tantricdrummer's Blog Entries

I need a new avatar.

20 Oct 2015 09:47

I am here and perusing the site, catching up on stories. Have a few in my head. Maybe I'll pen one soon

16 Jan 2015 08:57

Am still contenting myself with commenting on friends' stories and finding time to write.
Have ideas as always and hope that I can put them down at some point

10 Sep 2012 06:52

I am enjoying catching up, and having way too much to read. Going thru and reading stories by my friends, as a way of getting me back to writing.

26 Aug 2012 09:44

I'm going to be in Lisbon for a couple of days in Mid-April. Any Lushies there? Wonder how you go about having a Lush meetup. That ever happen?

08 Apr 2012 18:31

I am back, for a bit.

08 Apr 2012 15:00

I'm leaving Lush for a bit. Tried to update my profile to say so but its not behaving. I'm sure I'll be back around at some point.

09 Dec 2011 12:15

Just starting to poke around on the Forums here on Lush. Now there's a way to meet the active writers on the site!

15 Nov 2011 21:11

Am back looking for interesting profiles and reading some stories. Say hi if you're online.

14 Nov 2011 09:28