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Taboo sex stories relate to the restrictions placed on sexual activities and relationships (sex outside of marriage, adultery, intermarriage).

Often the term is used for incestuous relationships. We do not accept incest stories, where the characters are blood relatives.

We will delete taboo stories which are deemed too hardcore for most tastes - please use common sense when posting.


When Your Hormones Go Crazy (Part 7)

The Next Step...

I couldn't believe what had happened. It's not like I hadn't thought about it for a long-ass time. But seriously, being "that guy" that is in the perfect position for young teenage pussy, getting laid by one of your step-daughter's friends, and having the most amazing sex you could imagine with a girl that age. But it happened. My step-daughter had always had friends over. The...Read On


"I Take Thee, My Brother-In-Law, To Be My..."

A tale of three marriages, two that were and one that is yet to be.

Sabra was twenty-eight and filled with a quiet panic every day. She was convinced that if she weren’t married by the time she was thirty she would be single for the rest of her life. It wasn’t that she hadn’t had suitors in the past, but that none of them had met her high standards. She was sure that her looks would fade and her body would thicken and sag and she would end up looking like...Read On


Knight in Shining Armor

Man comes to the aid of his daughter's friend.

I had the weekend to myself and an empty house to go home to, so I had spent the first part of my Friday night having a couple drinks with a few work friends. One by one, they dispersed, headed home to start their weekends. I was last out the door, in no great hurry to get home and wanting to let the drinks wear off before driving. As I left the restaurant and strolled into the parking lot,...Read On


More Hallucinations

I'm nearly doing it.

Another party on another Saturday night, it's an ordinary suburban house but what's happening inside it is far from being ordinary. About a dozen young teenage couples are standing or sitting in a circle watching two sixteen-year-old girls undressing each other. I'm not all that interested in watching them, I'm more interested in the sexy little panties I've nestled in. They belong to Sandra,...Read On


Getting Far Too Close

I’m having problems with husband, and I let my son’s friend get too close...

I met Ben when I was a seventeen-year-old college student aiming to be a Maths teacher. He was a year older and already working, selling cars. We quickly became close — so close that I was pregnant after only two months of dating. Not ideal but Ben stuck by me. Of course, it meant I had to give up my studies and focus on being a mother to our son, Lee. We didn’t get married until five...Read On


Try This On For Size

Stepsiblings Jacob and Kellie try more than clothes in the fitting room

"How many?" the lady asked me. I looked at the dresses on hangers in my hands. They were almost dragging my arms down. There had to be at least twenty-five or thirty. Looking her in the eye, I replied, "A lot." It was then that she actually took notice of my dress cornucopia. "Oh," she said, "Well, go ahead." As she put her earbuds back in, I turned around to face my older brother, Jacob....Read On


Precipice - Part 2 of 3

With too many distractions, you never see the trouble coming. And the distractions keep coming.

Here's a fun fact that almost isn’t part of this story. One of my wife's friends has a kidney disorder that is being studied and closely monitored by doctors at the University in Madison. She isn't supposed to drive, so my wife volunteered to be her taxi. They leave after dinner on Thursday evenings and then spend the night. My wife is usually home by noon on Friday. This has been going on...Read On


Precipice - Part 1 of 3

With too many distractions, you never see the trouble coming.

I think I'm about to get into trouble. It doesn't happen often, and like any other time, I didn't even know it was coming. There were three causes this time, and I'm only responsible for two of them. The first cause started long before I even started dating my wife. We've been married more than twenty years, so it's been an issue for a while. I've tried my best, but the problem is still there....Read On


Summer Holidays

I come home to visit my family and end up having a lot more fun then I planned

After being away at college and university for almost four years and studying to become a commercial pilot, I was so happy and proud of myself when — excuse the pun — I passed with flying colours. It had been a lot of hard work and I was so pleased to qualify and follow my dad as a pilot. It hadn’t been an easy four years. As well as all the studying and putting in hundreds of hours on a...Read On


Young Lactating MILF Becomes a Webcam Whore for Her Redneck Husband

My redneck husband encourages me to become a webcam stripper and whore to help support our family.

