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Topic Social Issues vs. "Real Issues"
Posted 03 Nov 2012 11:23

We can safely say that Gov. Romney believes in getting elected...After that is anyone's guess, but if he feels beholden to his backers and super packs, we are looking at four years of a ultra conservative agenda, another round of non-regulated wall street running free and easy, then looking for taxpayer bailouts, Pollution standards rolled back to contribute to still more global warming and the one percent of the richest people having ninety five percent of the influence on governmental decisions.

If Gov. Romney is elected his cabinet will be the best indication of how he intends to govern, and if he returns Pres. Bush's main players to the white house, god bless us all. His pick for V.P. is scary enough, but we can bet the farm Gov. Christy will remain in Jersey.argue

Topic Can Romney/Ryan get elected?
Posted 02 Nov 2012 22:17

A fair look at both candidates without the usual hysteria.

Topic Let the voting begin! Let's see how a lushworld poll compares to the real world...
Posted 02 Nov 2012 22:02

This is a wonderful vid done with fairness and without hysteria that every voter needs to watch as election day gets closer.

Topic What do YOU fantasize about when you masturbate?
Posted 01 Nov 2012 17:25

LOL Choenix would be one person to fantasize about;)

Topic Let the voting begin! Let's see how a lushworld poll compares to the real world...
Posted 01 Nov 2012 15:13

Scott, your post is too muddled to make much sense of, but I'd like to point out that Gov. Romney comes from Michigan, not Mass. His father George was Gov. of Michigan and ran against Richard Nixon as an anti war republican while sending his son to France as a Mormon missionary as a way to avoid the draft.
George Romney made his wealth from the...wait for industry.

Politicians are generally well to do before they enter public service, only becoming richer if they are corrupt and we all know that would never happen in D.C.

Pres. Obama made his money from book sales and investments and is a millionaire, but barely where as Gov. Romney made his money as a corporate raider and he wont release his income tax except for a doctored one that shows he gave his money to charity so we cant really gauge his true wealth as some of his money is hidden in off shore accounts.

I suggest you watch and listen to PBS to get your facts as they are as unbiased a station as your likely to find, but if Gov. Romney wins, he's promised to stop funding so hurry! 001.jpg

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 01 Nov 2012 14:18


Topic Let the voting begin! Let's see how a lushworld poll compares to the real world...
Posted 31 Oct 2012 15:42

I am not one of those that thinks Pres. Obama can do no wrong. I think the expectations when he was elected were so high that no one save superman could have met them. I'm somewhat disappointed in his leadership to be honest and more disappointed in his negative campaign and lack of inspiration.

I do feel he's a far better choice then Gov. Romney for a number of reasons, He has got us out of one senseless war and is winding down the other senseless war he was stuck with and has a reasonable, tempered policy to the looming Iran nuclear crisis. His State dept. has worked well, restoring our standing in global politics after the maverick policies of the previous administration. He rid the world of Bin Laden and focuses the war on terrorism on terrorists, not nations. His record on woman's issues is in line with the 21st century, not the 19th. His attempts at recovery of the economy, those not blocked by congress seem to be working, although people want instant results to complex problems. Heath care is long overdue in this country and while Obama care is not perfect, it's a step in the right direction. While Pres. Obama is far more moderate than I'd hoped for, he's a proven leader while the other candidate is a unknown commodity who has more flip flops and unclear plans then any candidate on record.

We can be certain that Mr. Romney will take unfavorable positions on gay rights and woman's issues,and the rest of his policies are mirky at best. I have to have more respect for other candidates who while I don't agree with them, have the backbone to take positions and stick with them instead of saying anything and everything to be elected.

We do know that Mr. Romney is a Wall street insider, a corporate raider with offshore bank accounts,
has holdings that sent jobs oversea's and has holdings in China companies, wont make public his income tax records, has a known record of gay bashing and harassment that under current law would be considered a hate crime, saved the winter games in Salt Lake City with taxpayer funds costing us in the millions, and believes that 47% of US citizens don't matter, but he knows how to fix this country so we should take his word for it.

For these reasons and many more President Obama is my choice. He is not superman nor should we expect him to be, but he has proven to be a steady, thoughtful leader who has the whole country's best interests at heart, not 53% of us.

Topic Stripper name!
Posted 30 Oct 2012 21:02

Sunset Taffy

Topic Let the voting begin! Let's see how a lushworld poll compares to the real world...
Posted 29 Oct 2012 23:02

a publication of Working AssetsVoting machines tied to the Romneys could decide the election in Ohio

Could a voting machine company with deep financial ties to the Romney family help Republicans steal the presidential election in Ohio?

It could happen. If this year's presidential election comes down to the electoral votes in Ohio, the deciding votes could be cast on electronic voting machines manufactured by Hart Intercivic.

Tell the Department of Justice: Don't let Republicans steal the election in Ohio with Romney-owned voting machines.

