were looking forward to heading off to college, “but not before we have some summer fun,” declared Rachel as they lay out by the pool in the back yard. Sandi and Rachel were inseparable. Sandi had her mother’s good looks and charm,...Read On


Becky Flowers is a cocksucking a fucking whore

Teen girl loves sucking hard young cocks and nothing changes as she becomes an adult

Becky Flowers is a cocksucking whore, albeit a very good cocksucking whore. My momma always taught me to say the nicest things about people, and the nicest thing I can say about Ms. Flowers is, she is a cocksucking whore. Becky had a penchant for hard teen cock. Something that started when she was a Junior in high school. It was not long before she was sucking over half of the football...Read On


Tell Laura – Chapter 3

The rest of the first weekend.

Laura I know I shouldn’t laugh, but it was with great satisfaction that I left the bathroom, having walked in on Tommy. I was right this morning, he had grown up to be quite a big lad. At six-foot two-inches, he was seven inches taller than I was. From what I had just seen, it looked like he had the foundations to make up the difference between us with what he had between his legs. Only...Read On


Tell Laura – Chapter 2

The first day of the rest of their lives.

Tommy “Tommy, thank you.” “For being your baby brother? It’s my honour and privilege.” “Thank you for seeing what I couldn’t or refused to. Thank you for being there when my eyes opened.” “Laura, it’s what we do for each other. We look out for the other when they can’t.” “Why didn’t you walk away?” “From my sister? How could I? Mum and dad would never forgive me. I would never...Read On


Tell Laura – Chapter 1

The end of one life and the start of a new one, as a sister and brother rebuild their relationship

Tommy I guess it all started at our parents’ funeral. Probably, the roots grew in the decade before as teenagers and the seeds sown even earlier as young children. Like all teenagers, we thought our parents were stupid, we thought we had the upper hand. A perfect example of this was one of us distracting our parents, so the other could sneak some cake out of the kitchen. This illusion...Read On


Rumor has it...

Couple become tandem cocksuckers.

Rumor has it that the Gordons (Thomas and Betty) are both accomplished cocksuckers. You might wonder how a rumor like that about, an otherwise respectable couple, would get started. Well, you need to ask Seth Jones. It seems he has been spreading it all over town about the tandem married cocksuckers, Thomas and Betty. And in a small town, rumors can be devastating. Thomas and Betty Gordon are...Read On

Recommended Read

Quenching my Thirst

Thirsty for more

I stood in the long line on the hottest day of July we’ve had on record. Little did I know it was soon going to become the hottest day of my life ever.   I couldn’t help but overhear the impatient sighing of the woman behind me. I had to take a quick peek at her out of the corner of my eye. It was a pleasant surprise to find a little brunette standing there, who seemed to have a huge rack...Read On

Series Award

This Side of Nowhere 3 of 3

Parked under a buzzing, stroked out streetlamp, I looked down the street.  People moved slowly in the night, shadows slinking among shadows.  The occasional cars’ headlights made them scuttle like roaches.   Home .   My limbs were heavy, the darkness inside me begging to take over.  Leaning back in my seat, I pushed the prescription bottle deep into my panties until I felt its hard...Read On


A Caring Stepmother

My stepmother tends to my needs when I'm at home injured.

There I was, eighteen years old and laid out at home after an accident while racing motorcycles, one arm broken, the other fractured above the wrist, cuts and bruises all over. My stepmother was a nurse at the hospital that I was admitted to right after the accident. She checked up on me until I was staying awake more and then began keeping the other nurses out and tending to me herself. It...Read On


The Referral, Chapter 2

Tony shows her why he's the best in the business... and gains a new client!

I smiled inwardly as my suspicions of this woman's dire needs were confirmed. She was everything I had expected her to be–the quintessential attention-craving, neglected woman in need of someone to show her love and worth. I pulled down her panties slowly teasing her just a bit more. I uncovered what has to be one of the prettiest, most delicious-looking pussies I have ever come across–and...Read On


Daddy's Best Friend Pt. 2

Vinny gets a second chance with Em

“Jesus Christ Em, his cum is literally dripping out of your ass,” Vinny could barely breathe.   “I know, I’ve been such a bad girl,” Em smirked and bit her lip. “Please fuck me- show me how a real man would use me.”   It didn’t take Vinny long to think. He had been hoping for this night since the last time they were together. He was happy to follow her lead when she said it was a one...Read On


The Referral, Chapter 1

I am referred to a new client by one of my ladyfriends!

I was sitting in my living room having just got back from a business trip earlier that week relaxing before fixing something for dinner when the phone rang. It was my answering service. "Mr. Harris, you have a message from a Mrs. Deborah Covington. She would like you to return her call. Her number is (619) 844-2126," the operator said. "Thank you." I hung up and looked at the clock. It...Read On


Trying My Sister-in-Law on For Size

I’m a good guy – I'd never blackmail anybody. Especially not my wife’s sister. But then I stumbled o

I was sitting at the island in the kitchen, eating breakfast. The back door opened and there she was: my wife’s older sister. Joan. I hadn’t been expecting her at all. My heart skipped a beat. The last time I’d seen Joan was about a week before. I’d been lying in the bed I share with her sister, my wife, Amy. Amy was out with our kids and I’d been surfing a popular porn site. I clicked on...Read On


Shhh, A Teen is in the House - Part Four

Cindy, Michelle and me have an evening together, food, movies and a teenager in the house.

Morning came early. Well not really as it arrived when it usually does but after a full night of unbridled sex and making love it came early enough. We could smell coffee in the air and began to stretch ourselves out. Cindy kind of squeals, “Oh fuck I am leaking everywhere!” and you could see the rivulets running down the inside of her leg. “Shit, so am I.” was a comment from Michelle....Read On

Recommended Read

Megan's Initiation

Megan discovers she needs a real man to satisfy her needs.

