Right at Home

Ashley gets closer to her brother

Ashley’s family wasn’t the closest family in the world. In fact when they were around each other, they treated each other like strangers most of the time. Her mom was a sad excuse of a mother who never pays attention to anyone. Every time she comes home she’s drunk, high or both. Her dad was rarely home. He would leave for weeks at a time and never said where he was going. Ashley believed...Read On


Right at Home 2

Celebrating Ashley's brithday

Ashley woke up and felt herself in a depressed mood. She knew it had to do with that fact that it was her 19 th birthday. Normally she would be happy and celebrating; but the last time she had really celebrated her birthday was when she turned 16. Even on that day she had spent it with Eric and her parents were nowhere to be found. Not that it was much of a surprise. Thinking of Eric...Read On


Right at Home 3

Eric and Ashley back in action.

Ashley slammed her last suitcase shut with a smile on herface. For the first time in awhile she felt free. I’m finally getting out of here, she thought to herself. The thought seemed unreal to her but here she was in her empty room packing all her stuff. She grabbed the handle of the bag and put it next to her door. Just two days ago Eric had told her he had brought them a new apartment....Read On


Something New

Syrina is trying something new this time

My day had started out like normal. I got up, showered, went to school, and came back home to take a nap. When I woke up it was about 4 o’clock in the afternoon. I grabbed my cell phone to check if I had any messages, I noticed I had a missed call from my cousin, Damien. I hit the call back button and waited for him to answer. “Hey, Syrina,” Damien answered on the third ring. He sounded...Read On


This Is Really Happening

The phone woke up Kimber on Saturday morning. She effortlessly reached for her cell phone sitting on top of her dresser, next to her bed. “Hello,” she said, sleepily. “Hey Kim, what are you up to?” It was her cousin, Ryan. She cleared her throat so that she could talk normally. “Oh hey, I just woke up what’s up?” She sat up straight in her bed so she could lean back against the headboard....Read On

Straight Sex(3)


My Best Friend's Brother

Tiffani wants to screw her friend's brother.

From the very moment I met, Tony, my best friend's brother, I knew I wanted to sleep with him. I felt weird at first because I was so close to my friend and I didn't think she would like me dating and screwing her brother. He was about 5'7 and light skinned with long straight, dark brown hair. With big brown eyes that I could stare at all day. I knew that he liked me too just by the way he...Read On


My Best Friends Brother 2

It's better the secong time around

A knock on the door sounded as I slipped on my silk lingerie. I knew it was Tony since he had sent me a text message earlier about coming by. I knew he was thinking about the first time we had sex together, hell even I couldn’t stop. I even had dreams about it every night. Reliving every detail, the way his cock fit into my pussy and how he fucked me so hard, I woke up and my panties would...Read On


One Time Only

Amanda wants to try something different...

One time only… I thought to myself as I walked into the bar a block away from my apartment building. This was the first time I had been to the club in the past five years. I never came here because it was just a dark, lonely room filled with creepers with no lives and stuck up people that you just want to beat up. Tonight was different than the rest, I was growing desperate. I had...Read On