Hot night with my mom

Seeing my swedish mom playing with herself, I couldn't resist.

To me, my mom is the most beautiful woman on this planet. She has straight golden blond hair, hazel brown eyes, beautiful full lips, perfect straight teeth and the prettiest smile I have ever seen. She still keeps her perfect body in shape by going to the gym 5 times a week and works as a catalogue model for clothing companies. She grew up in Sweden during the sixties and seventies and because...Read On


My mum teaches me some sex moves

I was excited and nervous about Lana coming over. Only less than 24 hours ago my relationship with my gorgeous mother had completely changed for the better, and now I was going to fuck her sexy friend. This was beyond my wildest dreams and fantasies and a bit too much to digest for my young mind, but hey, I was not complaining! I was laying on my mom's bed and watching her getting ready for...Read On