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OMG, I LOVE chocolate!!!!!

07 Feb 2013 13:06

05 Feb 2013 15:10

The way football should be played.

04 Feb 2013 13:43

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!!!! Kisses!!

03 Feb 2013 16:11

It was a view like this one, many years ago, that convinced me that I was bisexual. MMMMMMmmmmmmmm

29 Jan 2013 15:57

28 Jan 2013 11:24

Hubby surprised me on Thursday with a long weekend camping trip to the Florida Keys. The weather was in the 80s on Saturday. Perfect for snorkeling. It is worth the 6 hour drive to be able to enjoy nature like this.

27 Jan 2013 02:35

Sorry I haven't been on much this week. I have a great friend that I met in college staying with me this week, as hubby is traveling for work. She is making up for lost time. HeeHee

22 Jan 2013 14:08

I am going to spend the majority of today working on and finishing my newest story. It is about an amazing MMF my hubby and I had this weekend. Some bisexual m2m stuff and more!! I hope you all ...........

20 Jan 2013 03:26

It was near 80 degrees earlier today. It has now gone below 50, and it's raining. It's supposed to be in the 30s tonite, and for Georgia, that is freezing! I love our fireplace, time to light a nice fire, and warm my tushy up!

17 Jan 2013 13:06

I came home early and I am surprising hubby with homemade sweet & sour pork, fried rice and wontons. I love to cook.......I hope I don't have as much trouble as this sexy lass is.......

14 Jan 2013 16:06

Gonna spend the day sleeping in, napping, just being in each other's arms. Hope you all have a great day!!!

13 Jan 2013 09:46

My newest story has been published! Please read and comment, I love hearing how it turns you on.....Kisses

12 Jan 2013 11:14

As promised, I would continue my story of How my BFF became my FWB.....I just submitted it for publishing, here is a little hint of what you'll find in the story.....

12 Jan 2013 08:14

Friday night is Pizza night....yyyyyuuummmmmm

11 Jan 2013 14:55

Hubby is going to be so pissed when he sees that I posted this.......LoL......Oh well.....

10 Jan 2013 14:10

I gave hubby a new camera for Christmas. He wanted to take some shots of our fireside romp last nite. He just loves the self shot mode, with the timer. He took a few (which came out quite hot, i must admit) and then showed me one that I completely blushed over. He then dared me to post it on here. I told him the only way I would post it is if he paid for me and my gf's day at the spa on Saturday. Guess who is getting a massage with her gf and mani/pedi Saturday? Here is the result of the dare........

08 Jan 2013 13:59

It's going to get cold tonight. No better place to jump hubby than in front of the fire!!

07 Jan 2013 13:03

Slow down, take hold of your partner and .......

06 Jan 2013 04:10

Hubby has to work. Gonna some time today with my online friends, wink, wink.

05 Jan 2013 05:10

TGIF MMMMMMMM, Fridays look pretty damn good!!

04 Jan 2013 13:00

It's a cold, rainy day. Time to warm my buns by the fire!

03 Jan 2013 13:05

I woke up so unbelievably horny today, and hubby left for work leaving me all alone. HHHMMM, what to do..........

02 Jan 2013 06:06

Welcome to the day after the party!!!!!

01 Jan 2013 17:41

Happy New Year to everyone!!! I hope your New Year will be filled sex and success!

31 Dec 2012 12:47

I just made a really nice batch of homemade chili. I love to cook, but I'm really in the mood for this....

29 Dec 2012 14:32

I have read stories on this site, but just joined to share my exploits. Hope you're hard or wet!

25 Dec 2012 17:14