The call

She waits for his call, the way she always used to.

She awoke with a start. It was 5:55am. Exhaling in a half frustrated, half indulgent groan, she sank back into the new winter sheets she had just pulled out three days ago. The season was changing. Outside, Fall was making its graceful exit and the gritty cold winds of Winter were approaching. Four months it had been, and yet it was with her. 'Wake up 5 minutes before My call' he...Read On



You are your father's son

She helps him realize he has his father's dominance in him

This story was motivated by the sight of a very pretty Indian college girl in an atrocious bikini at the pool this summer. Once it started though, it became an exploration of power exchange. All characters in this story are completely fictional. I welcome all suggestions and comments on the story. It’s not what might be considered ‘hot’ just yet. It’s because the explosive scene I have in...Read On