Sitting here now at the age of thirty, in our upscale suburban home near Mobile, Alabama, it’s sometimes hard to imagine how far we’ve come from a challenging start. My name is Jody, and after getting knocked up in high school by my boyfriend, Billy, we got married and struggled financially until he encouraged me to make extra money by becoming a webcam stripper. This story starts at the time...Read On


Sick Of All The Fighting

A huge fight with my husband leads me to finding comfort with a younger lad

Being married to an Army guy isn’t easy. He’s often away and sometimes it can be for very long periods of time. That said, I don’t want you to misunderstand: I really loved my husband. We met back in school when we were sixteen. Scott was captain of the rugby team and a total fitness nut. I was also into fitness and was the head cheerleader, a gymnast, and also loved yoga. We married...Read On


AJ’s Very Naughty Halloween Turns A Few Wicked Tricks

The little witches ride broomsticks and cocks then cast spells of lust on all…

This year’s Halloween expectations are extremely high as the bar standard for last year’s party exceeded all expectations. AJ and friends had planned the party at the beginning of school. She knew I would be out late with Jim attending an adult costume party for swingers. The decision to be little witches was not difficult. AJ, Darci, Piper, Zoe and Kat all had gone to the theatrical showing...Read On


The Not So Innocent Little Amber Jade

AJ confesses all to her Step-mom who is stunned learning her little girl is not so innocent at all …

Jim was gone after a Sex-Marathon-Weekend with AJ and me giving us both a plethora of orgasms. Amber Jade my seventeen-year-old step-daughter whom I call AJ and I share him as our lover. Yes, we are bisexual and enjoy each other as well which is a huge turn-on to Jim. Jim is the one who brought us both together so to speak by making us each an insatiable nymphomaniac. I had just taken a...Read On


The Poisoned Fantasy

It all started on a sunny Sunday evening in July. On that date, the events that I shall relate to you were to change my life. A few Sundays ago, my husband and I sat outside a pub enjoying an early afternoon drink. I did my normal people-watching – well, nosy looking – eyeing up all the people that walked past. I noticed a black-haired girl walking past. She was the opposite to me… she...Read On


Don't disappoint mommy!

When your mom catches you masturbating to taboo porn, she makes you pay.

You relish your latchkey moments, the golden time when you can dive deep into the pool of your perverted desires. Those occasions when you’re home alone, college is out, and your mom is still making her way back from work. It started out like so many times before. What you didn’t expect was that this time, your mom was going to catch you jerking off. You loaded up your laptop knowing...Read On


The Difference Between Seventeen and Thirty-Seven

A mature man gets wild ideas about his young step-son. Can this end well?

  I got married at twenty and divorced at twenty-seven. It was a childless, loveless marriage. Why we got married I can’t even say, not now. I can only call it a mistake. I’d say a tragic mistake, but no one was permanently injured, so it was just a routine mistake. The reason it lasted as long as it did was that at that time I was just starting out and barely making ends meet. I was...Read On


The Education of Marnie: Part 4

Marnie completes her domination of me.

I stared , dumbfounded, at Marnie as she dismounted, cum drooling from her just violated pussy, and walked over to my Grand-daughter, offering her a taste of my cum. I was even more shocked when Morgan dropped to her knees and started lapping up the drips of cum and cunt on Marnie's inner thighs, moaning as she did so..  Marnie turned her head and said to me, "I'm willing to honor the fact...Read On


My Cousin Jamie

I hadn’t seen Jamie since we were kids. She lived in Texas and I lived in up-state New York, so the first time I laid eyes on her as a teenager my heart skipped a beat and my cock throbbed. - - - - - My mom’s sister, Marianne, had married young and moved to Texas with her husband, so we got together for a visit only rarely…once when I was three and too young to remember and once again when...Read On


Educating Ricky

Summer vacation will never be the same

As the BMW comes to a stop in our driveway, what I hear next makes me realize that things just went from bad to pure hell. A shrill voice fills the neighborhood. “Sister Sue, I’ve missed you so much.” Under my breath I mumble, “Oh boy, they brought her.” Mom waves for me to join her on the front porch to greet our guests. Rolling my eyes, I realize it's pointless to argue. First thing I...Read On

Editor's Pick

Summer Succor

She'd been hurt and needed the kind of succor only her cousin could provide

Craig Hardin lay on the old, overstuffed couch in his cousin's apartment pretending to be asleep. In fact, he'd been wide-awake ever since someone padded into the dark living room, knelt beside the couch, and cautiously slipped soft fingers inside his boxers. It had to be his cousin, Robin Stuart. After all, it was her apartment and they were alone. But what the hell was all this about?...Read On


The Education of Marnie: Part 3

Grey takes Marnie's virginity

Marnie and Morgan announced their arrival at my front door in the usual way with Morgan singing out, "Grampa, we're home." I smiled from my easy chair, turning to look at the identically dressed best buddies. Morgan attempted to disappear, leaving Marnie and me alone. "Hold on their, Kitten," I said. "Why don't you stick around. Stay with us. I know you're going to watch us anyway. You might...Read On


The Education of Marnie: Part 2

Grey continues educating Marnie.

