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Taboo sex stories relate to the restrictions placed on sexual activities and relationships (sex outside of marriage, adultery, intermarriage).

Often the term is used for incestuous relationships. We do not accept incest stories, where the characters are blood relatives.

We will delete taboo stories which are deemed too hardcore for most tastes - please use common sense when posting.


The Widower and the Neighbor – Part Three

The widower and the neighbor continue on their fuck-fest way.

I walked into Karina’s house on Sunday morning to surprise her with breakfast in bed when to my surprise I saw Karina and Natasha sitting at the kitchen table in their robes deeply engrossed in conversation.  I tried to quietly let myself out but didn’t quite make it. “George, can you please stay and come join us?” asked Karina as I was about to slip out the door. I went back into the...Read On


Watching My Sister Lisa Have Sex On Holiday

When did my sister become such a slut?

My stepsister Lisa is my stepfather’s daughter but I have always considered her my sister ever since she breezed into our lives as a noisy teenager. She’s five years younger than me, but always had a lot of sexual confidence for her age. I discovered that when we went on holiday to the Greek island of Faliraki and we watched each other have sex. Never forgotten… It was the year after my trip...Read On


Adult Family Friend Gives Me My First Teen Blowjob

I get a summer job with a friend of the family and he reveals his hunger for my big, teen cock.

My name is Jimmy, and since I recently turned forty-two years old, I’ve been thinking about my first sexual experience, that happened shortly after my sixteenth birthday. I’m happily married now, to my lovely wife, Sarah, and our daughter has just recently moved away to college. I consider myself to be a normal, heterosexual man now, but I still remember when Matt, a good family friend who...Read On


Sara's Resolve - The Proposal (Part One)

Sara quizzes Chris. The ensuing sexually-charged exchange leads to an arrangement Chris can't refuse

Her eyes are just as beautiful as her mother's. She is no doubt her mother’s daughter, albeit a younger version of twenty-five years, but she is her daughter. Tears begin to roll down Sara’s cheeks as she goes about cleaning the kitchen. She stops in front of the sink, grasps the countertop with both hands and gazes out the window. I’m her father, and I wish I could say something to bring...Read On


Meeting My New Husband’s Family

I married a great guy, I then go to meet his family and get a lot closer to them then I should have

I must confess I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. My parents came from very wealthy families and, as I’m sure you’ve probably assumed, I grew up spoilt and self-centered. My parents provided me with plenty of money and I knew that some of my so-called friends were only there for the money, but I didn’t care. All through school I had people around me telling me how great I was....Read On


Amazing Sister-In-Law

We finally meet after years of talking and flirting.

I met my wife, Laura in 1988, while attending college. She came from a small little town about an hour's drive away from the university. She was very cute, petite, nicely shaped and definitely a small town girl. She sat in front of me in one of our classes, and we started to chat about our class material and assignments. After one of our classes, I asked if she wanted to come to a party that...Read On



The spontaneous shit that happens when you least expect it

I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when I heard someone knock on the door. I had a mouthful of toothpaste so I tried my best to answer. I can't imagine what the hell I sounded like, but it must have been enough to let someone know I wasn't going to have a problem being disturbed. The door opened and my stepdaughter's friend Sarah opened the door. "I have no idea what you said with...Read On


An Unexpected Surprise

Now that Jessie coupled with her step brother, what is in Jessie's future?

A long overdue sequel to my stories "Mistaken Identity" (Ch. 1) and "The Coupling" (Ch. 2).    I couldn’t believe the turn in events.  Here I was in the kitchen, half-naked, juices from our coupling dribbling down my thighs, and it wasn’t my dream man John, but my step-brother Matthew that was behind me all naked.  It certainly was the best sex that I had ever had, but I really wanted...Read On


Getting Some Relief

Stuck in a loveless marriage when a friend makes me an offer I can’t refuse

I know this may sound like I’m a sex-mad woman but, over the last five years, my husband has lost interest in having sex with me and I feel trapped in our marriage. When we met in the first year at college, John was studying to be a plumber and I was considering being an admin consultant. We were both seventeen and, honestly, it was love at first sight, at least for me. We started dating...Read On


My Amazing Gals

Daughters have a party and the parents are there.