A 2007 study conducted by Ohio's Secretary of State showed that Hart Intercivic's touch screen voting machines could be easily corrupted. The New York Times reported:

At polling stations, teams working on the study were able to pick locks to access memory cards and use hand-held devices to plug false vote counts into machines. At boards of election, they were able to introduce malignant software into servers.1
Hart Intercivic is majority owned by H.I.G. Capital which controls two of the five seats on the Hart Intercivic board. An investment fund with deep ties to the Romney family and the Mitt Romney for president campaign, H.I.G. Capital was founded by Tony Tamer, a major bundler for the Romney campaign, and it is one of the largest partners of Solamere Capital, an investment fund founded by Tagg Romney and Spencer Zwick, Mitt Romney's chief fundraiser from the 2008 presidential campaign.2 This makes the Romney family part owner of the voting machine company, through it's interest in H.I.G. Capital.

Tell the Department of Justice: Don't let Republicans steal the election in Ohio with Romney-owned voting machines.

What's more, three other H.I.G. Capital directors are major fundraisers for the Romney campaign, and H.I.G. Capital is the 11th largest contributor to the Mitt Romney campaign.3 Two of the company's directors, Douglas Berman and Brian Schwartz, were even in attendance at the Boca Raton fundraiser4 where Romney infamously declared:

There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what... who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it... These are people who pay no income tax... y job is is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.5
And as if the ties between Tagg Romney's Solamere, Romney contributors at H.I.G. Capital, and Hart Intercivic weren't astonishing enough, two members of Hart Intercivic's 5-member board of directors made direct contributions to the Romney campaign. That's right. Directors of the company that makes touchscreen voting machines that could decide the presidential election in Ohio, have made contributions to the Mitt Romney for President campaign.

It is disturbing and dangerous that Hart Intercivic, the company that makes the machines that will count many of the votes in Ohio on election night has deep financial ties to family members of Mitt Romney. And that its leadership has been actively involved presidential campaign by donating and bundling hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Mitt Romney. The fact that these machines are easily corruptible touch screen voting machines makes matters even worse.

Gov. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are locked in a tight election race which could very well be decided by Ohio's 18 electoral votes. We must take action now.

I dont think this will happen, but it's not very ethical to own the voting machines!dontknow

Topic Republicans and the "R" word
Posted 29 Oct 2012 22:05

Just to clairify''Melissa" is Melissa Harris Perry of MSNBC and the letter was broadcast on Oct 27th., Melissa narrating herself. It was seen by millions of viewers and written by Ms. Perry from personal experiance as a rape victim herself.
I hope I have copied the link correctly as it's quite powerful.

Melissa Harris Perry Talks About Rape: A Letter To Richard Mourdock (Video) | The New Civil Rights M

Topic Republicans and the "R" word
Posted 29 Oct 2012 14:58

Dear Mr. Mourdock,

Sometimes I still flinch when I’m touched a certain way, even if it’s the loving embrace of my husband. I can’t stand to watch TV shows where rape is the central plot line. Even some seasons of the year are harder for me. Those of us who are sexual assault survivors call these triggers. We spend our lives — the lives we lead after the attack — avoiding and managing these triggers.

A congressional debate shouldn’t have to come with a trigger warning. But apparently, Richard, yours should. Because in Tuesday’s debate for Indiana’s U.S. Senate seat, you said this Tuesday night during a debate in New Albany, Indiana.

“I believe that life begins at conception…The only exception I have, to have an abortion, is in that case of the life of the mother. I’ve struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize that life is that gift from God. And even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”

Rape and sexual assault are complicated experiences for survivors. Some of us fight, kick, scream, and resist at every moment. Some of us eventually give in to save our own lives or to manage the horror. Some of us know that what is happening is rape, others of us just know it is wrong, but don’t have the words to describe why. Some of us push the memories down and try to forget, others of us battle openly with the nightmares and scars every day. There is no one right way to survive. There is no one right way to feel.

As we heal, we learn not to judge ourselves or to judge our fellow survivors, because we learn that judgment can wound as deeply as assault. If a woman finds herself pregnant after a rape, we do not judge the choices she makes.

I am descended from American slaves. I have foremothers who found themselves pregnant with children whose birth increased the wealth of the very man who enslaved and raped them. Somehow, through the angst and misery of that experience some of those women found a way to love and embrace the children they bore from rape. So I do not doubt the compassion or judge the choice of a survivor who carries a rape pregnancy to term.

But the whole point is choice. Consent. You see, Mr. Mourdock, the violation of rape is more than physical. Rapists strip women of our right to choose, of our right to say no, of our right to control what is happening to our bodies. Most assailants tell us it is our fault. They tell us to be silent. Sometimes they even tell us it’s God’s will. That is the core violation of rape– it takes away choice.

Richard, you believe it is fine to ignore a women’s right to choose because of your interpretation of divinity. Sound familiar?

