A Family Affair Part 1

College sophomore Terry's little sister Alexis comes for a visit

Alexis rang the doorbell. A moment later, her older brother, Terry, opened the door. The two spent a little time at the kitchen table catching up on life back home, then brought Alexis' things in from the car. Terry couldn't help but notice as he followed his 17 year old sister to the trunk that she had grown up a lot in the last year. She had become very beautiful, and her body was...Read On


A Family Affair Part 2

The Continuation

Alexis' breath quickened as her brother's strong fingers slowly pulled her moist but tight pussy lips apart. Her back arched as the tip of his tongue slid inside her. Terry's mouth worked slowly, savoring the nectar of his sister's delicious pussy. Alexis' fingers tightened in his hair as the length of his tongue crept inside her wanting hole. Terry's fingers kept her open wide enough for...Read On