Two years ago my life was turned upside down, but all for the better. I was forty-seven, divorced ten years and had no real prospects for another serious relationship. I was quite down. Successful in business and stable financially, I couldn’t seem to find a lady that just clicked with me. Then I met Suzanne. And her daughters. In her forties, she had been divorced over fifteen years....Read On


My Dad Gets Remarried

I go to see my dad, that is when I meet his new wife and get quite a shock.

I haven’t had much time for my dad since he and my mam got divorced. Given I was part of the reason for the split, I naturally took my mom's side. Of course, we didn’t want him finding out about us and that’s another reason why my mam divorced him. I know he took it all pretty harshly, but I suppose that was because he didn’t really understand why mam wanted it. I must admit that part of...Read On


Premier Classe - Premier Fuck

My first sexual adventure on my South African trip

I opened my eyes, stretched, and looked at my phone. I’d only dozed off in my compartment for half an hour or so, but even during that short time, the landscape had changed completely. I’d closed my eyes on endless rows of ramshackle, corrugated-iron-roofed, single-story shanties on the outskirts of Johannesburg, and opened them to equally wide vistas of flat uncultivated scrubland. There...Read On



She wasn't my type but...

She was never one that I'd even given a second look at. It wasn't only her physical build (yes that sounds shallow but it's just what it is), but more than anything her personality. She's always been obnoxious, loud, and acted like an idiot more times than not. I simply tolerated her because she was part of the "other" side of our family. She was related through people in the family so...Read On



My future Daughter-in-Law had a problem

There was a knock at the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone but opened it just the same. There stood my step-son’s fiancé: Alyson. They were to be married in three days. She was cute and we hit it off the first day we met. She stood about 5’5”, weighed about 120, and had a full “C” cup. It was those blue eyes and full lips that always had my attention. She came bounding into the foyer and told...Read On


When Your Hormones Go Crazy (Part 7)

The Next Step...

I couldn't believe what had happened. It's not like I hadn't thought about it for a long-ass time. But seriously, being "that guy" that is in the perfect position for young teenage pussy, getting laid by one of your step-daughter's friends, and having the most amazing sex you could imagine with a girl that age. But it happened. My step-daughter had always had friends over. The...Read On


"I Take Thee, My Brother-In-Law, To Be My..."

A tale of three marriages, two that were and one that is yet to be.

Sabra was twenty-eight and filled with a quiet panic every day. She was convinced that if she weren’t married by the time she was thirty she would be single for the rest of her life. It wasn’t that she hadn’t had suitors in the past, but that none of them had met her high standards. She was sure that her looks would fade and her body would thicken and sag and she would end up looking like...Read On


Knight in Shining Armor

Man comes to the aid of his daughter's friend.

I had the weekend to myself and an empty house to go home to, so I had spent the first part of my Friday night having a couple drinks with a few work friends. One by one, they dispersed, headed home to start their weekends. I was last out the door, in no great hurry to get home and wanting to let the drinks wear off before driving. As I left the restaurant and strolled into the parking lot,...Read On


More Hallucinations

I'm nearly doing it.

Another party on another Saturday night, it's an ordinary suburban house but what's happening inside it is far from being ordinary. About a dozen young teenage couples are standing or sitting in a circle watching two sixteen-year-old girls undressing each other. I'm not all that interested in watching them, I'm more interested in the sexy little panties I've nestled in. They belong to Sandra,...Read On


Getting Far Too Close

I’m having problems with husband, and I let my son’s friend get too close...

I met Ben when I was a seventeen-year-old college student aiming to be a Maths teacher. He was a year older and already working, selling cars. We quickly became close — so close that I was pregnant after only two months of dating. Not ideal but Ben stuck by me. Of course, it meant I had to give up my studies and focus on being a mother to our son, Lee. We didn’t get married until five...Read On


Try This On For Size

Stepsiblings Jacob and Kellie try more than clothes in the fitting room

"How many?" the lady asked me. I looked at the dresses on hangers in my hands. They were almost dragging my arms down. There had to be at least twenty-five or thirty. Looking her in the eye, I replied, "A lot." It was then that she actually took notice of my dress cornucopia. "Oh," she said, "Well, go ahead." As she put her earbuds back in, I turned around to face my older brother, Jacob....Read On


Precipice - Part 2 of 3

With too many distractions, you never see the trouble coming. And the distractions keep coming.