Let me explain something to you. When we survive sexual assault, we are the gift. When we survive, when we go on to love, to work, to speak out, to have fun, to laugh, to dance, to cry, tolive, when we do that, we defeat our attackers. For a moment, they strip us of our choices. As we heal, we take our choices back. We are the gift to ourselves, our families, our communities, and our nation when we survive.

Now let me say this very clearly to you Mr Mourdock, and to all of your shameless endorsers: we did not survive an attack on our consent just to turn around and give up our right to choose to you. Not without a fight.

Are you sure you want to have that fight?



Topic Let the voting begin! Let's see how a lushworld poll compares to the real world...
Posted 29 Oct 2012 14:20

Topic Can Romney/Ryan get elected?
Posted 29 Oct 2012 14:16

Topic Fuck or Pass???
Posted 29 Oct 2012 10:35


Topic Let the voting begin! Let's see how a lushworld poll compares to the real world...
Posted 28 Oct 2012 23:30

We had one president in the 80's with Ronniesia, we dont need any Romnesia to bring back those tired trickle down policys. Vote for President Obama, things are getting better.

Topic Kiss, Fuck or Pass
Posted 28 Oct 2012 21:29

kisses and fukes back to you!

Topic Can Romney/Ryan get elected?
Posted 28 Oct 2012 20:21

The real scary part isn't Romney, It's Ryan a heartbeat away from the presidency.confused5

Topic Smoking ban
Posted 26 Oct 2012 14:34

I think bar owners should be the ones to decide if they want to be smoke free instead of having it the law.
Freedom of choice is what this country should be about, our experiment with spirits should have taught us that.

Smoking is an terrible habit, but is legal and those that smoke should have a right to smoke in a bar that caters to them.

Topic Can Romney/Ryan get elected?
Posted 26 Oct 2012 14:00 001.jpg
But Utah is not in play according to the map, but is in Mormon cowboy landdontknow

Topic Fuck or Pass
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Topic Can Romney/Ryan get elected?
Posted 24 Oct 2012 09:20

I saw on the endangered PBS last night the teaparty's attempt to reverse findings on global warming by real scientists that is funded by Exxon and the Koch brothers making it politicly easy for neo-comms to duck the issues that will affect the next generations.

I also saw in the news that Pa. gave permission to frack for oil below a nuclear power plant!

Insanely greedy humans that we are we wont be happy until this country looks like a reclaimation site with no drinkable water, a wonderful legacy to pass on to future generations.

Topic Be Careful What You Wish For.........
Posted 24 Oct 2012 08:33


I wish Tammy would stay in my bed forever!

Topic Approaching 150K members, $150 Amazon Voucher up for grabs!
Posted 23 Oct 2012 16:27

Dec. 13th if not already taken.

Topic Am I The Only One?
Posted 23 Oct 2012 10:03

It seems as if your comfort zone is more comfortable and attracted to men not considered buff and I can relate to that, and don't find ''perfect'' men very attractive either, or at least a conventional idea of a guy that is so toned he loves his body more than mine.

I tend to be attracted to slimmer,arty talented thoughtful types, but the thing is, we look for certain traits that send tingles and thank goodness we all have different tingle-o-meters.

Topic Can Romney/Ryan get elected?
Posted 23 Oct 2012 09:30

Neo-comm's must be having nightmares after a warmer, fuzzier shape shifting Mitt showed up last evening in yet another identity and the sad part is he is getting traction from all this shameless pandering.

Pres. Obama doesn't come across as much better, I'm growing disenchanted with the entire process as I'm sure many are.

Topic Kiss, Fuck or Pass
Posted 22 Oct 2012 20:28

{}{} fuck

Topic Can Romney/Ryan get elected?
Posted 20 Oct 2012 08:16

I agree that govt. controls too many aspects of our lives they have no business in, but one party wants to control morality more then the other and will say or do anything to regain office to achieve their agenda, even developing romnesia, shape shifting with the prevailing winds to obtain undecided votes.

Topic Hug, kiss or ????? the person above you.
Posted 20 Oct 2012 07:38

Hugs and sugar kisses{}

Topic Best place to pick up you chicks
Posted 18 Oct 2012 17:48

All joking aside, men dont pick up ''you'' chicks, you get picked up!

When will they ever stop deluding themselves?

Topic Can Romney/Ryan get elected?
Posted 16 Oct 2012 23:49

But you're not still under the impression that anyone's trying to sell you on anything right? You got your whole doctrine laid out for yourself, come what may, and everyone else is wrong. I don't buy your brand of horseshit either, and it's already been established that all of our opinions and beliefs, plus most of our own questions, are irrelevant anyway- which is sort of freeing, really. I can see the appeal in that.

Look, your nihilism is rubbing off on me! evil4

I don't recall seeing our resident know it all 1 ball published in any newspapers, and my opinion is your horseshit is far from sugar coated, just plain stinky.evil4