Fun in the woods

Two girls in the woods, what's the best that can happen?

We're walking through the woods hand in hand, trying to keep to the path. I veer off dragging you with me by our connected hands. We walk deeper into the woods, its dark the only light is from the full moon shining on us. We hear a twig snap, you grab onto my arm refusing to let go. We're passing a big oak tree, I spin you around to push you up against the tree, pinning you there rendering...Read On


In the club

You make me so jealous sometimes

You’re over the other side of the club, we're pretending not to know each other, I can tell by the look in your eyes. We do this sometimes, pretend to be strangers and play these little games. I keep on catching you looking at me, just running your eyes up and down my body. I am so thankful for wearing these jeans. I pull my top up a little bit at the front showing a bit of my stomach...Read On



you dont know what i want to do...

There are days when you annoy me so much I just want to fuck you senseless so you can't talk and annoy me further. There are other days when you're so sweet I just want to lie you down and show you how much I love you. Last night... Last night was completely different to any of those nights. You just got out the shower and entered your room with just a towel covering your naked body, the...Read On


massage at home

girls at home, one needs a massage, fun happens

I make you lie on your front. Starting at your shoulders, I start to rub in the oil. Working out those knots as I go, digging my fingers into the shoulder blades, kneeding and soothing. Fingers and palms rubbing in circles. I can't get enough of your skin. I bend down and kiss your neck biting lightly, teasingly. My hands move down to your spine, fingers deep into your muscles making sure...Read On


Out in public

You don't know i'm watching you, but you keep on looking around sensing someone there.

You're walking down the street, you don't see me so you carry on going. I rake my eyes up and down your body, you're wearing those jeans that shape your arse perfectly, I just want to run up, spin you around and pull you towards me with it, squeezing hard as I do. But I don't, I watch you walk away instead. I'm having a fight inside my head whether to follow you or not, after weighting up...Read On