Afternoon Delight with my sweet Kira

A story of my favorite little fuck- toy, I call Wild Thing!

 I first met Kira at a book signing for one of my favorite female authors "E.K." She writes semi historical novels about Vlad Tepes. The signing was held at the downtown Civic Center as there was lots of interest in meeting her and having her signature. The center was buzzing and the line for signing was long, but I joined it anyway. Everyone seemed in a good mood and were festive and...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


I dream of Gennie

A story of two who met on-line and actually did something!

I met "Gennie" on-line at a big social site.. I stumbled across the "I want you to write me a 10 word story" category. The reponses are supposed to be exactly 10 words. I really like this category and reponded to Gennie's story. We had the usual on-line "courtship". Exchange of messages, comments, emails, texts, photos, and had a few "vitual dates". Gennie has a suspicious husband. He...Read On