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I'm a single middle age man trying to make up lost time and experience the finer side of the feminine gender after a rather unfortunate two decade marriage ended. Tried online dating with not much success; women on those sites seem to be sizing you up for next hubby material––then it's a total crapshoot as to whether there will be any sizzle. They tend to either have unresolved issues or act all demure like teenage virgins... done. Found this site and whether or not it translates to actual life experiences or not, at least everyone here has an express interest in sexuality and isn't afraid to talk about it. Sex... well, I am blessed to have high drive, plumbing that works and apparently a penchant for being attuned to the female sensual side. Who knows, I might even write a few stories and hopefully encounter some new material to inspire.

I ride motorcycles and love long distance touring. I own three bikes (not harleys) that meet various criteria and can't imagine not being able to get out and see the country a few times each year. I'd love to meet a sexually uninhibited lady/slut (or as one person so eloquently claims to simply have a 'friendly pussy') who loves to ride and is compatible both on the seat and under the covers. The problem for me is not finding interested woman, it's finding women who are in tune with their sexuality, extremely sensual and uninhibited. If you are one of these seemingly rare birds, please drop me a note!

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southwest, Virginia, United States
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24 May 2018 15:33
Women, sex, wine, motorcycles, jazz & blues, cooking, tequila, barbecue
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My Secret Garden
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Nancy Friday
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9 1/2
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Jazz, Blues, Classical. Esp. jazz from the 50s and 60s era. I'd love to do a blues tour through the south by motorcycle and hit as many juke joints as possible.


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Topic: Is squirting gross or hot?
Posted: 02 Sep 2012 12:03

I had only been with one lover that squirted, only once and just a small amount. Then a few years ago I met a married woman who was wanting to get something started. Said she hadn't had sex with the hubby in years. I had been married myself up until that time and hadn't been with another woman in more than twenty years. So first meeting we went to walk in the park and when we were out of sight we started kissing and next thing I know she's upside down with her pants off and I'm fingering and eating her pussy at the same time. I was astounded at the amount of liquid she was producing as she came over and over. I finally got paranoid because she was so loud and I was afraid we'd get arrested. We started getting together regularly and I'm telling you... this woman is an orgasmic phenomena to behold. The bed would be thoroughly soaked every single time. After awhile I had really gotten in tune with how to build her up and I'd repeatedly take her to the edge and then back off until she was cursing and screaming to let her cum. When she was primed to the max I'd get directly on her clit and take her over the edge and keep her cumming in waves. Once I timed it and she was cumming, gushing and squirting continuously for a half hour with only momentary respites. I'd never been with anyone like her before or since, unfortunately. We once spent 24 hours in the bed, taking breaks to eat and sleep a little. I have no idea how many times she came that day because they're not really separate orgasms––more a state of intense arousal with peaks and ebbs until she sort of passes out from exhaustion. Her orgasms are the full body spasm kind too. I think she is a neurological freak to tell you the truth, and turns out she was bsc as well–– a five year old child in a woman's body. What I wouldn't give for an otherwise normal woman even half as hypersexed as this one. Absolutely true.

Topic: How do you make a guy cum when you're giving him head?
Posted: 19 Aug 2012 17:02

Ladies, there is no one correct answer or technique, but I'll tell you what does it for me... it's as much mental as physical. Fucking the mind while you're sucking dick is a magic combination. My first regular gf, 19 years old, was the best. She would mostly do some nasty talking, licking and tickling with her tongue in strategic places and this girl would have me ready to blow before she ever gave it a full stroke or took it into her mouth. Seriously! Part of it was surely that it was the first time I was with someone who was sensually attuned, but it was also about her knowing how to flip my switch. She would hold me right at the point of needing to cum so bad, pre-cum oozing all over, and the longer she held me there the more intense the explosion when it finally happened. My favorite way for her to finish, when she knew I was really ready––and she always knew, she would finally take it deep slowly and hold for a few seconds, then back off slowly and sensually place the tip of her tongue into the tip and wiggle it in a circular motion. I never knew it could be so intense, and have never had anyone do it as well as her. Makes me want to look her up.

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