Here's a fun fact that almost isn’t part of this story. One of my wife's friends has a kidney disorder that is being studied and closely monitored by doctors at the University in Madison. She isn't supposed to drive, so my wife volunteered to be her taxi. They leave after dinner on Thursday evenings and then spend the night. My wife is usually home by noon on Friday. This has been going on...Read On


Precipice - Part 1 of 3

With too many distractions, you never see the trouble coming.

I think I'm about to get into trouble. It doesn't happen often, and like any other time, I didn't even know it was coming. There were three causes this time, and I'm only responsible for two of them. The first cause started long before I even started dating my wife. We've been married more than twenty years, so it's been an issue for a while. I've tried my best, but the problem is still there....Read On


Summer Holidays

I come home to visit my family and end up having a lot more fun then I planned

After being away at college and university for almost four years and studying to become a commercial pilot, I was so happy and proud of myself when — excuse the pun — I passed with flying colours. It had been a lot of hard work and I was so pleased to qualify and follow my dad as a pilot. It hadn’t been an easy four years. As well as all the studying and putting in hundreds of hours on a...Read On


Young Lactating MILF Becomes a Webcam Whore for Her Redneck Husband

My redneck husband encourages me to become a webcam stripper and whore to help support our family.

Sitting here now at the age of thirty, in our upscale suburban home near Mobile, Alabama, it’s sometimes hard to imagine how far we’ve come from a challenging start. My name is Jody, and after getting knocked up in high school by my boyfriend, Billy, we got married and struggled financially until he encouraged me to make extra money by becoming a webcam stripper. This story starts at the time...Read On


Sick Of All The Fighting

A huge fight with my husband leads me to finding comfort with a younger lad

Being married to an Army guy isn’t easy. He’s often away and sometimes it can be for very long periods of time. That said, I don’t want you to misunderstand: I really loved my husband. We met back in school when we were sixteen. Scott was captain of the rugby team and a total fitness nut. I was also into fitness and was the head cheerleader, a gymnast, and also loved yoga. We married...Read On


AJ’s Very Naughty Halloween Turns A Few Wicked Tricks

The little witches ride broomsticks and cocks then cast spells of lust on all…

This year’s Halloween expectations are extremely high as the bar standard for last year’s party exceeded all expectations. AJ and friends had planned the party at the beginning of school. She knew I would be out late with Jim attending an adult costume party for swingers. The decision to be little witches was not difficult. AJ, Darci, Piper, Zoe and Kat all had gone to the theatrical showing...Read On


The Not So Innocent Little Amber Jade

AJ confesses all to her Step-mom who is stunned learning her little girl is not so innocent at all …

Jim was gone after a Sex-Marathon-Weekend with AJ and me giving us both a plethora of orgasms. Amber Jade my seventeen-year-old step-daughter whom I call AJ and I share him as our lover. Yes, we are bisexual and enjoy each other as well which is a huge turn-on to Jim. Jim is the one who brought us both together so to speak by making us each an insatiable nymphomaniac. I had just taken a...Read On


The Poisoned Fantasy

It all started on a sunny Sunday evening in July. On that date, the events that I shall relate to you were to change my life. A few Sundays ago, my husband and I sat outside a pub enjoying an early afternoon drink. I did my normal people-watching – well, nosy looking – eyeing up all the people that walked past. I noticed a black-haired girl walking past. She was the opposite to me… she...Read On


Don't disappoint mommy!

When your mom catches you masturbating to taboo porn, she makes you pay.

You relish your latchkey moments, the golden time when you can dive deep into the pool of your perverted desires. Those occasions when you’re home alone, college is out, and your mom is still making her way back from work. It started out like so many times before. What you didn’t expect was that this time, your mom was going to catch you jerking off. You loaded up your laptop knowing...Read On


The Difference Between Seventeen and Thirty-Seven

A mature man gets wild ideas about his young step-son. Can this end well?

  I got married at twenty and divorced at twenty-seven. It was a childless, loveless marriage. Why we got married I can’t even say, not now. I can only call it a mistake. I’d say a tragic mistake, but no one was permanently injured, so it was just a routine mistake. The reason it lasted as long as it did was that at that time I was just starting out and barely making ends meet. I was...Read On