After a weekend without company, Marnie showed up after school on Monday. She showed up with my Grand-daughter, who immediately excused herself, saying she had a final to cram for.  To be perfectly honest, part of me was disappointed that Marnie hadn't come alone, seeing as Morgan's presence would put a damper on things. Or, so I thought.  Marnie sat at the kitchen table and asked for my...Read On


Blended Families--Jerome And Leah Chapter 2

Open the closed door to this quiet home to see what goes on in some blended families

When Darin walked into the bedroom after the confrontation with Leah and Jerome, Jolene asked, “Was that Leah I heard screaming?” Not wanting to get into the details with her not feeling well, he skirted the issue by saying, “Yeah, but it was nothing important. Now you just lay there and relax. I will be right here if you need anything.” “Darin, sorry for getting sick and having to cancel...Read On


The Education of Marnie

My grand-daughter's bestie wants me to teach her.

Having just lost my wife of forty-plus years, my daughter and son-in-law thought it a good idea for my grand-daughter Morgan to drop in on me after school. This was a win-win for everybody. Morgan had a safe place to go after school,  Kelly, my daughter, could work second shift at the hospital, Rob, her husband, could concentrate on his export business which took him out of the...Read On


I Married My Step-Daughter

Marisa was sixteen years old when her mother died. After that we slept together every night.

My step-daughter was getting more and more attractive and was beginning to look sexy just like her mom had. She had gorgeous long red hair just like her mom’s, which she never cut, and stunning aquamarine blue eyes, and when she looked at me with them, I wanted to grab her and kiss her the way I had kissed her mother. And the way she tossed her hair around never failed to give me an...Read On


Mile High Club Junior Member.

Kurt was just sixteen and had just graduated high school. His grades were fantastic and college was in his future. He had made a deal with his parents and they were now fulfilling their end of it. They were flying him to Californa to spend two weeks with his relatives. Kurt was a not a typical teenager. In an age of long hair and tie-dyes Kurt different. He kept his hair short and dressed...Read On


The Perfect Day - Part One

Anastasia wants the perfect day, she didn't realise just how far she would go to get it.

Jay stood there; drink in hand smiling broadly at all the faces turned towards him. “Just between us and not a word to anyone else but I am so glad that Anastasia is our only child!” He felt his left hand grasped by his daughter’s and her cheek pressed to his knuckles as a polite ripple of laughter ran through the assembled wedding guests. “So am I, Daddy, so am I” whispered Anastasia. ...Read On


A Friendly Brother-In-Law

If one gives a gift and it isn't appreciated, can one take it back and use it for one's own pleasure

We all know that we should do good deeds, but not because we expect to receive a reward in return. However, if we do unexpectedly get back more than thanks, that’s a great bonus. And if our bonus reward far outweighs the small favor we did, must we repay it? My name is Thorne and I’m a regional manager for a national finance company. That’s probably all you need to know, and I could leave...Read On


Meeting the in-laws turns into a party

The parents of our daughter's boyfriend turn out to be lots of fun

My oldest daughter Hollie had been going out with her current boyfriend Matt for about six months and it seemed that their relationship was getting more serious. Hollie, who is 19 and studying at a nearby university, was clearly besotted with Matt, 20, who was a friendly, affable handsome mixed-race guy. They made for an highly attractive couple – Hollie is 5-5 with long blonde hair,...Read On

Recommended Read

Making Mindy Moan: Part 2

A follow up to Making Mindy Mine

Up to then, I'd been playing Dominant by ear. I had a few impressions of what a Dom was, enough to doubt that Christian Grey was a real example, but that was about all. Mindy certainly had a better understanding of the lifestyle she proposed, and therein lay my problem. I could not help her grow if she knew more about my role than I did!  Her work at the Kensington gave her the advantage, and...Read On