The room was cold.  Of course, that might have been because Megan had stripped and stood completely naked.  She shivered and thought, you’d think they’d keep the place warmer, you know? The man walked into the room.  She had been told that he preferred to be called, “Sir,” and she felt her nipples harden as he entered.  He was a solid six feet tall and wore a leather mask that hid his face...Read On


The Gigolo Chronicles VI - Tina, Part 2

Tina learns what I can do for her and becomes a regular client!

I scooped the weak-kneed and unsteady woman up and she laid her head on my shoulder as I carried her into the bedroom. I gently laid her on the bed and then stepped back to get undressed. I took off my shirt, shoes, socks, and pants. As I got ready to drop my boxers, I noticed her attention focused firmly on my crotch. This is typical of the women I date… they all seem to act like mine is...Read On


The Gigolo Chronicles VI - Tina, Part 1

A casual coffee shop meeting turns into a more intimate meeting later on!

Tina is a very sexy woman who really loves the attention I give to her breasts when we get together. Like most of my other ladyfriends, she usually cums several times with me, but what makes Tina unique is that she can cum simply from stimulation of her large and lovely breasts, especially their very sensitive nipples. She gets the most enjoyment from our love-making when her first climax...Read On


Double The Love

If a married man, who loves his wife, meets a male carbon copy of her, what should we expect?

When I met my wife, I fell in love immediately. I loved the way she looked, the way she thought, her character. I felt her parents had done a great job of raising her. We dated, I met her folks, with whom I got along with very well, we got engaged and within a year we were married. Everything was perfect…for about a year, and then I came to feel there was no magic. I know this sounds...Read On


The Gigolo Chronicles V - Cherrie

I visit my very horny little redhead girl on this trip to Florida!

Nearly twenty-seven years ago, a baby girl was born with a full head of flaming red hair. Her parents took one look at the color of that hair and decided the baby's name would be Cherrie.  Originally her parents planned on calling her Amy since up to then, they had no idea she would be a redhead. Her mother was blonde and her father had dark hair. But her maternal grandmother was a redhead...Read On


Stumbling On My Sister-In-Law

Surfing porn, a big surprise

I never really liked the way my wife's sister Joan treated us. She could be cutting and judgmental and always seemed to be looking down at Amy and me. Our kids not doing as well in school and in sports as hers. Our house not as nice as hers. Our careers not as interesting. But as much as I didn't like spending time with her, I have to admit: I was hot for her. I couldn't help myself. She...Read On



Even when you know it’s wrong but you just can’t help yourself...

I finished packing, lugged my suitcase off the bed and to the bedroom door.  I walked into the bathroom to have a quick check to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything.   It was then that I noticed a pair of my panties hanging over the edge of the clothes hamper.  The sight made me remember a day that my sister and her husband, Curtis, were over and we decided to go into the hot tub.  I had...Read On


The Gigolo Chronicles IV - Gloria

I visit one of my kinkier clients... a little BDSM slut who likes to be dominated!

Gloria is a young divorcee who receives a very generous alimony settlement from her ex-husband and this, plus her job as an executive secretary to the legal offices that represented her during her divorce, enables her to live quite comfortably. Her marriage was not a happy one, and she has no intention of ever marrying again. Gloria got married to a man who charmed her completely, but...Read On


An Irish Family

Katie and her cousin learn a lot about each other.

It was summer, although in Connemara, Galway, Ireland that only meant slightly less drizzle than other times of the year. The wind buffeted the small collection of houses affectionately referred to by my family as ‘The Village’. I lived in a large house in the middle of the cluster with my Mum, Dad and my eighteen-year-old sister Ciara. The other smaller bungalows were all occupied by...Read On


The Gigolo Chronicles III - Heidi, Part 2

I team up with her dildo to give Heidi twice the pleasure!

To say that Heidi had a beautiful pussy would be like saying the Mona Lisa is nice art or the Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel is "pretty". Shaved baby smooth, her pussy is tight and her lips are tucked in neatly. Drops of her dew clung to her slit, beckoning me to sample her deliciousness. Well, it was an invitation I couldn't refuse and I leaned forward, taking a long, luxurious lick at her...Read On


A Stepson’s Delight

My stepmother tends to my needs when I'm in hospital

I was eighteen, an amateur racer striving toward a motorcycle-racing career and was earning a good wage already when bang! everything went to shit. I had been in second place, drawing on the leader when someone bumped my rear tire and left me careening out of control. When I eventually came to, I was being wheeled from an ambulance and into a hospital where I passed out yet again. I woke...Read On


Kinky Stepmother

I take matters into my own hands when my stepsons refuse to accept me.

I threw caution to the wind and jumped head first into my new role as housewife and stepmother with open arms. The only problem was that not everyone else's arms were open. My first official morning as a member of the Norton household began at the breakfast table. I woke at daybreak to make a huge feast for my new husband and my growing boys: eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage, pancakes,...Read On


The Gigolo Chronicles III - Heidi, Part 1

I visit an old friend and very good customer in California!

Heidi is a beautiful thirty-year-old widow woman with a very curvaceous figure. Her husband, a very successful stockbroker was killed in a car accident a few years ago and left her with a very comfortable life insurance policy and a very good pension from the company he worked for. So Heidi didn't lack for money. What she did lack for, however, was decent and satisfying male companionship....Read On

Audio version available

Daddy Wants you so Much

A voice message for my special baby (Irish Accent)

  I want you so much baby, Daddy is greedy for you.    Hope you enjoy. Don't forget to please get in touch. I love hearing from you xoxox...Read On